Pedophile Says He’s a 9-Year-Old Trapped in Man’s Body. Therefore, He Is

Don't be ageophobic

By William M Briggs Published on January 31, 2018

The Daily Wire reports on the story of 38-year-old Joseph Roman, who was “accused of sexually assaulting two six-year-olds and an eight-year-old on repeated occasions.”

Roman was “charged with repeated predatory criminal sexual assault.” The kicker is that he told police that he’s really “a 9-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.”

If Roman was a 9-year-old, he obviously would not be guilty of sexual assault on the same scale a 38-year-old would be. The best the police could do is to call 9-year-old Roman’s parents and ensure that he gets a good talking to. He couldn’t even be spanked, because that’s abuse.

Well, Roman says he’s 9. His birth certificate says 38. Who’s right?

The Right to be 9

Roman is. That’s what the transgender movement is all about. The right to self-define who we are. Transgender activists insist we should not be hemmed in by externalities forced on us against our will. Reality cannot be allowed to trump our desires.

Besides, the birth year used to calculate Roman’s 38 years was assigned to him at birth (probably by some patriarchal doctors). He had no choice in the matter.

He now has the right to make a choice. If he says he’s 9, we have to honor that right. It is our duty to agree with him about this age. To do otherwise risks ageophobia, in the same way that calling a man who thinks he’s a woman a man is transphobic.Stream Satire Logo - 360

The Supreme Anthony

Recall the words of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who wrote into the law of the land that “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”

Roman has defined the concept of his existence of being a 9-year-old. That’s his truth. It must therefore be our truth, too.

You may object to all this, but just think. If what we have been told by transgender advocates is true, then we cannot rely on science or measurement to decide what “gender” somebody is. We can only go by what people tell us they are. The same reasoning must apply to any biological characteristic.

Missed Genders

A man believes he is a woman, and says he is a woman. Science and all external, objective measurement says he is a man. We must discard this evidence. It must form no part of our judgement. All that is left is the man’s claim that he is a woman. That claim makes him a woman. Not only that, it creates the burden on us to recognize his womanhood.

If we call this man a man, we would be guilty of “misgendering” him. According to Health Line,

Misgendering occurs when you intentionally or unintentionally refer to a person, relate to a person, or use language to describe a person that doesn’t align with their affirmed gender. For example, referring to a woman as “he” or calling her a “guy” is an act of misgendering.

Worse, “misgendering” “can have negative consequences for a transgender person’s self-confidence and overall mental health.” Such as “feeling very stigmatized” and experiencing “lower self-esteem.” This is why some government entities are moving to make “misgendering” illegal. People’s feelings must not be hurt. At least, not those people who have a dispute with reality.

Reality, after all, is harsh and discriminatory. Reality cruelly misgenders. Luckily, legislation can remove the impediments reality imposes. The legislation doesn’t, and of course cannot, change reality, but the law can make it illegal to notice or refer to reality.

Be What You Want

Not only can men be women, and women men, but people can freely choose the race that defines their “concept of existence.” The case of Rachel Dolezal is illustrative. She is white, but identifies as black, and insists others identify her as such, too. Massachusetts white Senator Elizabeth Warren identifies, or has identified, as partly Native American.

Species boundaries can be crossed. People who call themselves “furries” identify, at least part of the time, as animals.

Chronological age is no bar to the age one identifies with. Take adult baby diaper lovers, who derive pleasure in wearing diapers and in identifying as infants and children. Psychologists call this paraphilic infantilism, but they deduced this name by reference to reality, and as such are being judgmental.

If all these people can be whatever they want, and can insist we agree with their judgement, then it cannot be wrong that 38-year-old Roman is whatever age he says he is. When deciding whether a man is a man or a woman, no scientific measurement is allowed. The same must be the case with age. The police have no choice but to let Roman go.

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  • KC

    He is nuts – confine him to a mental institution. When he grows up – maybe we can let him out.

    • JP

      If this guy is nuts then so is Kennedy. Remember what he wrote: “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”
      Kennedy should be locked up also.

      • KC

        Do you think he was talking about a 38 year old man identifying as a 9 year old boy to dodge molestation charges?

        • JP


        • D McGovern

          Maybe you should read the words “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence” a few times so you get it into your head what he is talking about.

          • KC

            Read it several times – don’t believe he was talking about a man claiming to be a 9 year old in a 38 year old body – but I have been wrong before.

