Pastor Jack Graham Answers the Question: How Do We Face the Growing Darkness?

By Published on June 10, 2016

James and Betty Robison recently sat down with Dr. Jack Graham, pastor of the 40,000+ member Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX. They asked him what he says to churchgoers distraught about what is happening in America. The full interview is scheduled for Sept. 6 and 8 on Life Today. Below are some sneak previews.

Facing the Darkness


Can Christians Vote for Those Who “Shed Innocent Blood?”


The Challenge for the Church to Stand Up to Those Who Are “Moving the Mark.”


James Robison emphasized the difference between living in a society affected by evil versus being part of a society “sold out to evil.” He and Graham then discussed those intent on “moving the mark” by working to remove Judeo-Christian norms and punishing those who speak out against their efforts.


“It Has to Start with the Pastors — We are compromised at many levels.”


God Uses Imperfect People to Accomplish His Perfect Will


They then discussed the way forward: not dependence on a political solution (though we need to vote). It is much more a rising to the Christian responsibility of speaking truth to power boldly, as Daniel, Joseph and the prophets did. That must be done by all of us, great and small.


Betty Robison, A Mother and Grandmother, Weighs in on the Urgency of the Times.


James asked his wife Betty to discuss her thoughts concerning the times. “We need to be weeping,” she said. “Our hearts need to be crushed.” She added that the church must fall on its face in prayer, then rise up with courage, strength and boldness and “march together.”

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