Nasty Women Writing a Horrifying History of Our Times

What are we going to do about it?

Women with bright pink hats and signs gather for the massive "Women's March", Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 in Washington. The march turned into a crass and vulgar display that only encourages the devaluation of women.

By Jennifer Hartline Published on January 24, 2017

I remember an important lesson my parents began teaching me as a young lady. It’s a lesson that has been lost to the liberal tyranny of the crass, and the proof was the Women’s March in Washington D.C. last Saturday.

It’s a simple lesson on its face, but very significant, with far-reaching effects. It was this: As a woman, you teach a man how to treat you.

(That is not meant in any way to disparage men, or to imply that they are too dense to figure things out for themselves.)

What they wanted me to understand was that I had to decide what sort of woman I would be, and that my own behavior would largely determine how I was treated by men. Dad also wanted me to know that if any boorish man treated me badly, and I tolerated it, then I was teaching him it was okay to be a pig, and at that point, I was my own worst enemy.

The point is, by and large, men want to do right by women, so it’s incumbent upon the ladies to inspire them. Men aspire to honor and nobility, and most will respond accordingly when a woman encourages that behavior. I still believe men are inclined to take their cue from the ladies. Unfortunately, a man who is prone to lesser standards won’t need much encouragement at all to sink even further, and when women themselves behave badly, and tolerate bad behavior from a man, then mud begets mud and more mud.

It should go without saying, but since nothing can go without saying anymore, I’ll say it. I’m not speaking here of an unjust society in which women are violently and cruelly mistreated by men under the law. I’m not talking about nations in parts of the world where women are truly not free. I’m talking about the United States, where women are free and equal under the law.

Before anyone screams that I’m blaming the victim, I am not justifying the bad or criminal behavior of men by saying it’s the woman’s fault. Men are always responsible for their actions.

The Crass Women’s March

That brings me to the gargantuan display of crassness that came out of the Women’s March. The profanity and vulgarity exhibited there was disgusting and embarrassing. We’ve all read about or heard Madonna’s foul-mouthed rant, and the same for Ashley Judd’s filthy speech praising nastiness among women as some new badge of honor.

If all that wasn’t enough, the signage carried by non-celebrity women was every bit as crude as what Madonna and Judd spewed from the podium. Grown women walked around dressed in vagina costumes. They wore hats sporting cat ears — a reference to the crass synonym for female genitalia. They carried signs that read, “P**** Grabs Back!” and “The Future is Nasty!” I saw one photo of a mother pushing her two little daughters in a stroller and pinned to the stroller was a sign reading, “Stay Nasty!” (Yes, I do understand the reference to Trump calling Hillary a nasty woman.)

I saw one woman holding a sign on which was painted the full female reproductive system with the slogan, “This Machine Kills Fascists!” What that could possibly mean, I can’t fathom.

The photo that tore my heart was one of a little girl about 3 years old holding onto a big sign in front of her that read, “F*** Your Fascist Bulls***”. Her mother was standing behind her smiling. What kind of woman does that to her daughter??

Little Girl with Profane Women's March sign - 500

And last but not least, the photo of a man wearing a bright pink bra over his coat, with a sign that said, “Go Ahead Trump. Grab My P****”. His little daughter and son were standing there with him. What do you suppose those children learned? 

Dad with children Women's March sign Bra - 500

It seems clear that nasty is the new liberal “feminist” mantra. These women have responded to the degrading talk of a man they despise by being every bit as degrading, except it’s worse because they’re doing it to themselves. And they foolishly believe it makes them powerful or something. It doesn’t. It makes them gross and vulgar.

They’ve decided that nasty is a compliment, and they’re determined to prove just how nasty they can be. On that note, they sure succeeded. They’ve made it perfectly clear that as women, they are merely parts to be objectified. They — not Donald Trump — they have reduced women to nothing but their sexual parts. They have taught every man watching that their womanhood is not a thing of dignity or beauty, but something nasty that revolves entirely around sex. A woman is not a person to be taken as a whole and cherished and protected, but sexual pieces to be dehumanized and profaned.

Their example won’t be forgotten. Nasty women will inspire nasty treatment. Guys will feel free to refer to the female anatomy in crude “locker room” terms, cause hey! The women are doing it themselves!

