NBC and the Pelosi Attack: Something Stinks in SF … and It Ain’t the Stuff on the Sidewalks

By Al Perrotta Published on November 6, 2022

Meygn Kelly is right.  “I mean, really?” Something stinks on the streets of San Francisco.

On Friday morning, NBC News had an astounding exclusive on the Paul Pelosi attack. Speaking to sources with direct knowledge of what went down, NBC News national correspondent Miguel Almaguer reported that Paul Pelosi opened the door for police, but rather than jump out the door to escape crazed political assassin with a hammer, he “did not immediately declare an emergency or leave his home.” Did not indicate he was in distress. Instead, he “walked back several feet towards his assailant and away from police.”

You immediately knew three things.

  1. If true, the official police accounts are deceptive and there is far more to this story than we know.
  2. The narrative being pushed by Joe Biden (and his media allies) that the attack is emblematic of the right-wing violence inspired by Donald Trump and is just like J6, which was the worst moment in U.S. history, is bull.
  3. There was no way that story was going to stay up. No way that the regime that uses the DHS and FBI to partner with Big Tech to censor stories they don’t like was going to let that story stay out there.

And sure enough, NBC caved. They deleted the story, or as Tucker Carlson put it, “Jeffrey Epstein’ed” the report, claiming “This piece has been removed from publication because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.”

There’s a joke worthy of “Weekend Update.”

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Allmaguer is no dummy and presumably neither are his editors. Working for a liberal mainstream media news organization, they’re not going to run with a story hurting Pelosi and the Democratic narrative unless they’re convinced it’s as solid as Alcatraz. MSM just doesn’t do shaky stories that implicate Democrats. Oh, they’ll turn Brett Kavanaugh and our own Mark Judge into serial gang rapists with no shred of evidence, but for Democrats? They’ll call a smoking gun a cigarette lighter.  

No. Here they had the story cold. You also know this by the fact NBC News didn’t say the story was in error and apologize. They didn’t say it was not true. They said what you say when you have to come up with something. 

Let’s be real. If the victim’s name was Paul Trump, they not only wouldn’t have worried about “journalistic standards,” MSNBC would be running the story 24/7. “And,” writes a family member of mine, “if it was Paul Trump, the attacker would be a sweet white suburban wine mother, who was upset at the high prices and inability to get baby formula, and had a psychotic moment because of Trump’s mean tweets.”

Second Time NBC News Has Kneecapped Their Own to Protect a Democrat

This is the second time in a month an NBC News reporter has been waylaid by their own network for doing straight reporting on a Democrat. Remember Dasha Burns who told the truth about John Fetterman being a mess? She was harshly challenged by Savannah Guthrie of the Today show. Of course, in the end Guthrie looked like an idiot when America got to see Fetterman himself in his debate with Oz. But she did her task. She undercut the story at a time when Pennsylvanians were already engaged in early voting. 

Here again, NBC “News” has deleted a story that potentially blew up Joe Biden’s big final pitch before the midterms. They made a political decision to influence the 2022 elections, and threw their own reporter under the bus to do it.

Several questions must be answered:

Who exactly pressured them to do it?

What’s NBC’s cave say about the state of our democracy and a free press?

What else is the media hiding or holding until after the midterms? 

And yeah, what in the world actually happened at Pelosi’s house that night? 


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTRGabParler, and now at TRUTH Social.


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