The Next Fight for Religious Freedom: The Pennsylvania Governor’s Race

By Maggie Gallagher Published on February 7, 2018

Scott Wagner is running for the GOP governor nomination in Pennsylvania. He poses as a “Trump” conservative. On some issues, maybe. But he cares nothing for the religious freedom of Christians.

How do we know that? Scott Wagner has personally sponsored a new Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity bill. And he voted against including protection for religious freedom in it. Scott Wagner is one of the emerging group of “pro-gay rights” Republicans. If Wagner wins the nomination in Pennsylvania, expect Republicans to start voting for anti-religious liberty bills en masse.

Unless social conservatives flood the Pennsylvania governor’s race with new energy and new money, the battle for religious liberty is lost.

Dunkirk for American Christians?

Yes. I mean that, improbable as it sounds. We have one more shot to change the religious oppression unfolding before our eyes. And it’s in Pennsylvania in 2018.

Before you write me off as a crazy lady, let me explain.

The situation is bad for traditional Christians in America. The gay left is in the final stages of convincing the Republican party it must kill any legislation it dubs “discriminatory.” The gay left has a one-two punch: First, they control the messages the mushy middle hears. Then, they back this message-control with massive political contributions. In the first punch, Hollywood, Media, Madison Avenue, Big Sports, the Chamber of Commerce and Silicon Valley thunder their shock and awe campaign to punish Christian conservative leaders. In the second punch, the left then targets our weakened heroes with direct election money.

Unless social conservatives flood the Pennsylvania governor’s race with new energy and new money, the battle for religious liberty is lost.

What do social conservatives do in response? Stick with politics on the cheap, using tactics from the 1980s. Talk big, stand down and watch our heroes get defeated. If you doubt me, ask former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.

Don’t Count on Trump or the Courts

Trump is preventing some of the worst abuses of religious liberty, but he will not be President forever. The Supreme Court may blunt some of the most oppressive ideas the Left pushes. But the Constitution won’t prevent shame campaigns recasting Christians as “bigots.” The Constitution will not prevent taxpayer dollars from being used to teach our children they must “choose” among 23 genders. The Constitution will not protect the nonprofit status of our charities, ministries, or schools from a Democrat-appointed IRS commissioner.

The next step will be government and corporate outing of a “closeted” Christian. Your bosses will ask you to affirm you are a gay ally. Your government will require foster parents to affirm to 8-year-olds that gay is good. (The former was recently tried by a bank. The latter has already happened in Great Britain.)

Trump is preventing some of the worst abuses of religious liberty, but he will not be President forever. The Supreme Court may blunt some of the most oppressive ideas the Left pushes. But the Constitution won’t prevent shame campaigns recasting Christians as “bigots”.

But for the Left to go this far, they need to shut down the GOP. To succeed, the left needs a Republican party unwilling to punch back to defend our rights. The gay left already controls the academy, “mainstream” media, celebrity cultures, and the Chamber of Commerce. The one thing it does not control is politics. Not totally. Not yet.

Off-year elections do not have the same national impact as presidential elections. The off-year elections test out political ideas in the real world. If we want the issue raised in the 2020 presidential election, we have to prove it’s a winning issue this year. If social conservatives fail to rise to the moment in 2018, the political door will close: the Republican party will fold and scurry for cover.

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Our Last Shot at Relevance

The Pennsylvania governor’s race is our one shot to prove that abandoning religious liberty is a losing issue for Republicans.

I recently made this case to some high-level Capitol Hill staffers who were Christian conservatives. “Even if we win,” one woman told me, “I don’t think the juggernaut will stop.”

Of course not. But a victory will recover an inch of territory. A loss will leave us in a six-foot hole. Proving we can win allows us to live to fight another day. Proving we don’t care enough to fight betrays our country, our families, and our faith. Are we sunshine patriots or not?

On May 15, in Pennsylvania, we will find out.

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  • Andrew Mason

    In Britain, Australia, and New Zealand it was purported conservative governments that created homosexual marriage. Promises were made that religious liberty would be protected, and then quietly forgotten, at least by the conservatives – the Left continued to agitate against fundamental freedoms on the basis of ‘equality,’ ‘tolerance’ things being ‘contrary to the public interest’ and other such 1984 language. America does not want to go down that route! Sadly barring a radical culture shift in the West society will go the same way as Communist China or the Islamic World – where persecuting Christians is deemed to be good.