We expect the men to be decent and honorable when the women are so indecent and vile? How does that work? 

Their Killer Motive, The Unimaginable Consequences

Underscoring all the nastiness, of course, was the premier motive of the whole march: Abortion on Demand and Without Apology! We shall kill the“unwanted” if we jolly well want to, and don’t you dare try to take away our “rights!”

This is the tone liberal women in America have set. Genitals on display; crassness, vulgarity, and nastiness, loud and proud; and an absolute, irrevocable license to kill. These are the maxims of women who decry the intolerable offense of a man who once simply took them at their word. (They still love Bill Clinton and Roman Polanski though. Never mind their rapist, lecherous tendencies.)

To sum it up: Venerable Fulton Sheen was right when he told us: “To a great extent the level of any civilization is the level of its womanhood. When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy of her. The higher her virtue, the more her character, the more devoted she is to truth, justice, goodness, the more a man has to aspire to be worthy of her. The history of civilization could actually be written in terms of the level of its women.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the history being written by the profane conduct from the Women’s March is too horrifying to contemplate. I ask you: what are we going to do about it?

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  • alenic

    “What kind of woman does that to her daughter??” I’m sure the woman whose child was holding a sign that said, “F**k your Fascist Bulls**t will fare far better psychologically than the daughter who had to listen to her father announce on television that his daughter is a nice piece of a** and he would probably date her…if she wasn’t his daughter. Not creepy at all. What kind of man does that to his daughter? Oh yeah, our leader!

    • Howard Rosenbaum

      So your saying Ivanka has psychological scars? She seems well adjusted to me.
      I never met her, but her persona & personal accomplishment, in addition to the many recorded interviews would betray that characterization by any objectively thinking person. Btw, her dad’s comments are somewhat taken out of context .
      These “nasty” woman remarks on the subject more than suggest that it wouldn’t matter that she is his daughter. So sad,so sad …

      • Linda

        By my accounting Barron Trump was in the womb when Trump made his Access Hollywood “grab them by the privates and kiss them without asking” comments. How honourable. These thousands, millions of women have a right to be disgusted by the outcome of the election. They have zero respect for a man who could have earned their respect if he had any morals or self-control. And if he was worthy of respect, conservative policies and legislation could be enacted without the rage from the left. Now there is no chance of it.

        • Charles Burge

          I agree with all of that except the last two sentences. If Mr. Trump hadn’t given the left plenty of (legitimate) reasons to be outraged, they would have made something up. Look at the previous three Republican administrations for evidence of that. They called G.W. Bush a racist (their favorite charge when they want to marginalize someone), completely ignoring the fact that his policies likely spared millions of Africans from the ravages of AIDS. Even Bono gave him due credit for that.

        • Jennifer Hartline

          But do we have a right to be disgusted? Did Trump magically appear out of nowhere? Is he an aberration in an otherwise virtuous and moral society? Have a look out there. These women gathered and cheered for every filthy thing that came out of Madonna’s mouth. The culture devours Beyonce and her filthy lyrics like candy. Our society churns out sexual degradation and every manner of disgusting vulgarity on a daily basis, because “freedom” and “rights” and blah, blah, blah.

          And where was the indignant outrage when Bill Clinton was committing adultery while in the White House, or assaulting other women in previous years? Seems to me that marching crowd loved Hillary and didn’t mind that her husband is a total scoundrel, and she herself was no champion of victims of assault.

          They despise Trump’s boorishness because he’s presently wearing the wrong political stripes. If he were a Democrat, he’d be adored. If he weren’t threatening their precious abortion “rights”, they wouldn’t mind him (or any other man) being lewd now and then.

          I’m not excusing Trump or defending his past reprehensible behavior. But millions of women have a right to be disgusted by it all? That’s not why the Left is enraged.

          • Monika

            Ironically, these vagina hats paved the way for Trump when they defended Bubba Clinton’s sexual assaults and rape. Trump’s greatest sin is not “grabbing”; it’s being a Republican.

          • Faith of Our Fathers

            Jennifer everyone and their Granny knows that this was just another Abortion and Homosexual March . That they got the P–sy hats made to try and mock Trump and to cause as much damage was a Bonus. The damage am talking about over here in the U.K. was the complete mess of our streets. I can say with hand on heart ( and am no Saint) that I never ,and I mean never ,drop litter.

