Pity The Poor ‘Born That Way’ Pedophile!

Pedophilia is the Latest 'Orientation'

By William M Briggs Published on June 18, 2018

There stands Mirjam Heine center stage.* She smiles as the TEDx Talk audience greets her at the University of Wurzberg. But this is the wrong emotion. For she is here to tell us something horrible, something heartrending — something that should not be.

She forces the smile into exile and begins to emote. Without a word her now sad eyes tell us she is feeling great pain. We want to share this pain.

She begins to speak. Each word seeps out softly. Her calculated poignancy is of a doctor telling a wife her husband is about to die.

“Let me you about Jonas. … Jonas has a secret he can’t share with anyone. Not even with his best friend. … He is just too afraid of anger, rejection, and repulsion.”

Heine does not cry, but she searches the eyes of the audience for the waterworks she so desperately wants to cause.

What is Jonas’s terrible secret?

He wants to diddle young girls.

Love Is Love

Heine reads her lines as if she is Juliet looking at Romeo’s corpse. She is heartbroken, and she wants you heartbroken too, over the awful truth that Jonas knows “that there will never be a loving and fulfilling partnership that he can enter. Because Jonas is a pedophile. He’s only attracted to female children between the ages of six and twelve years.”

It was bound to happen. Once we began identifying ourselves as our sexual desires — you are not a man but a “gay” or a “straight” or one of dozens of other “orientations” — it was only a matter of time before every sexual desire got its own “rights” and in the same way.

The implication that Jonas ought to have a loving partnership that he can enter is unspoken. Love is love. Can we, as a society, bar this poor man, this good man, this pitiable soul from experiencing love?

Of course, Jonas’s love would have him dragging little girls behind the woodshed and providing them with loving experiences they weren’t biologically meant to have. But love is love, and isn’t love all you need?

Born That Way

Heine says — are you listening? pay attention here — that pedophilia is a “sexual orientation.” It is, she says, an unchangeable sexual orientation.

Heine claims “one to two percent” of men, or about 60 million men worldwide, are pedophiles. That’s a lot of folks who can never find love. There are so many child lovers that, she says, every audience members must know one. “Anybody can be born a pedophile.” Born.

Don’t confuse pedophilia with child molestation. “What percentage of child molesters are pedophiles? … Only twenty to thirty percent of all child molesters are pedophiles.” But that’s the wrong statistic. What we want is the percentage of pedophiles that molest children. Heine never tells us.

Here Come The Judge

The laws exploding across the West baring “discrimination” against “sexual orientation” apply. How can you discriminate against a pedophile when he applies for a job at the child care center? Pedophilia is an “orientation.” Science says so. Discrimination against “orientation” is illegal.

Hey, don’t worry. This pedophile says he’s never touched a child. He just has desires. He has no choice. Neither do you. You must hire him.

Do you think that will never happen? Want to bet?

Open Up

Heine thinks that if we’re more accepting of pedophilia, that if we allow and even welcome those who claim to be pedophiles, we’ll see less child abuse. It’s the occult pedophile who abuses, not the open one who volunteers to take your kid on a scouting trip.

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“We shouldn’t increase the suffering of pedophiles by excluding them, by blaming and mocking them.” Heine says if pedophilia were open we could better discourage them from abusing children.

How? The taboos against child sexual abuse are already known to all, even to pedophiles. The punishment is harsh. Prison life is not good for child sexual abusers. Would making pedophilia socially acceptable really boost deterrence beyond these measures?

Heine says it would. Because if we knew who the pedophiles were, we could drug them. The drugs would quash their sexual urges.

Yeah. Sure. That will fly.

Same Old Story

If Heine’s arguments do not seem familiar, they ought to. Heine cribbed her script from the “gay” “rights” movement. She had only to substitute “pedophilia” for “homosexuality.”

It was bound to happen. Once we began identifying ourselves as our sexual desires — you are not a man but a “gay” or a “straight” or one of dozens of other “orientations” — it was only a matter of time before every sexual desire got its own “rights” and in the same way.

Heine began at “anger and disgust” over pedophilia, but her “perspective [was] completely changed” after she heard of Jonas’s “cruel fate.”

It took between thirty and forty years for homosexuality to turn from revulsion to Pride. It took Heine only a fraction of the time for her conversion. How long will it take us?


*The user has since removed the original video. A backup was provided here.

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