Omarosa: Back-Stabbing Trump and Our National Security?

Then again, what are we to expect from the woman who helped create the "reality show villain"?

By Al Perrotta Published on August 14, 2018

Former White House staffer turned book-peddler Omarosa Manigault Newman has been running around calling Donald Trump a racist. But the real black-and-white she needs to be worried about is the kind that comes with a siren on top. 

Before we get to that, let’s deal with her claims.

So Now He’s a Racist?

First, Omarosa spent years saying he wasn’t a racist. Omarosa is to credibility what the Cleveland Browns have been to winning football. 

Second, several of her race-connected claims in her book Unhinged have already been shown to be lies. (Big surprise) Both GOP pollster Frank Lunz and Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway — neither big Trump fans — say statements attributed to them are “flat out false.” Conway adds that Omarosa’s book publisher never contacted him to verify her “absurd” claim.

Third, Omarosa goofed. When she signed her book deal, “Trump’s a racist” was the rage. Calling Trump a racist would make her a media darling. A ticket back into prime time. But what’s happened? Black unemployment is plummeting and Trump’s approval is rising. And who are the rock stars right now? People like Candace Owens, Kanye West, comedian Terrence K. Williams, and YouTube sensations Diamond and Silk. In other words, blacks who have Trump’s back. Not someone who stabs him in the back. Agree with them, disagree with them. But they’re the ones generating media buzz and heat.

Poor Omarosa, so obsessed with fame and her own fabulous. She’s on a sinking ship. 

Enough to Do Machiavelli Proud

Of course, her ship may be heading right back to reality TV. D’Andra Simmons, one of the stars of Real Housewives of Dallas, thinks Omarosa is perfect for that show. Like toxic mold she’d be perfect.

Which gets us directly to item four. Any time you see her on TV touting Unhinged, remember who we’re talking about: It’s Omarosa. From The Apprentice. Her major “contribution” to culture there was creating the “reality show villain.” The person on a reality show who is so duplicitous, conniving, back-stabbing, cold-blooded, and yes, evil, that they become “the person you love to hate.” She created and perfected a TV archetype.  She’s Machiavelli in make-up. Were he alive today Machiavelli would call himself “Omarosian.”

Sure, Trump called her a “crazy, crying lowlife” and a “dog” Tuesday. He didn’t need to go there. Whether because it’s a dog whistle for his critics or an insult to dogs, he shouldn’t have said it. He could have just said, “It’s Omarosa. What more do you need to know?” 

Meanwhile, Omarosa might be needing a lawyer. 

You Can’t Do That!

On Meet the Press Sunday, Omarosa revealed she had recorded her firing by Chief of Staff John Kelly. In the White House. In the White House Situation Room. Even played a bit of the tape. Prosecutors have a term for that: “self-incrimination.” 

The White House is reportedly looking into bringing charges. (Already the Trump campaign has filed for arbitration against Omarosa for violating their confidentially agreement.) Frank Cilluffo, director of George Washington University’s Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, told the New York Post they may have a case. 

“At the very least it’s a security violation, bringing an electronic device into any active SCIF, a secure facility, is a security protocol,” he said. “If it happened to be at at time when classified, whether defense sensitive or national security sensitive information, was being discussed – obviously that’s a much bigger legal violation. She would be breaking the law there.”

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Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance told MSNBC Omarosa had better lawyer up. “There is likely a technical crime or two that’s been committed here,” Vance said. “Obviously, prosecutors don’t choose to prosecute every technical crime that’s been committed, but she probably should get herself a lawyer and be in consultation.”

Former Obama Homeland Security official Juliette Kayyem reminded CNN that “external devices” are kept out of the Situation Room to keep foreign enemies or spy services from hacking in and listening to sensitive information. Said Kayyem, “The goal is to keep America safe.”

This is Serious, Not a Circus

Which gets to a question national security officials have to be asking themselves: “What else did Omarosa record? And who did she shop it around to?” 

Omarosa has proven she’ll do anything if it benefits Omarosa. Ask Piers Morgan. He says the “relentlessly loathsome” Omarosa offered to sleep with him if it meant winning Celebrity Apprentice. She’s admitted to — no, boasted about — recording top Trump officials in the most sensitive areas of the White House. What hasn’t she admitted to? What else was she up to? How long has she been operating against Trump? Was she in bed (figuratively) with anyone else?

Forget the reality show. This is the real world. 

Omarosa sold out the President of the United States for 30 pieces of silver and a few days of mainstream media fawning. It’s the responsibility of our intelligence community to determine if she sold out the nation itself. Or at the very least to determine whether her cell was hacked by our enemies. A full damage assessment must be done. Now. 

Omarosa began her public career begging Trump for a job. One suspects she’ll end it begging Trump for a pardon. 

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