New Death Bed Helps People Commit Suicide

A person who wants to end their life simply takes an online mental questionnaire and obtains an access key to the machine.

By Nancy Flory Published on November 23, 2017

An Australian euthanasia activist has developed a machine to help people commit suicide on their own, according to the pro-euthanasia group Exit International. Exit International calls itself an “aid-in-dying organization.”

Exit director Dr. Philip Nitschke and an engineer developed the Sarco euthanasia machine. They promoted it at a conference the group’s NuTech branch ran on “New Technologies for a Peaceful DIY Death” in Toronto, Canada, last month.

NuTech promotes “new technologies in self-deliverance.” Members include Derek Humphry, founder of the early euthanasia group the Hemlock Society, and a former assistant to Jack Kevorkian.

The Sarco Euthanasia Machine

The Sarco can be 3D printed and assembled anywhere. A person who wants to end their life simply takes an online mental questionnaire and obtains an access key to the machine. The machine will “allow anyone who has the access key to peacefully and reliably end their life by simply pressing a button.”

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The death bed can be detached from the machine and used as a coffin. The base can be re-used. Exit International’s press release states that “the design criteria for the Sarco will be free, made open-source, and placed on the internet.”

Nitschke said that now any “rational person” can end their life when they choose. The Sarco works by increasing liquid nitrogen which will decrease oxygen. “Sarco does not use any restricted drugs, or require any special expertise such as the insertion of an intraveneous needle,” said Nitschke. “Anyone who can pass the entry test can enter the machine and legally end their life.”

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  • Jones Howell

    Man the escape pods!

  • Dean Bruckner

    Sounds like a good mechanism for states to use in carrying out the death penalty as authorized. With the prison warden entering the code.

    • G Hazel

      breathing high concentration nitrogen is a sure fire way to die, and with no pain or suffering. You simply pass out and then die. Unlike poison gas (cyanide) nitrogen is harmless if it leaks out – it’s most of what we breathe every second. It’s cheap and plentiful. Why it’s not used more often in legal executions is a mystery to me.

  • GPS Daddy

    We think that we are the god of our lives. God has dominion over life and death alone. He is the one who “owns” our lives not us.

    • Trilemma

      If God gives you cancer, will you seek medical treatment to prolong your life?

      • GPS Daddy

        >>If God gives you cancer

        God does not “give cancer”. Now I will wait for you to conflate the Old Testament with the New.

        • Trilemma

          If God alone has dominion over death then why is it okay to seek medical treatment to delay death?

          • GPS Daddy

            Thats taking my comment out of context. Seeking medical help and choosing to end one’s life are way two different things.

          • Trilemma

            What do you mean by God alone having dominion over death?

          • GPS Daddy

            What does it matter how I respond? All your going to do is twist and twist and twist.

          • Dianne

            God alone does NOT have dominion over death. People die in war, of sickness, even suicide. God is a healer, and wants us to live. Sickness and disease are the result of a fallen world. Murder is the result of a fallen world…Sin affects everything. God gave us free will but he also gave us Faith to walk with Him.

  • Paul

    Will Nitschke give it a test run?

  • Dianne

    This is so sad. We surely do live in a dark world. I think these people will be held accountable for every life taken.

  • bbb

    The potential for improper use of this mechanism seems obvious and it is worrisome.
    I think the concept of suicide being a sin strongly acts to deter Christians who know the giver and taker of life is God.
    But when Obamacare includes death panels and insurance MUST refuse payment for some diagnoses the temptation to eliminate elderly citizens will increase with this kind of device.
    Perhaps a little wine for the stomach is good as Paul wrote to Timothy, but getting drunk on sacrament wine was a sin.
    Designing a peaceful end to life is humane but a simple questionnaire can be faked or impossible to complete if one has serious Alzheimer’s or is in a coma.
    Will it be used for the death penalty in some States?
    Is the thin line between humane release of life and imposing outside pressures for inflicted death much thinner?
    This is an interesting article and provokes more questions than answers.

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