        • Jim Walker

          Linda, I too had locker room talk when I was younger.
          But that was years ago. I regretted it.
          What if you actually hear a recording of your husband or boyfriend’s locker room talk, years ago… about you. Will you divorce or leave him ? or you forgive him as he has shown remorse.
          If you can, how much can you do to your neighbor ?

          • Linda

            Oh right, Donald Trump was a young man of 59 when he was caught on the Access Hollywood tape. It’s possible he’s too old now to assault women, but the whole Miss Universe in Moscow thing was only 4 or 5 years ago.

          • Jim Walker

            Linda, what has age got to do with it ? Trump assault women ? where ? when ? Bill’s $850k settlement is water under the bridge ?
            He’s the president, let’s give him a chance to improve things in the US.

    • Charles Burge

      Nobody here is denying that Donald Trump is a lech. But right now that’s completely beside the point. He didn’t bring about the coarsening of society all by himself. I think Ms. Hartline has made a beautiful point, which is that women have the power to inspire men to become better people. When they abdicate that role, all of society suffers.

  • alenic

    Oh please. How about the author’s “nasty” comment that this mother was psychologically scarring her young daughter by having her hold a sign that she likely couldn’t read or understand? You keep telling yourself that dear old dad’s comments were “taken out of context.” I can think of no context where it would be acceptable for a father to say those things to and about his daughter. One thing we do agree on though. It is so sad.

    • faithntrust

      Keep in mind that these pictures are now on the internet & will be around forever for this little girl to look at in the future. The mother will probably show the pictures to her daughter herself & brag about her activity on that day. Give me a break! SMH!!!

      And, yes, Ivanka has probably seen these posts about her dad’s comments many times. She was there, she knows the context of why the statement was made.

  • faithntrust

    Isn’t the sign “…protect reproduction rights…” an oxymoron in the context that it is used? They are not protecting the reproduction rights of the baby in the womb!!!

    The guy in the pink bra and groin sign reminds of the young men walking around with the top half of their undershorts in clear view – an open invitation to sexual activity!

    Jennifer Hartline, I must ask you, “Have you watched CBS’s The Talk”? I have only watched it a few times but definitely cannot miss the advertisements for upcoming episodes. It is hosted by 4 women much like The View [which I have not watched a full episode]. Keeping in mind that this is right in your home 5 days a week…when they have a male guest, they behave like they are over-sexed, sex-starved, desperate women. It is not uncommon for one of the women to jump straddled of the men when they come out on stage. IMHO, a very poor representation for our young daughters who manage to watch the show.

    My point is that this Women’s March/Rally made me reflect to the behavior I have seen portrayed on “The Talk” – one host is married to a CBS executive.

    • Jennifer Hartline

      I would rather have an unmedicated root canal than watch The View or The Talk or any other such show. No cable TV in our home.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Well, seems like this election has opened up the floodgates. Out of which has gushed out
    a torrent of pent up animosity & some might say a bit of self loathing as well. Abortion by definition implies something other than love for your unborn progeny. Half of which might have been your daughters. All these references to their “lady parts” speaks volumes.
    Is this the way, as implied by Ms. Hartline that the male of the species should view the opposite sex? Look, I get it. These “nasty” types are exasperated . Their superficially supported suppositions are perceptions they’ve acquiesced to w/little regard for facts.
    On the bright side, at least the pressure valve for this feminist form of frustration from the left has been released. Now that some steam has escaped, perhaps in light of POTUS Trump’s rapidly rising approval ratings, some of those pink hats will be discarded .

    • faithntrust

      Howard, you make a rational assumption. I am a doubting Thomas! Time will tell.

  • Jim Walker

    Women’s March wants to hit back at Trump 10-fold with vulgarities, profanities, speaks volumes of their maturity.
    Bringing their kids along ? wow lead by example.

    This whole presidential election, the Dems shows us all their colors. Destroying property, cars, spew vulgarities, riots and abusive behavior, brainless chanting, yet they continued to tell everyone, Love Trumps Hate together with F*** Melania.

    Where is the logic ? did they showed LOVE ?

