Oh, Mr. President! Oh, My!

By Al Perrotta Published on October 16, 2018

Does President Trump wake up in the morning and think, “What can I tweet today to further drive Christian supporters out of their blessed minds?”

No sooner does The Stream schedule my “Oh, Elizabeth! Oh, My!” piece to publish when Trump handed his supporters a huge headache and his enemies a huge gift.

President Trump labeled Stormy Daniels “Horseface.” Label me “Bruise Face,” after banging my head against the wall.

Remember just a couple days ago, Pastor Andrew Brunson’s powerful prayer for the president in the Oval Office? Amazing. Consequential. There’s no limit to the spiritual benefit to a nation of having a president willing to be prayed over like that. Unfortunately, Pastor Brunson left off the line, “And please, Dear Lord, help the President not take mean shots at people.”

Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

President Trump took aim at Daniels amid a tweet celebrating a judge tossing out her defamation suit against him and ordering the porn star to pay Trump’s legal fees.

Let’s clear out the obvious. Calling Michael Avenatti a “3rd rate lawyer” is an insult to “3rd rate lawyers.” But calling Daniels “Horseface”? That’s just wrong. Now, maybe back in the old neighborhood you call a woman who looks like Daniels “Horseface” for the same reason you call the 6’7″ guy “Shorty.” And who knows? By this afternoon, Trump might well be insisting it was a term of endearment.

But unless he comes back with quick with, “Cheap shot. Sorry,” the media and democrats will ride the “He Hates Women” horse through Election Day. All the gains Republicans are making on Hillary Clinton’s call for incivility are answered with “But Trump called Stormy Daniels ‘Horseface.'” Antifa violently attacks Republicans? “Trump attacks woman!”

Further, His comment was in the context of Daniels losing their lawsuit. So isn’t the insult the very example of kicking someone when they’re laid low? You’ve now taken Eric Holder’s call to violence off the table.

And What Of His Defenders?

What does this do to people like Sarah Sanders and Melania Trump? Melania’s heading a campaign against online bullying. Any move she makes is met with, “Yeah, but your husband …”

And Sanders has to go out there to face a press corp that’ll be utterly committed to getting her to condemn her boss.

Sarah can stand there and talk all day about how Trump’s policies have women’s unemployment lower than it’s been since World War II. She can point to how his actions have protected and prospered women here and abroad.

She can rightfully point to the women he’s put in crucial positions of power around him.

For a quick refresher:

The person he has protecting the homeland — a woman.
The person he has heading the CIA — a woman.
The person he has as his voice to the world at the UN — a woman.
The person he has as his voice to the press — a woman.
The person he has as his communications director — a woman.
The person he has as counsel (and former campaign manager) — a woman.
The person he has as most trusted adviser — a woman. (Ivanka, if you haven’t figured that out yet.)

Those are real, substantive facts with real consequences in the lives of real people. But in this environment, with this media, does it matter? Does it matter Daniels and her lawyer have been hellbent on destroying Trump, and fighting them tooth and nail is self-defense? Are the same people who spent weeks headlining her lawsuit going to spend five seconds saying it got tossed out? No.

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Does it even matter that Stormy Daniels (to a much greater degree than Trump’s other foes) has proven perfectly capable of firing back at Trump? (Her response, though too vulgar for The Stream, shows she can play the game as well as he can.)

No. We’re back to “Trump hates women.” “Trump’s a misogynist.” “How can anyone support him?”

The Vexing Problem for Christian Supporters

Trump’s wayward tongue pose particular problems for Christian supporters — as has been written about often on The Stream, particularly by Dr. Michael Brown. In fact, I should be thanking the President because his “Horseface” crack is a perfect advertisement for our special series based on Brown’s book, Trump is Not My Savior.

In the series, Dr. Brown and James Robison discuss Trump, his many accomplishments, his foibles, and the belief God has placed His hand on this seemingly most-unlikely of men. As James often says, “God uses imperfect people to execute His perfect will.”

Today’s tweet reminds us the president particularly needs prayer, not only when he pulls off a victory (like securing Pastor Brunson’s release,) but when he proves himself all too human.

And so we pray. And must continue to pray. He needs it. And knows it. As he told Pastor Brunson “I need it more probably more than anybody in this room.”

Who’s to argue given his position and his walk? Who are we to deny him that prayer?



Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, and co-author of  The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration

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  • Patmos

    If Trump would have been more accurate, it would have been a lot worse. He let her off easy.

