Nations Conspiring to Counteract Mexico City Policy and Fund Abortion in Africa

But has anyone bothered to ask the Africans?

By Stephen Herreid Published on March 1, 2017

President Donald Trump’s reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy put an end to American taxpayer funding for international “aid” organizations that push abortion. Nigerian-born activist Obianuju Ekeocha, a leading voice against Western funding for abortion in the developing world, congratulated the U.S., arguing that the reinstated policy isn’t a “gag rule,” but “good news” for Africa, where over “80% of African countries are against abortion not only by law but also by overwhelming public opinion …”

But several Western nations (notably not the developing countries most affected by the policy) are conspiring to counteract the pro-life Mexico City Policy. “The Dutch government has voiced hope that the UK will join 20 countries to set up a safe abortion fund to fill the gap left by Donald Trump’s ‘global gag rule,’” The Guardian reports:

Lilianne Ploumen, the Dutch international development minister, is leading an international campaign to raise $600m (£480m) to compensate for the Trump administration’s ban. …

Belgium, Denmark and Norway have joined the Netherlands in pledging $10m each, while at least 15 other countries are preparing to join the scheme, including Canada, Cape Verde, Estonia, Finland and Luxembourg.

But a new video produced by Ekeocha’s pro-life organization Culture of Life Africa is calling these Western nations out with a single, damning question: “Has anyone bothered to ask the Africans?”

“What is actually most disheartening is that these Western countries who are coming together to raise funds for the so-called Safe Abortion Initiative have not even thought to ask the Africans what they want or how they feel [about abortion],” Ekoecha says in the video.

“Has anyone bothered to ask the Africans?”

It’s especially reprehensible to push abortion in Africa given the fact that there is well-documented research into the views of Africans, and they unmistakably reject abortion as gravely contrary to their cultural norms.

“Upwards of 80 percent of the people who were questioned in the African countries found abortion morally unacceptable to them under any circumstances,” Ekeocha points out, citing a 2014 report from the Pew Research Center.

So for these Western nations to gather together to raise money for their so-called ‘Safe Abortion Initiative,’… they will be ignoring the voices of the millions of people who are in Africa and who have said already that they do not accept abortion and they do not want abortion under any circumstance.

Indeed, without strong-armed Western interference, the abortion industry could never thrive in Africa at all. The “culture of death” that has gained a foothold in the West remains wholly foreign to Africans, who are much better represented by Ekeocha’s organization. The name “Culture of Life Africa” isn’t just a clever brand, but a true reflection of the reality on the ground.

In Africa as in the U.S., Big Abortion is Overplaying its Hand

In addition to the Pew Research Center’s damning proof that the abortion industry is being foisted on Africa against the will of the people, abortion-pushers should also face two other factors.

1. Crime Doesn’t Pay: The Abortion Industry Has a Track Record of Breaking African Law

As we reported recently at The Stream:

In an explosive new video entitled Killing Africa: Exposing the MSI Mission in Africa, Nigerian pro-life advocate Obianuju Ekeocha shows that Planned Parenthood is not the only ethical problem pro-life American taxpayers face.

[A] whistleblower testifies that countless illegal abortions were performed at an MSI center in Uganda, a country where abortion is banned. She also reports underage clients, the desecration of human remains, and the deliberate deception of U.S.-taxpayer-funded donors.

…MSI assures the public that its activities are all within the law. However, it is already a matter of public record that MSI has not always lived up to its public promise. As recently as 2012, MSI was banned from operating in Zambia after performing nearly 500 illegal abortions there.

Culture of Life Africa partnered with CitizenGo to create a petition based on the whistleblower’s testimony. The UK government responded to the petition by acknowledging that “inspections and reports have raised considerable concern about compliance by Marie Stopes International (MSI) clinics with requirements set by the Department of Health and the CQC …”

The response also promised that the UK will continue to “monitor the progress of MSI,” and “inspect its centres and UK administrative offices again in the near future to ensure that ongoing improvements are made and maintained.”

2. The Public Is Watching: We See Africans Still Opposing Abortion in 2017, and We See You Ignoring Them

As Emma O’Connor reports at BuzzFeed News under the headline “Planned Parenthood Is Not Sure It’s Going To Be OK,” David Daleiden’s exposé played a role putting the American abortion industry in real danger.

[Cecile] Richards’ organization stands not only to lose its funding but also the Affordable Care Act’s mandate requiring insurers provide birth control coverage. Richards told BuzzFeed News that getting that mandate into the ACA was one of the fiercest battles she’s ever fought.

Even Roe v. Wade, the 1973 law that legalized abortion, might be in danger. “Quite clearly the Supreme Court is an enormous risk,” Richards conceded, saying that she had “no hope” for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, based on his past decisions.

Ekeocha’s work of exposing the abortion industry in Africa lays the groundwork for a backlash as historic as the one that Daleiden’s undercover Planned Parenthood videos are causing in the U.S.

What Africans Want

The longer Western leaders continue their pro-abortion crusade in developing countries, the greater will be the eventual scandal. The public is increasingly aware that the abortion industry can only operate in Africa at the expense of those who live there.

“This is the new colonialism,” says Ekeocha. “This is cultural imperialism. This is the dictatorship of the wealthy donor. …What Africans are asking for all over the continentis your support for safe delivery of African babies.”

Watch Culture of Life Africa’s video here:


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