New TV Series Takes on Abortion

By Amelia Hamilton Published on July 25, 2015

There is a lot of talk about equality these days. Equality amongst genders, races, religions, sexual orientations; you name it, there’s a movement for equality. What about equal rights for the unborn? Wretched Radio is fighting for the equal rights for the unborn through their new 13-episode television series Life is Best.

Adrian Rink, production designer explained the series this way: 

The bed-rock motivation for this project is Jesus Christ, and His attitude and commands concerning the defenseless and helpless. There really is not a more defenseless human than the helpless baby in its mother’s womb. As Christians, we are in awe of the mercy and grace that God has shown to us in Christ, and that gospel compels us to show mercy to all people, including unborn people.

Life is Best will “encourage and equip Christians to defend the lives of the unborn,” Rink added. “It will tackle the big pro-choice arguments, and prepare viewers to have ready and compelling answers. This project is also saturated with the healing power of the gospel. We wanted those we have participated in an abortion to know, as host Scott Klusendorf puts it so well, ‘You don’t need an excuse for your sin, you need an exchange: Christ’s righteousness for your sinfulness.’”

Rink described abortion as “a silent holocaust happening down the street from each of us” and said it was past due that “every Christian got involved to end this atrocity. Our hope is that Life is Best will equip and encourage viewers to do just that.”

Life is Best has three goals: souls saved, unborn humans saved and Christians prepared. One result? Putting abortion clinics out of business. 

Watch the trailer below:

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