    Should remind people too that Jesus compared that Syrophoenician woman to a dog. There’s nothing inherently wrong with an insult by itself. Where you can get yourself into trouble is if you’re holding on to anger. That whole lengthy passage where Jesus mentions not to call someone an idiot is about anger, not insults.

    And since when do porn stars demand any sort of respect? That no one is even talking about that is by far the most telling aspect of this wretched woman’s 15 minutes of fame. It’s an indication of just how far the culture has fallen.

    • Bryan

      That’s a very fine line Patmos. Especially in the case of our President who seems to hold onto grudges. I am not defending her. I’m not condoning President Trump’s actions and words either.
      By the way, Jesus used a common euphemism of that day and shared what seems like a private joke with that women. President Trump aimed to hurt or humiliate. I am grateful for many of President Trump’s accomplishment so far and I’m looking forward to the mid-terms. But this action has me, like Mr Perrotta, “banging my head against the wall”.

      • Jim Barrow

        You sound snowflake-ish.

        • Jim Walker

          What happened to humility ?

    • Juan Garcia

      While emotionally I agree with your first sentence, as a Christian I cannot agree. First your theology is a little nuanced. The “Syrophoenician” was compared to a dog because she was a gentile, and Jesus was making the point that the Jews were the chosen people of God. By awarding her crumbs he sent the message to both Jews and Gentiles that He had come to bring salvation to all. He reinforced this with the vine and the branches analogy, as did the apostles.

      Secondly, your interpretation of “Raca” is well . . . subject to interpretation. Most theologians insist that insult was condemned because it destroys the idea of the intrinsic value of human life as created by God. “Raca” means fool or worthless and by using it you are telling someone they are worthless. God did not create any worthless human lives, even though we often emotionally wish to think so. I don’t think we as humans should pretend we are God and think it’s okay to insult people. Our primary commandments are to love God and love others. Unless you believe insulting is a way of instituting “tough love”, I think you’re on thin ice with this perspective.

      Having said that, I will say this. I personally don’t take a lot of exception with Trump’s insults. Having had the pleasure in my earlier life of working with a lot of New Yorkers, I found this way of expression pretty much the cultural norm. Some petites would disagree, but that was my experience. In that culture, which is very much influenced by the Jewish presence in that area, exchanging barbs is a way of building trust, strange as that may seem. It means this is a person who speaks what’s on their mind and you don’t have to guess at what they are thinking. If you don’t respond in kind, you are not a person who can be trusted. If you don’t believe this, just listen to the dialog of Danny Reagan on “Blue Bloods”. He talks exactly the way the New Yorkers I used to work with talked.

  • tz1

    Offend the Mob, wake up with a Horsehead in your bed!
    And has anyone asked Mr. Ed?

    But you’re right, Trump should neither insult 3rd rate lawyers nor horses.

    The larger point, if you don’t fight with rhetoric, including increasingly vitriolic rhetoric, what is your alternative? Actual violence?

    Civility is at best a minor, trivial virtue practiced between the virtuous, and at worse irrelevant. Jesus, Peter, Stephen, and Paul said worse things. Shall we deny the New Testament because it isn’t civil?

    • Jim Walker

      At this point, he should stop to “entertain” the left and ignore the accusations with just one sentence “it’s not true”. What he is doing adds fuel to fire allowing more fake news moving forward.
      He made too many enemies along the way and it all piles up against him.

      • Jim Barrow

        President Trump isn’t “entertaining” the Left at all. He has them dancing like puppets.

        • Jim Walker

          What I meant was, he should not even give them air time. We don’t fall for those emotive sound bites from MSM, but the leftists do.
          Again, he doesn’t need to add fuel to the fire.

  • tz1

    I also need to scream loudly:

    Why ZERO CONDEMNATION toward Trump’s opponents who do far worse thing? Because you wish them to be damned to hell for all eternity? That because they are 0.09% more civil than you think Trump is?

    So the devils murdering a million babies every year deserve politeness.
    Those destroying society with their policies teaching your 7 year olds to use condoms while listening to drag queen story hour deserve politeness.

    But Trump! Horrors! Burn him at the stake for his words! How can he say such things!

    You are comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted.

    I have my differences with Trump, but we need to identify the battlefield, or the game, the rules on the baseball diamond, the gridiron, the rink or basketball court differ.

    You are complaining that MMA is not according to Marquis of Queensbury.

    • Cody

      I like it keep it up.

      • tz1

        Thanks. Sometimes I feel like Jermiah, but we can pull out of the power dive.

