Parents Are Being Groomed

By Jennifer Hartline Published on December 18, 2018

I saw a video recently of a young boy all dressed in drag from head to toe. He sashayed his little boy body onto the television studio stage amidst the wild applause of … a room full of parents. It was a famous morning talk show, and the celebrity hosts were gushing over this child-drag queen, without the slightest hesitation or reservation at all. He’s being hailed as a “trailblazer.”

Every adult in the room was grinning and clapping and cheering this little boy in a long blonde wig, bright red lipstick, and a slinky dress. When he lay down on the floor in a dramatic, provocative pose, the adult crowd roared their approval.

This young boy is becoming quite famous for his drag routine, and he says he loves to dress up in wigs, makeup, high heels, feather boas, and perform as his alter ego. His parents say they are proud he has “found his path in life.”

This is Not Normal or Good

I don’t really want to talk about this boy, because he is a child, and I’ve no wish to hurt him in any way. He’s being hurt enough.

We need to talk about the adults. The parents. Let’s ponder why so many parents in America are either not able to recognize the harm being done to children, or they are unwilling to fight against it. Moms and Dads are being groomed by a disordered sexual ideology that wants our children.

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It seems no one wants to say it out loud: Little boys should not be dressing in drag, appearing in drag in public and creating a drag persona. Little boys should not be dressing in long wigs, makeup, high heels, and dresses. Little boys are not little girls, nor are they adult women, and it is not okay to dress a boy as a grown woman in sexualized clothing and encourage him to pretend he is a woman.

None of this is okay. None of this is normal. None of this is good or worthy of applause. It is depraved.

It’s Not Hateful to Say This is Not Normal or Good

What I’ve just said is not hateful or bigoted. Parents used to know that.

I submit that most parents still know that. But they are being talked out of what they know by slick and intimidating propaganda that smears them as intolerant, narrow-minded, and unloving if they do not go along.

It’s the most aggressive bullying campaign the world has ever seen.

Parents are being frightened and pummeled into squelching their natural, protective instincts. The fear of social shaming and worse has many parents deciding it’s better just to appease the new golden calf. Thus, for example, story time at libraries across the country can feature grown men in freakish drag and parents not only do not protest, they bring their kids to be exposed to such perversion.

Parents used to know that men in freakish drag were not appropriate company for children and would not allow such a man within fifty feet of their child. Now many people will read “freakish drag” and instead think it’s my choice of adjectives that’s the problem. I can’t comprehend how anyone could look at this (below) and describe it as anything other than freakish and perverse.

Drag Queen Reading

It demonstrates how parents in America are being bullied and groomed to accept with compliant smiles what they would normally — and rightly — treat as a serious threat to their children’s innocence and sanity. Grown men in freakish drag are now the teachers of “tolerance,” and little boys in drag are “trailblazers.”

This is the New Totalitarianism

Preschoolers and kindergarteners are now being indoctrinated in the ways of “transgenderism.” Boys are competing on girls’ sports teams and using the girls’ facilities, and the girls are required to shut up and take it. Men are given unrestricted access to ladies’ restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms and women must shut up and endure the violation of their safety and privacy. The Woman of the Year is a man. A Miss Universe contestant is a man.

The teacher who refuses to call a female student “he” is fired. The coach who rightly refuses to supervise a girl using the boys’ locker room is punished. The father trying to save his son from being “transitioned” is losing custody.

All of this is intended to browbeat and threaten parents into accepting this warped sexual ideology as the new and improved understanding of the human person. The new, enlightened normal that only “backwards bigots” will reject.

Parents, the choice is not easy, but it is very simple, and very clear.

This “LGBTQIA+” mandate wants to compel you and me to praise disordered, immoral behavior and to speak falsehood. And it wants our children to not only speak it, but to embody it and live it in their very flesh, with disfigured bodies and fractured psyches.

I’ll leave you with this, if you can stomach it. That little boy in drag was recently dancing at a gay bar in New York while the gay men watching threw money at him.

That is where “LGBTQIA+” demands we go. The only sane and responsible answer is NO!

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  • Walt Viet

    What the hell is this THE PICTURE alone is unfit for children to see. The idea that goes with it is damnable. It is no woder our kida are in the shape there in. Damn anyone that would go alone with this.

  • Andy6M

    A good article – straight to the point with real examples to demonstrate the issues. It’s all very sad.

