Online Faith-Driven Investor and Entrepreneur Conferences to Help Christian Business People Honor God Through Their Work

The Faith-Driven Investor Event and Faith-Driven Entrepreneur Conferences will be held September 23 and 24.

By Nancy Flory Published on September 23, 2020

“As we’re driven by our faith to be an entrepreneur or an investor, we’re driven by a desire to know God.” Henry Kaestner, founder of Faith-Driven Investor and Faith-Driven Entrepreneur organizations, says that operating in this way is a “holy ambition.” Now he’s bringing the Faith-Driven Investor Event and Faith-Driven Entrepreneur Conference to not only investors and entrepreneurs, but anyone who is interested in faith-driven business.

What It Means to be Faith-Driven in Investing and Entrepreneurship

Kaestner is a managing principal in Sovereign’s Capital, a private equity and venture capital management company. Prior to co-founding Sovereign’s Capital, he was co-founder, CEO and then Chairman of The companies grew from $0 to $300 million in revenue. Since Christians manage nearly 50% of wealth, this year’s conferences focus on “re-imagining how people of faith invest, and what is possible when investors, entrepreneurs and business owners focus on expanding the Kingdom of God on earth.

“The key theme that goes across both faith driven entrepreneurship and faith driven investing is that the participants each have a desire to know God more fully and participate in the work that he’s doing in the world,” Kaestner tells The Stream. For investors, it means recognizing that God owns it all and we’re stewards of the wealth he’s entrusted them with. For entrepreneurs, it’s “leaning into the fact that they have been created in the image of a God Who is the ultimate creator and innovator.” 

A Unique Opportunity

Rewards await those who operate in this manner. It means that investors and entrepreneurs have the unique opportunity to love their neighbor by participating in the redemption and restoration of all things. They feel most alive by being involved with the Creator, under His power and participating in the work He’s doing in His kingdom. They experience God’s joy as they do that. Kaestner added,

So, for both faith-driven entrepreneurship and faith-driven investing, there’s an opportunity to commune with the living God and being able to store the opportunities we have, if we’re an entrepreneur, or the investment capital we have as an investor. And of course there are lots of opportunities for the entrepreneur to get linked up with the investor because God created us to be in fellowship and community with one another.

[In] the launch of this new marketplace we have … we’re able to bring together entrepreneurs and investors, and they’re able to participate in what God’s doing, because again, I think God designed us to create and innovate, but God also designed us to be in fellowship with one another. And when you bring in like-minded individuals that aspire to excellence and [to] honor God and be used by him in the work he’s doing in the world, it’s a real special thing.

The Events

The idea for the event and conference grew out of Kaestner’s experience as an investor and entrepreneur. He and his partner at Bandwidth, David Morken, discovered that they had a “really interesting opportunity to love on our partners and our vendors and our customers and our employees in a way that pointed to God.” Not only did their businesses find success, but they discovered they made a real impression on people’s lives. “And we got great joy from that. We saw with time how God used us to be able to really make an impact on our industry and our community.”

The Faith-Driven Investor Event

The Faith-Driven Investor Event will take place online Wednesday, September 23. The event will have “fast-paced TED-style talks, interactive discussion groups on emerging topics, and a sort of ESPN Sportscenter style highlight of things happening in the movement.” Kaestner will announce a new marketplace, “which will allow investors to find deals in Africa or Eastern Europe or in America, across angel investments or real estate.” It will also address a spiritual component.

The Faith-Driven Entrepreneur Conference

The Faith-Driven Entrepreneur Conference will also be held online and take place Thursday, September 24. It is “specifically designed to encourage entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators of culture. It will unite thought leaders across different organizations and deliver real-life stories of those on the front lines. We believe that God uses entrepreneurs to bring about His Kingdom here on earth.”

It will also have TED-style talks, interactive discussion groups and the ESPN-style highlights. It “celebrates the journey of faith-driven” entrepreneurs and will highlight the journeys of speakers such as Lecrae, Phil Vischer of VeggieTales, former NFL Super Bowl champion Casey Crawford, Dave Blanchard of Praxis and many more.

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Kaestner wants to create a community of people who understand that there’s an opportunity to store their investment capital in a way that honors God and where they can experience God more fully. “We want people to come away from both conferences just being more in awe of God and what he’s doing in the world and just feeling that much much clearer about how they can participate.”

To participate, register at Faith-Driven Investor Event or Faith-Driven Entrepreneur Conference.

Watch the Faith-Driven Investor Event 2020 Sneak Peek:


Watch Faith-Driven Entrepreneur 2020 Sneak Peek:


Nancy Flory is an associate editor at The Stream. You can follow her @NancyFlory3, and follow The Stream @Streamdotorg.

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