The National Impeachment Referendum on November 6 Could Unleash Mob Rule, or Stop It

By John Zmirak Published on October 19, 2018

On November 6, our country faces a National Impeachment Referendum. Oh, we’re calling it something else (the midterm Congressional elections). But make no mistake. The Democrats have blown all the dog-whistles to their rage mobs and hooded activists. They’ve whipped up their radical base into a blinding, blood-pounding frenzy. Nancy Pelosi said that if she returns as Speaker, she will lead the impeachment of Trump. Jerry Nadler promised another show trial for Brett Kavanaugh.

Do you think that will prove enough for the people who tried to hammer down the Supreme Court’s bronze doors? I don’t. I fully expect that Mike Pence and most of the Cabinet will spend the next two years contesting charges whipped up by the Michael Avenattis of this world. And the Mainstream Media will show no more scruple in reporting each fake outrage than they did in the case of Kavanaugh.

As leading liberal guru Professor Mark Tushnet of Harvard Law announced, the left would use the courts to treat the remnants of old America as the Allies had treated conquered Germany and Japan.

Fundamentally Transforming America

The righteous fury that drives the left arises from one stark source: They believed Barack Obama’s promise that he would “fundamentally transform” America. Remake it as a place they could finally be proud of — as Michelle Obama said she could feel for the very first time … when her husband became our president. Eight years of divisive policies, politicized court appointments, anti-Christian policies and lawless court decisions later, the transformation was supposed to be irreversible. The Revolution had happened. No turning back.

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Instead, it was time to let the second president Clinton preside over the final liquidations. Those who “bitterly cling” to their guns and religion would learn to do without them. Hillary candidly said that Christian faith itself would need to be changed, to make room for abortion.

The courts? The left would weaponize them to a degree undreamt of. As leading liberal guru Professor Mark Tushnet of Harvard Law announced, the left would use the courts to treat the remnants of old America as the Allies had treated conquered Germany and Japan. The “deplorables” in flyover states would feel the lash, and be powerless to evade it. And the left’s elites would gloat, as the Jacobins did in Paris over the 1793 genocide in the Vendée.

Voters Went Off Script. Time to Punish Them.

That was the script. That was the plan which History had laid out for America. It was the “normal” timeline, the only outcome of the 2016 election which millions of entitled, spoiled brats would ever accept as legitimate. When we narrowly, Providentially, chose Donald Trump instead, it provoked a national tantrum.

For two years, millions of coddled brat progressives have been screaming, kicking their legs, and stamping their feet. Wailing that they’re the “Resistance,” because of course those who differ with them are simply … Nazis. Here’s a great musical setting of the post-Trumpocalyptic left, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Imagine a national chorus of Gender Studies graduates in pink yarn hats or “Handmaid” bonnets, joining in:

When you’re this self-righteously angry, this addled by impotent rage, you lose your moral compass. You’ve convinced yourself it’s your right to re-educate the other half of the country at gunpoint (as we did the Nazis). Anyone who stands in your way, even if by accident, constitutes an outrage. He deserves to be tossed on the corpse heap of History, for blocking the march of Progress.

The Long List of Victims

That’s where Monica Lewinsky ended up. And Paula Jones. And Juanita Broaddrick, whose case that Bill Clinton raped her stood rock-solid, compared to the vaporous slanders aimed at Brett Kavanaugh.

Onto Gehenna’s ash heap go the underage prostitutes whom Sen. Bob Menendez was credibly accused of exploiting in Santo Domingo. Likewise domestic abuse victim, Karen Monahan, who offered credible proof that DNC Vice-Chairman Rep. Keith Ellison beat her up.

And a New York City policeman, who died on 9/11, should “rot in the f***ing grave,” because his widow supports the president. See video below (PROFANE LANGUAGE):

Throwing Mark Judge Under the Bus

More than anyone in America, perhaps, Stream writer Mark Judge can be slung into one of the left’s mass graves. As I wrote about Judge at PJ Media:

He’s not a friend of the Bush family. He doesn’t sit on our highest court. He never volunteered to be any part of this. But his life has been shattered as surely as Brett Kavanaugh’s. In fact, Judge’s wrenching memoir of teenage alcohol addiction was probably the source used by Democratic staffers to concoct most of the charges against Brett Kavanaugh. …

He has to go the rest of his life under the totally meritless shadow of hideous accusations — the worst you can throw at a man.

All for the “crime” of having gone to high school with someone the left wanted to keep off the Supreme Court.

I’m glad that kind souls set up a crowdsourcing page for Mark, a drive-by victim of a left drunker on outrage than “Beto” O’Rourke ever was on tequila. Like Beto, they’ll flee the scene, and never look back at the damage.

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