Ordered Liberty and the Order of Creation

By Dudley Hall Published on January 27, 2015

We have laid out Ten Principles that guide The Stream, and I encourage anyone trying to get a handle on what we are about to review those. But there are a variety of ways to convey our guiding ideas, and some ways of putting things may resonate with one group more effectively than another. As I have worked alongside my long-time friend James Robison, and with Jay Richards, Jonathan Witt and others in the development of this new endeavor, I found myself coming back to a cluster of key phrases and ideas. What follows is a distillation of that reflection process.

The Order of Creation

There is an order built into all of creation that when followed produces human flourishing, and when ignored inevitably leads to disorder and ultimately destruction. We are fully convinced that creation is the work of a personal creator and that all creation is accountable to him.

The continual discovery and implementation of this created order comprises the essence of the human journey. All humans are in search of meaning and are seeking ways to successfully relate to the rest of creation. We can do this most effectively when we have respect for our fellow travelers.

God has revealed this created order both through natural and special revelation. We can see in nature, in the Law given to Moses, and fully in his Son the order that he now seeks to display through his body on earth.

A Body in Harmony

Divisions among the body of Christ hinder the full discovery of created order. God intends is for us to interact with each other, to appreciate our interdependence. The metaphor of the body working in harmony as each member submits to the other for the sake of the whole is the best possible metaphor.

Conversations among all seekers of truth can render greater discoveries than any person or group can achieve alone. Since all truth is God’s truth, we are not afraid to find it wherever it has been hidden, and no matter who discovers it.

Free and Virtuous

All members of a community have the right and the responsibility to speak about the choice of government that affects them. The liberty of conscience is vital to the orderly structure of any society. Coercion will never enable people to fully discover their own worth and destiny.

At the same time, righteous actions come from righteous people who are “made” and not born. The only sustainable liberty, in other words, is a rightly ordered liberty. We have been commissioned by the ultimate king to “make” disciples of Jesus, and we have no right or authority to act outside of that commission. We shall respect and work with any truth seeker. At the same time, we believe that knowing and following Jesus is the way to discovery in life and destiny. Doing life with him enables us to bless our neighbors and improve our culture.


As is true for all beliefs, these are not subjects that require constant declaration. And though we give first allegiance to the kingdom of God, we gladly embrace the station in life we are given. We are not ashamed of our earthly citizenship, but seeking to be good stewards of what we are given, we want to bring a blessing to our land and ultimately the whole world that belongs to our God.

We intend to encourage the good in everything and everyone.  When we see the bad, we are committed to addressing it and offering a way to replace it with a solution that aligns with the order of God.

We envision The Stream to be a voice echoing the glad tidings that there is real hope as we trust God and work with each other.

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