    • Irene Neuner


  • Allen

    The only perfect man God worked through was Jesus Christ. Samson and King David. The devil which is the same thin as Satan says bad or lies about people so as to ruin their reputation. And anyone who mimics him is known as a child of the Satan that devil. And this is what God is trying through his love is trying to stop. He wants people to mimic his unconditional love and they will be known as a child of God. And if we mimic him we will be known for our love. He leaves those that won’t mimic him alone that they will be destroyed by the very attitude they show others. That is why David prayed thusly; Ps 9:15-20, 15 The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken.
    16 The Lord is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Higgaion. Selah. 17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. 18 For the needy shall not alway be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall not perish for ever. 19 Arise, O Lord; let not man prevail: let the heathen be judged in thy sight. 20 Put them in fear, O Lord: that the nations may know themselves to be but men. Selah. KJV

  • Ray

    Maybe “horseface” was a bit PC.

    • Paul

      LOL, Considering his history I was thinking that Trumps remarks were actually restrained.

  • Jim Barrow

    This article is way off the mark.

    Perrotta bases the entire article on a supposition: that President Trump drives Christian supporters “out of their blessed minds.”

    I don’t care that he called Porny Daniels “horseface,” and I highly doubt that this is importamt to any true Christian. We’re not concerned with things like this.

    Murdering the unborn? Yes.
    Protecting this nation? Yes

    Remember, Christians don’t run around all day in some monolithic, theistic bloc fretting about the words that a president chooses.

    • Jim, you are so very, very, very right! The good almost infinitely outweighs the bad with Trump. Despite what the NeverTrumpers and overly sensitive Christians believe, Trump does NOTHING impulsively. It’s all calculated, as was this less than elegant statement. In hindsight to we mere mortals, Trumpisms almost always furthers his political victories, and thank God for it!

      • Athena771

        does nothing impulsively? what planet do you live on? he has to respond to every little insult, he is thinned skinned, i don’t hate trump, but he is like a little child having a hissy fit if he does not get and he feels he has to respond to everything.

        I like trump, but i am no cheerleader either.

      • Az1seeit

        Good or bad, Mr. Trump is the man the Lord put in authority…just as, being Sovereign, He puts all in authority. Whether we wanted him or not, like him or not, we need to all pray for him as Pastor Brunson prayed, that the Holy Spirit give him wisdom and protect him as he goes about the management of our country!

  • pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    I think horseface deserves to be called “mean names”. Christians sometimes forget that we must crave justice as well as mercy. I have a hard time believing this is an issue we need to get excercised over.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Well, perhaps the president could have chosen a more sympathetic approach. One which would not have reflected so unkindly on horses ….!

    All right that comment was uncalled for. As also was this Presidents ….

    • Cody

      Maybe Donkey face.

  • Moonasmywitness

    Im with the author on this one. Don’t get me wrong – Im completely MAGA all the time – but Trumps timing right now needs to be extremely strategic or we possibly end up with a lame duck or worse. Further, I honestly believe going into these midterms we have 100,000 – 1,000,000+ democratic moderates that may swing vote GOP because they are tired of the mob mentality ruling their party right now and they are arguably impressed with what Trump is doing. However, these people are like deer in headlights and ready to scare at a moments notice, just waiting for an excuse to swing back. This type of rhetoric is exactly the excuse these people need. Remember – they’re not that intelligent – democrats run on 99% emotion / 1% intellect. Trump especially needs to remember this on every one of his chess moves going into Nov 6.

    • Jim Walker

      Totally agree. Every man has his weakness and the left knows exactly where to push his buttons, and each time they succeed to make him display his pettiness and give excuses for those sheeple to swing back to vote Demoncraps.

  • Cody

    Maybe they should use her real name Stephanie Gregory Clifford, if she is so desperate to destroy someone the least she could do is use her real name and quit hiding behind her stage name, is she afraid of the truth?

  • Irene Neuner

    I love that he battles those sh*t slinging leftists. Of course Trump isn’t our saviour he is just a emergency medical treatment from the Almighty.

    To quote Erasmus on Luther, “because of the magnitude of disorders God has prescribed a violent physician”

    Additionally I am confident that David was a “man after God’s own heart” even through he ‘raped’ Bathsheba and murdered her husband to cover the pregnancy that resulted.

    Christians get real. Some sinners are bent on hell and need a battle hardened warrior. Our church leaders behave like pacifists.

  • Athena771

    All of the Trump Cheerleaders is really quite astounding. Though he probably did sleep with that woman, but who cares, as long as he is pro-life, that is all that matters right?

