My 2018 Wish List

By John Zmirak Published on January 1, 2018

Last time I urged the reader to prayer with my list of the “big three” bad events I hope we don’t undergo in 2018. So it only makes sense to start by listing my hope that none of those catastrophes happen. Instead, I hope and pray that:

  • We avoid war with North Korea, and that its wicked leader is ousted by some patriotic general who values his countrymen’s lives over the idolatrous cult of Juche. He can start a process of “reform” which will sooner rather than later bring down that regime. The union of the two Koreas will be much more painful and expensive than the reunion of the Germanies. But it will rescue millions from tyranny and the brink of starvation — and let the Gospel free in that tortured land.
  • Donald Trump rejects amnesty for DACA recipients and “DREAMer” illegals, and shepherds Tom Cotton’s sensible RAISE Act into law. Then I hope he hires people from the former East Germany to make our border wall nice and high.
  • European governments rebuff the threats, bullying, and sly promises of the European Union. Let Poland and its allies in central Europe call the EU Commission’s bluff. Better to give up those subsidies from the center than surrender control over borders, abortion, the judiciary, and other crucial policy areas. I pray that a British government be formed that will manage a swift and irrevocable Brexit.

Okay, but what else should we hope and pray for in 2018? I can’t speak for all Stream readers, and won’t pretend to try. But the following is my personal wish list for the next 12 months. It’s not complete, nor are my reasons for each unpacked in comprehensive detail. But these are the things I’ll be “praying on” for the next twelve months. Feel free to join me!Baby parts

Congress Will Defund Planned Parenthood

President Trump promised this, and tried. Republicans in Congress tried, but not hard enough. This really should be a no-brainer. Citizens paying attention now realize that Planned Parenthood provides few actual health services for women. Most clinics don’t even offer mammograms. For all its PR that counts every pamphlet they hand women as a “service” apart from abortion, the numbers tell the story: By some estimates, 55% of Planned Parenthood’s revenue comes from abortions. Given the organization’s racist roots, and its documented sale of baby parts for profit (the FBI is now investigating), it’s a profound failure of leadership on the GOP’s part that this anti-social, anti-human group will receive $450 million from the taxpayer in 2018. Next time we must make this a deal-breaker.

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One or More Liberal Supreme Court Justices Will Retire

I expect that the older liberal justices on the court will be clinging to their seats in the hope that they can outlast Donald Trump. Liberals long ago gave up on Constitutional amendments. Now they use the Supreme Court as a sitting, permanent Constitutional convention. Still, we can hope that God moves at least one of the judicial activists on the court to turn in his or her robe. Then we should gird our loins for the PR and Senate battle of the century, as the left clutches at any argument to retain its power to rule by decree. The future of life, religious liberty, and Second Amendment issues — the question of whether voters will have any say on them — rests on the next one or two Supreme Court appointments. We have to get this right.Ginsburg

Pope Francis Repents or Else Resigns

Pope Francis has done more to divide Catholics than any pope in 150 years. He has clouded the Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality. Francis has thrown out the clear, recent teaching of two of his immediate predecessors — which echoed Church practice and preaching for 2000 years. He has politicized the papacy, using its bully pulpit to further crudely crafted left-wing talking points on everything from the economy to immigration to climate science. He has marginalized and punished his critics, to the point that a new book calls him the “Dictator Pope.” Now he’s defending his handpicked lieutenant, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga. That Honduran leftist (and anti-Semite) is accused of massive corruption that benefited him personally, to the tune of $40,000 per month. Other favorites of Pope Francis include the disgraced Belgian Cardinal Wilfrid Daneels — who was caught on tape trying to silence a sex abuse victim — and LGBT advocate Fr. James Martin, SJ.

In the best case scenario, Pope Francis will see the error of his ways, and spend the rest of his pontificate undoing the damage he’s wrought. Failing that, he should imitate the example of Pope Benedict XVI and admit that he can no longer lead the Church. He should resign, and open a political institute based in Buenos Aires. Something tells me George Soros would fund it.Eduardo_Verastegui

Eduardo Verastegui Becomes President of Mexico

This dashing heartthrob actor might run for president of our neighbor to the south. He is also a devout Catholic and prolife activist. (He starred in the pro-life classic Bella.) Verastegui has shown that he’s willing to confront taboo subjects such as human trafficking and Mexico’s crippling crime wave. He’s great before a camera, and a deeply thoughtful man. While as a patriotic Mexican, he will differ with the U.S. on details of our immigration policy, Verastegui is far from the populist extremism that we’ve seen among recent Mexican presidents. His election would be good news for both countries, and for the vital relationship between them.

