To Open Borders Politicians and Some Bishops, We are Replaceable

By John Zmirak Published on August 23, 2018

Mollie Tibbetts is dead. She was a college girl, an American, a jogger just going for a run in Brooklyn. Not the one in New York, the one in Iowa. And now she is dead. And the man who apparently killed her? He should never have been among us. He snuck into our country. But the politicians and reporters aren’t willing to call him “illegal.” He’s only “undocumented.”

That’s the new euphemism for people who flout our laws, commit identity theft and fill our emergency rooms, waiting for care they’ll never pay for. There’s no crime involved. He just hadn’t filled out his forms.

Mollie Tibbett’s killer isn’t “illegal.” Just “undocumented.”

Give it a few more years, and the media won’t even call what happened to Mollie “murder.” Not if it skews their spin. Maybe they’ll say “termination,” the word they use to candycoat abortions. They can call the next Mollie a “product of conception.” And hey, that’s technically true! No fake news there.

The Senator Is Bored by Your Question

When Senator Elizabeth Warren got asked on TV about Mollie, she recited some rote condolence. But she quickly lost interest, and pivoted to … sob stories about illegal immigrants who spent a few days away from their families. Warren knows that the conveyor belt of new Democratic voters leads straight north from our broken borders. To places like … Brooklyn, Iowa.

Not to the gated communities and million-dollar mansions that senators and CEOs live in. The immigrants come into neighborhoods like that in the morning. They do the yard work and serve as nannies. Then they troop out dutifully by sundown, like good campesinos. That’s what such politicians want instead of citizens.

The Cardinal Has Better Things to Do

There’s another victim whose name I wish we knew. Because he deserves a voice. He’s the 15-year-old boy who was molested by Fr. George Zirwas, of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. He was part of a sex-ring of gay predator priests, who focused on teenage boys. His preferences were well-known to then-bishop Donald Wuerl (now Cardinal Archbishop of Washington, D.C.).

But Wuerl never called the cops. He didn’t tell Rome to defrock him. After moving Zirwas from parish to parish, watching him re-offend, Wuerl finally put him on paid leave, for the rest of his life. When Zirwas offered Wuerl names of still more priest offenders, Wuerl paid him more not to tell him. Instead, Wuerl asked him to sign a false declaration that he had no such information. Which would get Wuerl off the hook, legally speaking.

What happened to that boy whose name we’ll never know? In some ways, it was worse than the fate Mollie Tibbetts suffered. At least that was probably quick. The Washington Examiner, citing the Pennsylvania grand jury report, tells us what Zirwas and his predatory sex cult did to boys:

They “shared intelligence or information regarding victims as well as exchanging the victims amongst themselves,” the report claims. “This ring also manufactured child pornography on Diocesan property, including parishes and rectories. … This group of priests used whips, violence and sadism in raping their victims.”

It’s not for me to say if that’s a fate worse than death.

We’ll likely never know what Zirwas was doing to poor boys in Cuba. When Zirwas was finally (finally!) murdered and went to meet Justice, what did Cardinal Wuerl do? He lifted Zirwas’ suspension from the priesthood, so he could be buried with full church honors.

A Church-Funded Gay Retirement in Hot, Sexy Cuba

Zirwas wasn’t finished. As the indispensible Church Militant reports:

Zirwas spent his retirement in comfort, living off a monthly stipend from the diocese (paid by Catholic laity), using it to fund his homosexual lifestyle in Cuba. His boyfriend would later reveal that Zirwas was a fixture on the gay scene in Havana, his apartment a popular stopping place for foreign visitors. Meanwhile, the diocese was telling the public Zirwas was ministering to the poor in Cuba.

We’ll likely never know what Zirwas was doing to poor boys in Cuba. When Zirwas was murdered and went to meet Justice, what did Cardinal Wuerl do? He lifted Zirwas’ suspension from the priesthood, so he could be buried with full church honors. Wuerl welcomed the body and said the funeral Mass himself. Zirwas’ sins and crimes? They were still a church secret.

In his glowing eulogy, Wuerl said: “The one thing we know is that George Zirwas responded to God’s call. … [Wuerl expressed] great confidence that Father George will experience new life in Christ.”

We are Replaceable

Have no fear, however! Cardinal Wuerl does sometimes make a moral witness. He was one of the leading clerics denouncing President Trump for enforcing our immigration laws. The conveyor belt of fresh Catholics, borrowed from lands with better bishops than Cardinal Wuerl, leads straight north from our broken borders to places like … Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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The Democrats can afford to leave cities they run like Chicago and Baltimore chaotic free-fire zones. They can do little or nothing to help our native working class escape from the welfare glue trap. There will always be new Democrats, streaming in across the border. Likewise, Catholic bishops like Wuerl can shrug when four native-born Catholics out of ten leaves in disgust. We are replaceable.

Like that young man in Pittsburgh. Like Mollie, God rest her soul.

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  • jgmusgrove

    Yes, it is abundantly clear that the Democrats prefer illegal aliens (future Democratic voters) to American citizens, some of whom actually vote for them.

