Normalizing Incest and Other Perversions: It’s Already Happening

Or their goats? Or their dead friends?

By William M Briggs Published on July 7, 2017

Now you might think that 19-year-old Natasha had sex, “sex [that] was intense in a way that no other sex has been,” with her father because she was lacking a father figure in her life.

Not so.

“My mom’s long-term partner was a patriarchal butch lesbian, so I already had a ‘father figure’ in my immediate family,” she said.

Surprisingly, this “patriarchal butch lesbian” father figure was abusive, so Natasha went in search of her actual father, who she discovered and then bedded in Jamaica.

Cosmopolitan UK gives us the dry, clinical name for Natasha’s behavior: Genetic Sexual Attraction.

It can’t be long until we hear, “Don’t worry. It isn’t incest, it’s GSA. And I was born this way.”

Sooner than you think. The magazine says GSA is a “real topic of discussion at the moment, with numerous stories of long-lost family members who reunited only to discover an intense sexual attraction, being bandied about all over the place.”

In a separate (and vivid) article about another woman having sex with her father, the magazine tells us GSA was “coined by a woman called Barbara Gonyo years ago, when she felt an overwhelming sense of sexual desire after being reunited with her birth son, Mitch, who was adopted as a baby.”

England’s Telegraph says, “Disgusted by incest? Genetic Sexual Attraction is real and on the rise.” In that article is a large picture with the words “I’m in love with my son and I want to have his baby.”

The blog Full Marriage Equality tells those experiencing GSA, “You are not alone,” and, “You are not crazy or wrong for having these feelings.” Why? Because “there is no good reason why adults should feel a need to refrain from being together in whatever way they want.”

Folks in this category are calling themselves “The GSA Community.” And there is (of course) an online discussion group.


Besides homosexuality, pedophilia, and objectum sexuality, GSA is only one of the new sexual “orientations” with which we are becoming familiar.

An ever more frequent argument is to call somebody “transphobic” if they would reject sex with somebody suffering gender dysphhoria. Having a “genital preference” is frowned upon. The NY Post summarizes the current debate with the rhetorical question, “Can attraction be taught, or mandated by cultural enforcers?”


Zoophilia (bestiality) is now not uncommon. A headline in Britain’s The Sun: “Sick revellers at Oxford toff bash ‘romped with a goat’ during debauched uni party.” “The grotesque act was said to have happened at the secret summer ball organised by the Piers Gaveston Society last month.” We are informed “Piers Gaveston was founded in 1977 and named after the rumoured gay lover of Edward II. Its past members include movie actor Hugh Grant.”

A writer at Salon muses, “For all I know, zoophiles are some of the most psychologically healthy people in the world.” In another Salon piece, “A legal defense of donkey sex,” the writer asks, “A man accused of feeling up a farm animal argues an anti-bestiality law is unconstitutional. Does he have a point?”

Incidentally, bestiality is legal in several countries. Like Canada, “so long as there is no penetration involved, according to a surprise ruling issued by the Supreme Court.”


Perhaps worst are the writers who ask, “Is Necrophilia Wrong?” Big Think asked. They claim the arguments of those who say “Yes” are “merely circular, theological pap.”

A self-declared mortician at The Thinking Atheist agrees. He says “religion cannot be used to justify current laws regarding necrophilia.” Besides, “Necrophilia poses no great risk to ones health.”

Vice (of course) gives a loving, and perhaps even approving, portrait of the phenomenon. Vice also gave us the article (which I won’t link to), “This Is What It’s Actually Like at One of London’s [Urination] Dungeon Orgies.”

We know where this is going: the legalization and official approval of any kind of sexual activity, anywhere, for any reason. To achieve perfect “freedom” and “equality,” we must be allowed to rut like animals whenever the mood strikes. God help us.


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