Nancy Pelosi Hates Joe Biden. (How Else Do You Explain the Impeachment?)

By Al Perrotta Published on January 18, 2021

Nancy Pelosi must hate Joe Biden. I mean, hate him like cats hate dogs, Jack Dorsey hates razors, the Brits hate cold beer.

Why else did she race through with that impeachment?  Don’t tell me she seriously thought Trump incited an insurrection. All summer long she was reveling in actual anarchists attacking Washington and federal buildings nationwide as if it was a revival of “Les Miz.”

Pelosi’s Fake Bag of Goods

She spent all four years insisting Trump wasn’t legitimately elected in 2016. In 2018, she  called for more “uprisings.” So, no. The impeachment has nothing to do with any legitimate concern about “insurrections” or what happened January 6. Go peddle that fake bag of goods on a NYC street corner. If you can avoid getting hurt by the Antifa and BLM mobs raging through the streets.

Besides, as is now well established, Pelosi’s Sergeant of Arms and McConnell’s, along with D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser, rejected the Capitol Hill Police Chief’s desperate pleas for National Guard troops before the protest. Ignored FBI warnings of troublemakers planning mayhem. We are told these NeverTrumper politicos “didn’t like the optics.”

Then again, now that we know a CNN photojournalist teamed with a known leftist insurrectionist to stir up trouble and capture it for the world, perhaps it’s not that they didn’t like the optics of the National Guard. They were counting on the optics of a protest gone wrong.

What exactly did Sacker mean by “We did it!” after the mayhem, and after Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt was shot dead? Plan on asking her, Anderson Cooper?

Plan on asking Pelosi why she rushed an impeachment in a matter of hours before all the facts were even in on what happened?

Sure. She always wants to scapegoat Trump and demonize his 75 million supporters. But could she do all this because she hates Joe Biden?

Poor Joe Biden

Yes, I’m being a little facetious. But pause for a second. Why in the world would you lower the bar for impeachment so dramatically days before a guy neck deep in three federal criminal investigations is set to be installed?

You are just asking for an impeachment. In fact, freshman congresswoman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene promises she will introduce Articles of Impeachment against Biden on January 21st for his Chinese and Ukraine corruption. It won’t go anywhere, but it will sit there and grow fatter … as more and more evidence against Biden emerges. (And with Kamala Harris, notorious for her embrace of opposition research and drooling at the prospect of the top job, don’t think the dirt won’t come out.)

But beyond Joe’s own potential impeachment, why burden him with a Trump impeachment? Joe Biden has been dealing and conniving and schmoozing and conspiring for 50 years to be president. By hook or crook. Now he’ll be the guy. The man in the big chair. And still the attention will be focused on Trump.

Look at what Pelosi and Big Tech are doing. Usually politics follows The Princess Bride. “The loser is nothing. Only the princess matters.” Yet clearly, the “loser” in this case still matters. Matters a huge deal. Why?

The Loser Matters

For four years, they’ve been shouting “We have to get rid of Trump! Gotta get rid of Trump!” Trump will be on the back nine at Dural before Biden gets back to the White House, but still they won’t let him go. For all the talk of Trump’s devoted base, it’s the Democrats who are saying, “I can’t quit you.”

Now, it’s possible the plan is for the Senate to quietly dismiss the Articles of Impeachment. (After all, the Impeachment was only a couple days ago and already seems old news.) But what if the Senate does have a trial? What if Trump demands a trial? What if private citizen Trump, free from the restraints of White House lawyers and Washington insiders, declares as part of his defense that he had legitimate reasons to believe the election was stolen?

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First, Jay Seculow and Alan Dershowitz obliterate the constitutionality of the impeachment. Then, say Trey Gowdy lays out the lunacy of Trump inciting the riot by calling for “peaceful and patriotic” protests … a riot that was organized in advance and started before he finished speaking … a riot we now know was instigated in large part by non-Trump agitators. Then comes the main show: Trump has Sidney Powell lay out the evidence. Do Democrats really want Powell in the Senate chambers speaking for hours with the world watching?

Roughly half the country already believes the election was rigged. Most of the other half has never heard the evidence — believing the same people who told you Trump Russia Collusion was real. Meanwhile, the Democrats are fortifying the Washington, DC, like gangsters fortifying their hideout after a heist. All they’re doing is demonstrating something stinks. 

How in the world is that good for Biden? How good is it for him to be an afterthought in the first months of his own administration?

Pelosi and the 25th Amendment

What I said about impeachment goes double for the 25th Amendment. Pelosi made a big show of trying to get it used against Trump. Even though, clearly the amendment would not apply. It concerns the incapacitation of a president.

And who could that apply more clearly to than a frail, failing man who tends to forget where he is, when he is, what he is saying, and even what office he’s running for?


By putting the 25th Amendment front and center in the national conversation, Pelosi is putting a target on Biden’s back.

Okay. Pelosi Does Not Hate Biden

Okay, I admit it. Pelosi does not “hate” Joe Biden. But her hatred of Trump is guaranteed to make life harder for Biden.

Unless of course, that is the point. Unless, of course, she’s in on the effort to have Obama’s hand-picked successor Kamala Harris take over at first opportunity.

Poor Joe. He’s swimming along to his lifelong dream and has no clue the sharks are already circling. And they aren’t wearing MAGA hats.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl on Twitter (if and when suspension is lifted) and Parler (if and when it is freed from the grasp of Big Tech), and at Gab and MeWe. 

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