    Now i am not defending either one of these people, for they are both sinners, but Trump is the president and he should use some self-control and stop responding to every little insult, he needs a thicker skin.

    What more are you willing to accept from a president to save your precious embryos and fetuses and making sure every woman gives birth?

    How far are you all willing to go and accept?

  • Aliquantillus

    Please stop writing such moralistic articles about the President. This serves no purpose. Concentrate on the real interests which are at stake here, e.g. religious liberty, protection of the natural family, &c. Trump isn’t perfect, and we shouldn’t expect him to be so. We don’t vote for a person because he is a Christian or against him because he is not. We vote for those who have our interests at heart. Thus far, Trump has delivered on his promises of protecting Christians and their interests. That’s the basic reason why we should vote for him. This implies voting for conservate Republicans in the Mid terms. If Republicans lose the House or the Senate, the leftist frenzy will start all over again.

    • Athena771

      Why do we need anyone to protect Christian interests? Jesus said “my kingdom is not of this world”

      We don’t need politcs or a president to protect our interests, is God not big enough to do that himself?

      As a Christian myself i don’t need people in the halls of power to protect my interests or push any agenda.

      God is on the throne.

      All of this whining by Christians puting their faith in politicians is really quite pathetic.

      • Aliquantillus

        You are making a false opposition. When God protects us, then he normally does so through the created agents of his Providence, not through extraordinary miracles in which He acts alone.

        Do Christians need anyone to protect their interests? On the supernatural level no, strictly spoken, since no earthly power can take away eternal life from us. Yet we are grateful if our temporal interests are protected and we can lead quiet, godly lives, as St. Paul says in his admonition to pray for kings and governors (I Timothy 2:1-4). Our eternal interests are not completely separated from our temporal lives. A Christian lifestyle requires the reception of the Sacraments, Common Prayer, Study of the Scriptures in a community, and many other things which cannot exist without a modicum of political stability and order. We should not make ourselves over wise and righteous by thinking that we don’t need these things (cf. Eccl. 7:16).

        When Jesus said: “My Kingdom is not of this world”, he didn’t mean to refer to a purely spiritual Kingdom. He meant to say that the principles of his Kingdom are of a different nature than the principles of the wordly kingdoms. His Kingdom is from Heaven, and will come to earth in power and glory when Jesus returns. The expression “Kingdom of Heaven” doesn’t refer to a KIngdom in Heaven but a Kingdom from Heaven.

        • Athena771

          You don’t want temporal blessings, you want political power to favor your beliefs.

          I am a Christian, i could care less if a democrat or Republican is in office.

          I don’t need my religious beliefs protected or be given favor.

          How did the early Christians manage to spread the message and change the world during the ruthless roman empire, now those Christians were REALLY persecuted, thrown into the lions etc..?

          All of you Christians wanting someone in office to favor Christianity are all a bunch of wusses.

          What can’t live your faith without someone in power backing you up?

          • Aliquantillus

            Of course we can live our faith without someone in power backing us up. We can all become martyrs, and we will indeed be completely ostracized as a hate group if the Democrats win the long term fate of this country. Physicians will be compelled to perform abortions without recourse to a conscience clause, and bakers and florists will be compelled to celebrate gay marriage and produce blasphemous messages. Moreover, children will be compelled to watch pornography at school in “sexual identity lessons” and their parents will not be given an opt-out, will not even be noticed about the content of these lessons. You will lose your job if you utter the slightest disagreement over morality issues, and you won’t be able to get another job. That’s the perspective the Democrats have in mind for Christians.

            Now we know from our faith that we may indeed be called to persecution and lose our lives for Christ’s sake. But we should never give up on giving good testimony and to give our fellow countrymen the best blessings for their temporal lives and help them to find Chirst as their Saviour.

            The best blessings for temporal life the current circumstances is to favour limited government, separation of powers, liberty of speech, freedom of religion, &c. All these things are not in good hand with the Democrats. They have a completely nihilistic agenda of Identity Politics and Gender Ideology. Soon you will be compelled to address a person according to his/her/its self-imaginated gender or non-gender. To even address God as “Our Father” is under threat and the radical leftists are saying this is hate speech.

            What Christian can be so stupid as to vote people who hold such demonic views and are prepared to act upon them into office? What blessing would it give to the world to vote for these devils? We are supposed by our principles to support good, not evil.

      • Barry Campbell

        Ask the Christians in China and other socialist/ communist countries why we should stand up for them.

  • Barry Campbell

    Well, he could have said worse.

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