  • nickstuart

    Ho hum. Crank the sound board to 11, add some bridges to old favorite hymns, and more cowbells.

    Nothing to see here, move along folks.

    • Andy6M

      Look at you…so clever!

  • Kate

    BE aware this is Satan working among us.

    • arthur facteau

      More like his busy minions, but yeah…

  • Patmos

    “His parents say they are proud he has “found his path in life.””

    Found his path? Yeah, I guess when you neglect your kid like that he’s going to get snared in such a manner.

    • James

      Odds are this isn’t neglect, this is abuse.

      Somebody wanted a girl and the boy is putting on the performance they want.

  • Sumerian King

    At least there’s a silver-lining to watching this terrifying, perverse, demonic movement unfold in our nation: it gives me a better perspective of my age and a story for my grandchildren.

    “Back in my day, Sonny, it was ‘LGBT,’ not ‘LGBTQIA+/?fGICsjfnf%^!!!!#’. And uphill, both ways.”

    God, have mercy.

  • Betty Dudley

    This is a form of child abuse. It is disgusting.

  • Carole Chappell

    I tuned Roseanne Barr’s new show out when the character of the cross-dressing 8 year old boy was introduced and allowed to wear female clothing to school. I agree fully with the author that trans behavior is nothing to educate young children about. This minority has always existed on the fringes of society, which is where it should stay. It is offensive to most ‘normal adults, and we are NOT required to approve of or condone such bizarre public behavior. I would absolutely not permit my child to act on such feelings even if the child could present a cogent argument. Just no.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      I agree with the spirit of what you say but you might wanna look at what I wrote above about “normal adults” and personal/private disapproval no longer being enough.

  • disqus_4lzKvbjFpD

    In any other day than ours this boy’s parents would be in jail for child endangerment. That we as a culture have gotten to this point bespeaks a level of moral confusion and self-delusion that is hardly imaginable in an ‘enlightened’ culture.

  • Colt_Commander_45

    Dear Jennifer,
    Thank you for your courage and thoughts on this urgent matter! You wrote what I think and feel but could never express so concisely. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  • cestusdei

    They have always wanted our children. That has always been their main target.

  • Matt

    I think one of the most fascinating attributes of God is His Divine Patience.

    • Nanita Staley

      He has been merciful but the earth is about to see His wrath poured out like wine. For now it will only be on segments of society , removing notable leaders who have led the masses in unrighteousness for decades. It is time for the earth to see what Righteousness looks like.

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        When wine is poured out it splashes on other things. So I don’t think your prophecy will come true. Do you know that’ll make you if it doesn’t?

  • Irene Albino

    I just want to point the irony. Not too long ago mothers were criticized for entering their young daughters in children’s beauty pageants and sexualizing them. I am neither for or against little girls dressing up, it didn’t bother me one bit. In my innocent mind, I viewed it as little girls innocently daydreaming and playfully copying/imitating a pageant they saw on tv. Playing dress up more or less with an audience. Now, having said this I can also see how a perverted, sick mind can look at something innocent and have impure thoughts. But it’s disturbing to have an 11 year old cross dress and accept this. An 11 year old has no idea of the long term affects of their child like behaviours.
    “The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until age 25 or so. In fact, recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently. Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s rational part.”

  • Gary Wiggins

    Political Correctness is driven by fear. George Carlin said that “Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be manners”. I think he was a pretty smart in that observation. When people are adults they need to behave so and stop allowing others to usurp their 1st Amendment rights.

    • Kelly B

      Wow – I generally don’t like George Carlin, but that is a quote worth remembering – thank you!

  • Nanita Staley

    Well said. Now wait for the body of Christ, the REAL body of Christ, to WAKE UP! This is what the Laodicean Church age is about. Read Rev 3:14-22 and learn something! Jesus said He would vomit them out of His mouth! Does that sound anything like acceptance? NO, unequivocally not!

  • kinderman

    I don’t really want to talk about this boy, because he is a child, and I’ve no wish to hurt him in any way

    And yet you lambast him for enjoying wearing outfits that aren’t traditional “boy’s” outfits. Leave him be. He isn’t being forced to like the things he likes. Not all little boys have to be the same. Let him be an individual. Just because you’re triggered by people not fitting rigid gender stereotypes doesn’t mean you get to butt into other people’s business. Seriously, you’re cruel and crazy.