    • Faith of Our Fathers

      There cue of course has been taken from Hilary’s friends Madonna and Beyoncé. These women hold so called concerts and from what I can see they can’t get enough vulgarity into them . Now none of us are Saints but you only reap what you sow and if this is the example of whom women adore,it’s no wonder what we seen at said marches.

  • Timothy

    Miss Hartline. I fully understand what you are saying. I am a husband and have a grown daughter and son. I too have instilled the same things in them as your dad did for you. I have learned volumes from my loving wife of 33 years. She has taught me how to relate to women including my daughter! Respect from men toward women is vital to our society and these women in your article are a disgrace However there are still Godly women and men who all know what you are saying is truth! God bless you richly!

    • Jennifer Hartline

      Thank you, Timothy. You’ve done the most important thing of all by passing on those truths to your son and daughter. God bless you all.

  • Monika

    Brava, Ms. Hartline.

  • MofPennsy

    Well, I might be the one to disagree and say a lot of guys are “dogs” and only aspire as far as we need to…How in the world does hookup culture empower women?

    • Jennifer Hartline

      It doesn’t empower women at all. It hurts women terribly. That’s my point. Those women have taught guys to use them and discard them.

  • wisdomcries

    Excellent Jennifer!

    I wise man once told me that…’people get their cue on how to treat you from the way that you treat yourself’

  • Gary

    The protesters/marchers were a bunch of wicked liberals. You should not expect them to act decently.

    • MarcoZandrini

      So I’m a “wicked liberal”? I marched with my wife. Is she a “wicked liberal,” too? We say zero arguments, zero altercations, zero violence. Yup, I saw many signs denouncing Trump’s behavior and actions. Oh, I served 25 years on active duty. Am I a “wicked liberal?”

  • The Left isn’t going to get any new converts with this approach. I prefer the “deplorables.”

  • Bryan

    “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.” C.S. Lewis

  • Faith of Our Fathers

    Thanks Jennifer and if you didn’t see the worst sign of all . Which had to be held up by 2 women which said. If Mary Had Had an Abortion None of This Would Have Happened. Just how Evil these 2 women were could really be seen in the contours of their faces. God will not stay silent on this issue there are no free passes in this life . If these Evil women think there are their in for one Almighty Shock .

  • blackfeather

    I for one am glad I’m not hooked up with any of those cretins.

  • Deb

    Jennifer, I really enjoyed your article and it opened up some excellent conversation between my daughter and I; however, we both had issue with your second paragraph. I feel that father’s teach their sons how to treat women. If boys see their fathers treating their mothers and other women with disrespect, dishonor or being physical with them they learn that this behavior is acceptable. My daughter was in an abusive marriage and while she will not say she had no part in that the greater evil was that he grew up watching his dad hit on and be verbally abusive. I just wanted to put that out there. It’s not all on us (women); men have a responsibility, too.

    • Jennifer Hartline

      Absolutely! Fathers teach their sons how to treat women — no argument at all. I think my Dad’s intent was to make sure I knew I had to be my own first line of defense. That I should never allow a man to treat me badly, and in that way, “teach” him it was okay. And it was also to let me know that inherent gift of being a woman, and the effect that a good woman has on a man. Women have the ability to inspire men toward all things good. Modern feminism has utterly destroyed that.

  • disqus_MYZVqnqKma

    Two points stick out from your article. A) women should be cherished and protected and B) it’s a womans responsibility to make sure she is treated respectfully.
    My response first and foremost is that each of us is responsible for our own behaviour towards other people; under no circumstance is a woman responsible for any disrespect or abuse, physical or otherwise, shown towards her. Secondly, the idea that women should be cherished and protected is to suppress woman’s ability to live a full life to her potential as an independent actor in the world. It’s patronising, limiting, self-defeating. As a woman I want a partner who is my equal, with whom I can share the joys and burdens of parenting, financially supporting our family, and fulfilling our dreams and aspirations. Cherishing and protecting are not bad sentiments, but apply equally to the needs of men. Any woman who has faced bias in her career or any father who has faced mockery for his decision to stay home with children will understand. These antiquated views of a woman’s role do us all a disservice and anyone who could vote for a man who talks about women the way Trump does has no real interest in treating women with the equality they are due.

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