Paul Mango Fights for Religious Liberty in PA Governor Primary

By John Zmirak Published on February 13, 2018

Observers were stunned. The Pennsylvania Democratic Party endorsed the nomination of a socially conservative candidate for governor. Rebuking the powerful LGBT lobby, that party embraced a contender who firmly stands for religious liberty. Faithful Christians see that as endangered in the wake of prosecutions and lawsuits aimed at believers.

The Constitution won’t save us. Neither will the president nor the courts.

Well, that would be an exciting news story, wouldn’t it? How would it play out? What would gay activist groups do to the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania? Cue a replay of the campaign in North Carolina to destroy Governor Pat McCrory. Which worked.

First of all, pro-gay groups would flood all media with outraged commentary. Polls might actually show voters agreeing with their opponent. But within weeks he’d be painted as a “bigot” and an “extremist.” Then gays and allies would squeeze every Democratic leader in the state to renounce that candidate. They’d track down his donors. Then “out” them to colleagues. The goal? To bankrupt their businesses. Get them shunned, menaced, and fired. Most of all, gay groups would raise millions to mobilize voters and crush that candidate at the polls.

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Back Here in Bizzarro World

Now let’s tweak that first report. Here’s what actually happened. Over the weekend, the Pennsylvania Republican Party endorsed a socially liberal candidate for governor. The GOP scoffed at the religious liberty of millions of Christians. It backed Scott Wagner. He pushes expanded legal privileges for gay and transgender litigants. As Maggie Gallagher wrote here at The Stream:

Scott Wagner has personally sponsored a new Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity bill. And he voted against including protection for religious freedom in it. Scott Wagner is one of the emerging group of “pro-gay rights” Republicans. If Wagner wins the nomination in Pennsylvania, expect Republicans to start voting for anti-religious liberty bills en masse.

The situation is bad for traditional Christians in America. The gay left is in the final stages of convincing the Republican party it must kill any legislation it dubs “discriminatory.”

A Conservative, Pro-Life Champion for Religious Liberty

Opposing Wagner is a worthy underdog, businessman and Army Rangers veteran Paul Mango. On his campaign website, Mango pledges to

protect the sanctity of life, protect our religious freedoms, ensure our families can live in safe and nurturing communities, including being free of dangerous sanctuary cities. My plan also shares my commitment to veto any “bathroom bill” that violates privacy in public restrooms by allowing the personal choice of gender selection.

Townhall reported that Wagner seems to want to duck these issues. He skipped a Pennsylvania Family Council candidate forum. Christians might have raised awkward questions.

The American Principles Project, a socially conservative PAC, is posing those questions. Check out its hard-hitting ads. Share them with your friends, especially those in Pennsylvania.


Pick Wagner and Lose in November

Progressive, pro-gay Democrats would never stand for their party embracing a contrary candidate. The Democratic National Committee can’t tolerate pro-life contenders for mayor. How can Christian citizens shrug as the Republican party sells out their most basic rights? That’s exactly the message that will ring out across the country if Wagner wins the nomination: “You can kick the Christians to the curb, and they’ll just whimper and take it. But the gays … you don’t want to mess with them!”

The Constitution won’t save us. Neither will the president. Nor the courts. Like it or not, the last line of defense for religious freedom is … the wobbly, uncertain, timid Republican party. Let’s make it clear that we won’t stand for a sellout on an issue this central to liberty. No more than we’d stand for a candidate who wanted to take our guns away or abandon the state of Israel.

We must stop the GOP from nominating candidates who scoff at religious freedom. If they nominate Wagner, he deserves for Christian voters to stay home in droves. Yes, let the anti-Christian Democrat win instead. We already have one party that targets our churches. We can’t live with two.

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