Do We Need a Gospel Revolution?

By Dudley Hall Published on June 7, 2017

Recently I was asked, “Why are you so passionate about the centrality of the first coming of Jesus? Why do you continue to promote the importance of the resurrection? I would think that by this age you have moved on to other subjects of relevance.”

I think that question is illustrative of the confusion in our culture about the role of the gospel. We tend to think as children of the enlightenment. In fact, our culture would probably affirm that the greatest progressive jump in history was the enlightenment. It was then that mankind came of age. Reason and science became the authoritative influence in every aspect of life.

We have concluded that any solution to earth’s problems will be provided by man’s ingenuity. Accordingly, the message of the Bible, climaxing in the exaltation of Jesus as Lord, has been pushed to the periphery and catalogued as mildly important, but certainly not essential for human flourishing.

If the story of Jesus is viable at all, it is to give some sense of inner peace and some hope of life after death. Sadly, much of the church has settled for this message and left the managing of the creation to those who at best tolerate the gospel but commonly disregard it as primitive myth.

Enlightened Through the Gospel of Jesus

Though I am grateful for the advances humanity has made since the Dark Ages, I am firmly convinced that it was the resurrection of Jesus Christ that is the most transforming event in history. In fact, it was the light emanating from the gospel of Jesus that gave birth to enlightenment. Only the gospel dispels the darkness that surrounds the rule of evil and liberates humans.

Our God is the creator and sustainer of creation.

When Jesus came out of the grave, a new creation was launched. A new race began. Those who believed in him were born again as children of the new order. Now, we Christians are continuing to confront the decaying old creation with the newness of being in Christ. There are earthly problems that can’t be solved by human initiative alone, and we are witnesses to a reality that includes the invisible and visible; the present and the future. We are connected to the Lord of the new creation that is displacing the old. We have his promise that he is with us now and shall return to culminate his purposes on earth.

Our God, the Sustainer

We cannot afford to proclaim a gospel that is merely an addendum to life. We will not consent to only addressing the “religious” (interpreted as non-essential) aspects of living. If the gospel as presented in the New Testament is anything, it is the most important thing. It effects every aspect of our existence. It deserves our full attention and absolute loyalty.

Because we whole-heartedly embrace the gospel, we refuse any attempts to force others to adopt our view. We believe it will stand its ground against every foe. We can live in a pluralistic society without fear of being overwhelmed, simply because we trust the power of God as it is released through the gospel. We gladly present our witness on any stage of inquiry. Those views that depend on the state to enforce compliance are admitting that their god is too small to change people.

I believe there is a gospel revolution beginning. Let’s pray to that end.

Our God is the creator and sustainer of creation. His word will not return to him without accomplishing what he sent it to do. He has sent his Son to deal with the problem of human sin and its consequences. Through his death and resurrection, he has launched a new creation that can bring restoration to all things he desires to restore. He has graciously identified the way of life. It is narrow but distinct and sure. All who enter through Jesus get to the Father. All who try another way will ultimately be disappointed.

A Gospel Revolution

I believe there is a gospel revolution beginning. Let’s pray to that end. It will result in blessings for all. The benefits of salt and light extend to all the society even when there are many who have not yet seen the light of glory in the face of Jesus. But the challenge is to those whose eyes have been opened by God’s grace.

The gospel must be proclaimed and demonstrated. We cannot hide it under a bushel or conceal it in our thoughts. It is for everyone, so we must give it away, but we must never dilute it or be embarrassed by it. It is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes. (Romans 1:16)

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  • Kevin Quillen

    We need a reformation. Dispensationism makes Christians look foolish. The truth needs to be told. There is so much man made doctrine that the world sees it and mocks us. The truth is very appealing and will draw people to Christ. What is this truth…….Through Jesus, ALL will be saved. EVERY knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. Pantelism is the true gospel. God will welcome ALL home to Him, through Christ. Even death cannot stop God’s love. Jesus is not coming back, He already has, in 70 A.D.. The destruction of the temple and Jerusalem was The Day of the Lord spoken of throughout the Bible. We are in the eternal state now. The new Jerusalem is us, believers, pillars and living stones in the temple of God. This is the needed reformation. The glorious Gospel. Jesus said that if He be lifted up, He will draw ALL men to Himself. John 12:32 Draw here actually means “to drag”.
    The silly rapture theory, tongue talking, tithing, second coming, the importance of Israel, the millennium, and more, keeps people from seeing the truth. Man has made Christianity into a religion. It is not! It is a RELATIONSHIP with God through Jesus. Christians need to “unchurch” and simply live in obedience to Christ. Enough money is tied up in church buildings to feed the worlds hungry and show the love of Christ to the world.

    • Dudley Hall

      Pantelism is not the version of the gospel I was referencing. Universalism in any form does not honor the sacrifice of Christ becoming sin for us.

      • Kevin Quillen

        Mr Hall; Heb 12:2 speaks of the “joy” set before Christ by enduring the cross. What “joy”, saving maybe 5 or 10% of the world? Is this victory? No my friend, Jesus will lead ALL to the Father. That is victory!
        1 Cor 15:22, means ALL. 1 Tim 4:10 means that Christ is Savior of ALL. The “especially” those who believe refers to those of us who accept the sacrifice of Christ and get to have relationship with God in this life. A Savior is not a savior unless he actually saves. In 1Pet 3:19 and 4:6 Jesus is said to have preached to those in :prison and those who were dead. I believe He did. Are we to believe that He cannot do so today? Who are we to limit the love and mercy of God? I do not mean to be contentious but sincerely believe that “every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord!” Christian Universalism is nothing new, it was the majority belief in the first century. It does not take much research to see that it was.
        Men distorted the message of the Bible to control people and for profit. Please consider what I say. It is hard to get past “tradition”, but to see truth one must. Last point….look at the definition of “elements” in 2Pet 3:10 in the Greek. Heaven and earth passing away and the elements burning up and the Day of the Lord take on a whole new meaning because of this word.
        In Christ, Kevin

  • Craig Hudgins

    I find a great deal of affirmation and confirmation in both the article and comment. I am convicted by observations within my Catholic communities, of a rising evangelical fervor rooted in the Word of God. Unlike much of the Charismatic Movement of decades ago it reflects an intimacy and trust in Jesus. It testifies that our Lord is doing a great work, the extent of which is yet apparent.
    I am also convicted that when in Revelation 7:14, John in his discourse with the elder, that the example of those “who have washed their robes in the blood of the lamb” is being lived out very literally in many other parts of the world. The western/American church might prudently take under consideration the purifying obligation that is yet to come for the church Universally.
    Only through a true Gospel Revolution could a people be prepared for the likes of what Revelation 7:14 implies.
    Even so, maran atha, marana tha!

  • Craig Hudgins

    Well said Dudley.

  • Deacon Keith Fournier

    Dear Dudley
    Keep preaching, teaching and living this powerful truth.
    Your brother in the Risen Lord Jesus
    Deacon Keith Fournier

  • Craig Hudgins

    As relates to my last comment, I am even more convicted by the first reading in the daily mass readings, 2 Cor 3:15-4:1, 3-6.
    In the natural, then the supernatural, it is worth meditating on. For that matter, the entire mass readings for the day could not be more appropriate to the moment.

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