  • Patmos

    All the supposed victories by the perverts on the left will crumble down, just due to the lack of any solid foundation they stand on. We’re already seeing it with under developed and emotionally unstable millennials who have been subject to all the garbage ideology on the left.

    To me though, the bigger question is how much of this is deliberate, and how much of it is ignorance? The openness of Western Democracies has long been an Achilles Heel, exploited by the tyrannies and theocracies around the world.

    If worse comes to worse just heed the words of Paul to the Thessalonians: To you who are troubled, rest with us.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Wishful thinking. Happy thoughts. But not grounded in reality. The opposite is quite true. At least from a pragmatic POV.

      There is not a single advancement the Left has made that has been turned back. Just look at what’s on TV today. Look at sexuality, profanity, universities, etc. Even as this article demonstrates the GOP is now capitulating to the Left’s social agenda.

      It’s all deliberate from the perspective of the Prince of this World. Some of it from the perspective of the People is blindly falling along and some of it today and progressed to where they are deliberating rebelling against God and choosing to actively fight for against Christianity and therefore God.

      To your last sentiment, I totally agree. In Christ we shall find our rest no matter how troubled the World becomes.

  • Lisa

    What’s happening to the West? Can we really be the descendents of the Magna Carta and Christianity? We need to rally and defend our principles against this onslaught of the Left.

    Like the Brits did against the Nazis, we can resist Leftist tyranny. We will turn this war around one battle at a time and get strong again while doing it. Americans have really been dumbed down by our schools and entertainment. They need to be “woke.”

    As for me and my house, we serve the Lord.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      I agree that we need to rally and defend our principles against the onslaught of the Left. But for different reasons.

      We’re not gonna turn the battle around and get strong again as in the idea of Marriage ever being what it once was or the USA being “One Nation Under God”. Or even “indivisible” for that matter. Just look at how many in this country today actually think Communism & Socialism is a good thing!

      Rather we will turn the battle around by fighting the fight that should’ve been being fought all along. One soul at a time. Shining the Light of Truth on the Darkness of Lies and being Salt to a dead and decaying World.

      We will turn the battle around when we realize what the true battle is and not fall for the decoy. One soul at a time for the Kingdom and not one perceived victory at a time for this kingdom.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    I have been saying during the 2016 election campaigns and since that the problem with this country is not the Left but rather the Christians who have sold out to the “lesser of 2 evils” philosophy and given their allegiance to the kingdom instead of the Kingdom.

    Self-professing Christians and other Social Conservatives/Unbelievers who held to Biblical morals threw their support, yeah even allegiance, behind a Party that started their national convention off with prayer by a Rabbi (that’s an Unbeliever folks – and that statement is NOT antisemitic!), followed by a prayer claiming that Hillary & the Dems were our enemy, followed by a Catholic, followed by false teacher/false prophet/adulteress/female “pastor”, followed by a Sikh. But that’s not the end of it, the invocations ended with a Muslim!!!! Then, if that’s not enough, they trotted out Peter Thiel who proudly announced himself as a “proud gay man” and went on to say that “Fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline”. In other words, “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” Nevermind that he reneged on a promise with NC that pulled 400 jobs from the state because they had the audacity to pass a law that says a man must use a man’s restroom! A real Capitalist Conservative there, folks!

    It’s not the enemy dressed in the easily recognizable uniform that is the problem. It’s the enemy dressed in your own uniform that’s the problem.

    So many today are seeking to save their lives. Doing all they can to hang on to their wealth, comfort, and happiness instead of reckoning themselves as dead men waiting to be resurrected unto new life.

    “For whoever desires to save his life shall lose it, and whoever desires to lose his life for My sake shall find it.” (Mat 16:25)

  • Frank McLaughlin

    Which of the candidates for the GOP nomination is the best one to support?

    • Jane

      Paul Mango! Paul has ethics. He boasts morality, integrity, and principle. He is a genuine business savvy gentleman who will take neither a salary or pension. A true and transparent Christian.

      • Frank McLaughlin

        Thanks Jane, although I was asking this question of Maggie Gallagher who authored the article. Would she name the same person? By the way I’m not from Pennsylvania, so I do not a have a vote to cast…

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