Olympics Might Allow Men Pretending to be Women to Compete as Women

If the predictions are right, the Olympics will allow athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs

By William M Briggs Published on February 3, 2016

If you are a true egalitarian, if you actually believe in the equality, that is, the sameness of the sexes in every respect and are not lying, exaggerating, or signaling your cultural holiness, then you must advocate the complete and utter removal of all distinctions between the sexes.

Take for instance the Olympics. It currently enforces inequality, dictating that men and women compete separately. Come, now, all you true equalitarians: agree and state that this inequality must cease forthwith. (Say so in the comments.)

If you do not agree that this manifest unequal status should cease, then you are not a true egalitarian or equalitarian; it means that you hold that there are fundamental, ineradicable differences between the sexes. Further, it means that others are right to ascribe a lack of equalitarian earnestness to you. That being so, it is then rational to not only notice sex differences, but to make decisions about and to treat people differently based on their sex. Fairness requires treating like cases alike, and distinct cases as distinct.

One difference is that men are stronger and faster than women essentially (extreme statistical outliers notwithstanding). A rational decision based on this true observation is to conduct separate physical contests for the two sexes.

Very well, so much is and should be obvious, but it says something about the reach of cultural decadence that it has to be pointed out.

Here is the twist. There are predictions the International Olympic Committee will allow, with one small proviso, what they consider a version of the equalitarian ideal in its upcoming contests. The proviso is that the contests will still be separated by sex, but that men pretending to be women will be allowed to compete as women, and vice versa.

Outré Outsports claims to have obtained a copy of new “transgender guidelines,” which they say, “the International Olympic Committee is expected to adopt before the Summer Olympics later this year.”

The guidelines stem from an unpublicized “Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism” the IOC held last November. The guidelines have not yet been distributed by the IOC, but Outsports received the new policy via a trusted source.

The guidelines leave no restriction for a trans man, like triathlete Chris Mosier, to compete against men. Mosier’s participation in the World Duathlon Championships, for which he has qualified, has been in doubt.

Before we go further, it’s best to sort out pronouns. It’s always difficult to tell what the sex of the person is in these kinds of articles, because we don’t know who is a man pretending to be a woman, or a man who is a real man, and so forth. Of course, in order to meet an Orwellian fate, we must insist men, even if they they are pretending to be women, receive he or him; and women pretending to be men receive she or her.

Chris Mosier is a woman pretending to be a man, though discovering that takes work. For instance, this left-wing ESPN article buries the fact deep within. That article also mentions Mosier’s “transition to physically becoming a man.” This is, of course, scientifically and biologically impossible. Not unlikely, mind you. Impossible. That ESPN says otherwise is a clear indication that this once-prestigious network has lost its mind.

But never mind that. The curious thing is that the Frankenstein-like treatments that good lady Mosier had included “doping,” which is to say, being drugged with testosterone, among other chemicals. Now it used to be the Olympics cast a dim view on these kinds of artificial enhancements. But Outsports thinks they will now look past this in their strive toward Equality.

This would appear to be good news for athletes who want to cheat. Except that there is another twist. First, it is clear that Mosier, unless she is doped to the gills (perhaps she can also pretend to be a fish?) hasn’t any chance against real men, unless the sport is one in which enlightened judges are involved. That means the Olympics, in order to ensure “fairness,” would have to allow some pretty generous doping, though only for women pretending to be men.

The real worry of the IOC is men pretending to be women. These men will surely have a tremendous advantage over real women. So the twist in the proposed guidelines is that a man pretending to be a woman “must demonstrate that [his] total testosterone level in serum has been below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to [his] first competition.” And the way men pretending to be women get to these levels is to either become socialists or by chemical means. In other words, these men will be doped up, too. Surgery will not be required, incidentally.

Outsports is confident the IOC will toss out its old rules and allow drugs, but only for those who want to pretend to be of the opposite sex. The old-fashioned athletes without imaginations are relegated to winning on their own natural merits.

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