          • D McGovern

            We’ve all been wrong many times before because we all refuse to believe what is staring us in the face. You don’t want to believe that a Supreme Court Justice would enact a perverse law WITH full knowledge of the implications and consequences of that law. But look at it this way –
            if he wasn’t talking about a man claiming to be a 9 year old or a donkey or a woman he would have said so……he’s a lawyer!! As soon as you have anyone defining their own concept of existence, enshrined by law, don’t tell me that a lawyer is not going to foresee the liars, cretins, satanists and totally deranged oozing out of the woodwork.

  • Jennifer Hartline

    You say this is satire, but we all know every syllable is true, and that’s why it is horrifying. God help us.

  • Jim Walker

    This 9-year old surely didn’t want to shave to look like one.

  • SLS

    Getting mighty tired of the fake literature being pumped out these days. Can you please stop making up crap and report real news if you want readers?

    • kentclizbe

      What’s fake? What’s made up?
      This is the reality of 2018 USA.
      It ain’t pretty–but it is real!

    • G Hazel

      did you click the link to the story? It’s real. In chicago, IL.

    • SLS

      The part that is fake is linking pedophilia to transgender people. Might as well say all men are rapists because one has raped someone. It is absurd. The article states, “You may object to all this, but just think. If what we have been told by transgender advocates is true, then we cannot rely on science or measurement to decide what “gender” somebody is. We can only go by what people tell us they are. The same reasoning must apply to any biological characteristic.” That is complete and utter nonsense. Every legit medical professional organization has concluded that transgender people exist and there are biological bases for their existence. Granted the biological bases are not fully understood at this point, but neither are many medical realities. We still don’t know exactly what makes a person straight or gay but we know enough from data that you can’t change someone’s sexual orientation — they are born gay or straight. The evidence on that subject is clear. And it is also clear on transgender people. Transgender people are born transgender. Further, transgender people hurt no one. Yet there seems to be this need to link them to pedophiles by the Right Wing and vilify them in the press as this report has done. It is disgusting and needs to be called out when someone makes such a ludicrous linkage.

  • Jeremy L

    Senseless scare tactics. Age and gender are not analogous characteristics. You can modify your body’s appearance. You can build a new identity for yourself. But you cannot add or subtract to the number of years your body and identity have been on this planet. No serious person in the trans community claims you can. This evil man has nothing to do with the trans rights movement. Trans rights won’t lead to sanctioned pedophilia.

    • Terry Lewis

      Yes, you can modify your body’s *appearance*… but that doesn’t change your chromosomes. Every single cell in your body (not including gametes) declares your gender, and this is just as unchangable as the date of your birth.

      And this is precisely the author’s point! Both age and gender are fixed; to deny them is to deny reality, and that is either a lie or a mental disorder.

      Now that being said, if you’re a man who wants to dress as a woman, that is your right. You have the right to your own fantasy; you do NOT have the right to impose your fantasy on me! And this situation perfectly illustrates why this must be so; if this rapist wants to claim to be nine, that’s his business. But he cannot be allowed to impose that as fact upon us and the court system. If this stands, then every single criminal will suddenly identify as six years old!

      Logically, then, neither can transgenders be allowed to require us to participate in their illusion. You cannot have it both ways; either we live by fact, or we live by fantasy.

      • Jeremy L

        Similarly, people can have their religions all they want so long as they don’t impose their fantasy on everyone else as an excuse to commit evil.

        • Terry Lewis

          What do you mean by “evil”?

          • Jeremy L

            Burning “witches”, slavery, Inquisition, crusades, terrorism, willful ignorance that amounts to prejudice and anti-intellectualism and anti-environmentalism, “conversion therapy”, other forms of emotional and physical abuse, etc. If this molester were a Christian, it’s a given many other Christians would rally behind him and find a way to excuse him (see Roy Moore, Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals). People being trans, even if it does bother you, doesn’t hurt others. Religion, however, often hurts others. Pedophiles can claim they identify as 9 all they want, but them doing so is not related to trans people getting reassignment surgery as the author says. Their claims of being 9 are no more related to trans surgeries than they could be related to people dying their hair or getting braces. Modifying your body is simply not the same as denying the passage of time. Trans rights does not deny the passage of time. That was my point.

  • Ben Willard

    They exchanged God’s truth for a lie and worshiped and served the creation rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. This is why God delivered them over to degrading passions. Romans 1:25-26a

  • SLS

    The article has a figure showing it is satire. Grow up people. This is a typical trashy article designed to associate transgender people with pedophiles. You want to expose pedophiles look no further than churches. The Catholic Church has incurred over $4 billion in legal expenses for their cover ups in their church. Other churches have similar issues. Yet Christians target transgender people where there isn’t one prosecuted case of a transperson being a pedophile. It is crazy how folks discriminate against transpeople yet do nothing to stop the pedophiles in their own churches.

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