    • D. Johnson

      Yes, Democrats prefer illegal aliens to American citizens. They especially
      prefer the illegal, criminal, murdering aliens to the innocent, unborn
      Americans who are murdered in their Mother’s wombs in abortion….the
      Democrat party is the party of death and destruction.

  • Anne Hendershott

    This is the saddest article John – I had read about Zirwas and was horrified and even more horrified by the revelations that he was paid “not to tell” about others.

  • ArthurMcGowan

    All but about ten American bishops follow the McCarrick-Wuerl policy in favor of sacrilegious Communion. Probably, it’s usually atributable to concealed pro-abortion sentiments, or unconcealed apathy about abortion, or cowardice. But reading about Wuerl’s obsequious treatment of Zirwas, one gets the feeling Wuerl has a definite “thing” for sacrilegious Communion, and sacrilege of all kinds.

    It’s about time some bishop (in addition to Raymond Burke) stood up and reminded his brother bishops that disobeying canon 915 is a mortal sin. Yes, even though they have voted themselves permission to commit this mortal sin, in “Catholics in Political Life.”

  • NeverMueller

    The Catholic church has NO MORAL authority. That church is a disgrace and should be cast into hell where it rightfully belongs.

    • Andrew Joe Nelson

      The ‘new’ Church is going to hell in a handbasket, and has lost any moral authority. However, the traditional Catholic Church will return, slowly but surely, smaller and more fervent.

      • Starlord616

        The Traditional Catholic is similar to the Pharisees warned about in the bible.

        • Andrew Joe Nelson

          You are mistaken, as the Pharisees were loosening the moral law such as with marriage and divorce(Luke 16:18), along with honor thy Father & Mother(Matthew 15:5). Jesus, on the other hand, showed the one truth and way for us to walk with Him. The Pharisees went overboard on enforcing the ceremonial law, but this passed away with the coming of Jesus Christ. The moral law, or natural law, will always be with us, no matter how ‘enlightened’ we may think of ourselves.

          • Starlord616

            They didn’t end fully till yrs after the resurrection. The Apostles were still going to the temple yrs afterwards. The revelations that Paul received changed that.

          • Andrew Joe Nelson

            Either way, we agree the ceremonial laws did pass away, and the point is many today try to label anyone who upholds the moral teachings of Jesus Christ as a ‘Pharisee’, as if they passed away with time as well. The moral/natural law cannot change, as the one truth of Jesus Christ is immutable.

      • NeverMueller

        I have been reading about the bloody glory days of the early Catholic church. There little difference between them and the Taliban. So not I do no0t think God is going to allow your church to rise again.

        • Andrew Joe Nelson

          ‘Bloody gory days’ is a vague statement along with the word ‘early’. Anyway, we can get back to the original Catholic faith by simply going back to our roots before Vatican II, and following the faith of our fathers.

          We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.
          -C.S. Lewis

          • NeverMueller

            “Bloody glory days” vague? Lets focus on the 14th and 15th century. What did the Pope do to Jan Huss and Jerome? Talk to me about the Hussite wars.

          • Andrew Joe Nelson

            The Church was only confronting heretics as was done at the time. Protestants over history could be ruthless when it came to Catholics, we only have to check out the English Reformation. And enlightened man could be viscous towards Catholics during the French Revolution. But the 20th Century brought the most blood and gore from atheistic regimes. However, the problem today with the ‘new’ Church is it allows heretics within to spread error, when the traditional Church would expel them from the Body of Christ.

          • NeverMueller

            You are off topic . We are talking about your church. King Saul has killed his thousands and David has killed tens of thousands , but the catholic church has killed its millions.

          • Andrew Joe Nelson

            All things have their season, and in their times all things pass under heaven . . . A time of love, and a time of hatred. A time of war, and a time of peace. – – Ecclesiastes 3:1,8

    • Cody

      I agree. The pope is not holy.

  • tz1

    Don’t hurt Undocumented Income! #AbolishIRS

  • Steven Flanders

    All of a piece: cultural Marxism. Open borders reduces the middle and working class to serfs. Lawlessness will create an appetite for totalitarian government. The molestation and debauchery of the children will pervert them, causing them to turn from healthy, normal family life, and then they are probably future constituents of socialism.

    • Starlord616

      The Koch brothers are big proponents of open borders. I doubt that they are Marxist. The Democratic party isn’t in favor of open borders.

      • Kevin Carr

        Abolish ICE, no wall, sanctuary cities, the Border Partrol are Nazis, naw, they aren’t for open borders, why would anyone think that?

      • Jim Walker

        Which democratic party ?

      • Steven Flanders

        No, they are from the right face of fascism, but still dovetail with cultural marxism

        • Starlord616

          They are primarily concerned with making money and controlling a fiefdom in the weakened United states .

  • Cody

    Maybe all these scum bag like Elizabeth Warren should do America a favor and go live south of the border they sure seam to like everything that comes from there.

  • James

    Personally, I think it all went downhill when we started letting people with strange names like “Zmirak” in.

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