    • Anonymous HR Professional

      But he does not need to be applauded either.

      • kinderman

        People who hate individualism and who fume over “gender non-conformity” are the ones who don’t need to be applauded, actually.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Why the boy is doing what he’s doing is only know by him and God. Perhaps he’s being brain-washed and manipulated by his parents for their glory & profit. YOU don’t know why he “likes” what he says he does either. Perhaps he’s just an insecure little boy seeking attention like most adolescents and children do. Perhaps he’s confused, deceived, deluded, suffering from psychiatric or psychology problems, mental illness or demonic influence/possession. One thing is for certain what he’s doing is WRONG and the fact that you don’t think people should “butt in” and make it their business with an 11yo boy is on the stage of a “Gay Bar” and having dollar bills given to him says all that needs to be said. THAT is “cruel and crazy” and YOU support it. Smh.

      • kinderman

        If anyone’s mentally ill, demon-possessed, and insecure, it’s your triggered little self. You’re a grown man fuming over a little boy for having gender-atypical interests. You know nothing about the kid. I hope you don’t have kids, for their sake.

      • Ethan Bauche

        Lol someone who believes in demonic possession talking about mental illness. Grow up.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          LOL. A spiritually-dead, totally-depraved son of disobedience and child of wrath punk kid telling a grown man to grow up! LOL Sonny, I had grown up when you were still in diapers.

          Jesus believed in demonic possession. The Apostles believed in demonic possession. The people who had the demons cast outta them believed in demonic possession. And YOU oughtta thank God that you haven’t been possessed by a demon or you would believe too.

          Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent. (Pro 17:28)

          A fool does not delight in understanding, But only in revealing his own mind. (Prov. 18:2)

          Now I suggest you be smart enough to go away lest I take out my Sword of the Spirit and slice you up into little pieces.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    GMA is aptly named. Wake up people THIS IS America today!! Just watch and listen to those adults in the video from the accompanying link. Amazing? Hardly! Shocking? Not anymore. Disgusting? YES!! Appalling? YES!! Depraved? ABSOLUTELY!!

    Jennifer says, “I submit that most parents still know that. But they are being talked out of what they know by slick and intimidating propaganda that smears them as intolerant, narrow-minded, and unloving if they do not go along.” I think I can count the number of times I’ve disagreed with Jennifer on 2 fingers. Now it’s 3. Sorry Jennifer, but most parents are just as depraved as those adults clapping & cheering this abominable scene. While most parents still probably have their God-given conscience intact (unlike the clapping & cheering adults) they are every bit controlled by the Flesh, the World, and the Enemy (Self, Sin, & Satan) as those depraved people clapping & cheering. And every single time they reject the call to surrender their lives as a slave to the Lord Jesus Christ as their new Master they sear that conscience all the more.

    “Parents are being frightened and pummeled into squelching their natural, protective instincts. The fear of social shaming and worse has many parents deciding it’s better just to appease the new golden calf’, says Jennifer. Even if that is true bullying ONLY works when one’s beliefs are not strong enough to stand up to it. “Fear of social shaming”? Really? THAT is enough to make people capitulate to this kind of evil? “Or worse”? Such as?

    Jennifer is right about the protests though. Where are the crowds of protests outside the libraries allow that perversion to touch their children? And she’s right that many will say it’s her choice of adjectives that’s the problem. Worse yet, the real kicker is that MANY of those “many” will profess to be Christians!! Can’t you just hear the caterwauling from the snowflakes professing to be Christians about name-calling, insults, and being “too harsh”?

    I said a long time ago that when the normalization of Homosexuality was allowed there would be NO stopping any other perversion. That same little boy on GMA recently shown in a video “stripping” on the stage of a “Gay Bar” while dollar bills are being given him should be enough to see that. I think my prediction has proven to be true. But don’t think things won’t get worse. They will.

    Lastly, Jennifer is right when she says “he only sane and responsible answer is NO!” But words are not enough. It’s time to rise up and put some action behind your words. Yes, speak out and against this lunacy. But do more. Form groups to protest when they come to your library. Take those groups to protest schools when the perversion makes its way to your Kindergarten or locker rooms. Organize and elect local government officials and school board members that will put a stop to this or prevent it to begin with.

    And most of all, if you haven’t been Born Again and are a Christian, surrender your life to Jesus Christ now why you still can and while you have some conscience left.

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