White Nationalists Will Repent

Yes, there are vicious people out there who have made a pagan idol out of their race. And increasingly, some of them are white. Some of them, such as Richard Spencer and David Duke, seem to be beyond redemption. (Apart of course from some miracle of grace, which we shouldn’t discount.)Klan

But I suspect that many of them are sane people now embittered, but still amenable to reason. Some are reacting defensively to the way that white people are talked about and treated in academia. (Increasingly, as a disease.) They’re reacting wrongly, imitating the worst vices of the left. I’ve written here at length on why white nationalism is an ugly and self-destructive movement which all should reject. I made sure that Paul Nehlen saw it. He’s the man who ran against Paul Ryan for the GOP nomination in 2016. I rooted for him, at the time — and even defended him in print. Since then, Nehlen has shown more and more evidence that he has caught the racialist bug. That’s a shame. I wrote him on Twitter Wednesday, pleading with him to reconsider.


Please include him and anyone tempted by this movement in your prayers.


Mozilla Will Fix Firefox So It Stops Crashing After I Open Three Tabs.

Nah, just kidding. I know better than to ask for the impossible.

A blessed and hopeful 2018 to you all!

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  • Paul Trey

    I pray I can make it through Jean Milet`s GOD OR CHRIST, which you suggested we read and that you’ll be available to answer a few questions I am collecting. Happy New Year!

    • Zmirak

      Happy to! It’s a great book!

  • My wish and prayer is that the “Christian” media remember the 9th commandment against slander and against repeating gossip and against reproaching one’s neighbor, and start trying to abide by it.

    • Amen. Sometimes watching CNN & MSNBC and their paid and vetted experts propagating for the Power, not speaking Truth to Power, I find myself shouting Liar! at the TV, calling on God to deal with the political agenda leading this world to Armageddon.

      For those who grasp the spirit of this letter, they can see it’s already happening in this secular Material World with the Revelation of the details Day by Day reported by the money worshipping media.

      And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.(false beliefs about God in Judaism, Christianity & Islam. Written some 500 years before Islam, the 3rd arm from the Jewish religious record appeared)

      For they are the spirits of DEVILS,working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth (the 1%, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Senators, CEOs, and other Idols of the People) and of the whole world, (the rest of Humanity) to gather them to the Battle of that Great Day of God Almighty. (the war is already underway between Judaism, Christianity and Islam leading to the climax of that Great Day)

      Behold, I come as a thief. (when you least expect it)

      Blessed is he that watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.
      And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.
      Revelation 16:13-16

      Armageddon was derived from Har Megiddo, located in Judea and Samaria of occupied Palestine 2000 years ago. Israel as a kingdom disappeared some 800 years before Jesus walked in that area during the occupation.

      Har Megiddo/Armageddon still exists as a physical place in this material world, but is now under the control of temporal Israel re-created from the Bible after an absence of some 2800 years.

      After all those years, the occupation of Judea and Samaria in Palestine is still an unresolved, violent, open wound in the Middle East and this material world.

      Looks to me the 3 unclean spirit/devils are winning so far.

  • Tim H

    Why not use Brave?

  • Tim H

    Maybe what we need is one of your patented “golden mean” columns – not beige or slushy middle but true golden mean regarding the path between the alt right and the alt left. Use Vox Day’s 16 points and something equally odious from the alt left. Or better yet make your own 16 points. I really think we need the golden mean to keep things straight in our own heads. The reason I ask for this is that it’s very difficult to keep on the straight and narrow and yet avoid the awful globalist – “we’re all just one group” type of thinking. Somehow we have to hold to Anglo American political rules (property, free speech, free association, subsidiarity, etc) all of which can be used to divide people but within a Christian context of loving neighbor as self actually provide for a solid foundation of society. In one of the columns linked above you talked Tolkien and heroism and virtue produced by the Saxon northern myths tempered by the truths of the Mediterranean produced Jew and Christian – assuming the Greek and Roman pursuit of logos and civic virtue are in there somewhere. We need a quick touchstone to come back to in these confused times to keep our sanity and tell us it’s ok to want to keep our culture and yet to treat every human being as Jesus. I know this is all a matter of practical wisdom for our times. We can’t have a one time set of rules for all time. But we do need a prudential shorthand set of thoughts for today’s confusion. We need someone like you to tie the strands together. Work with Anthony Esolen and make it so for us who need this clarity now.

    • Zmirak

      Thank you. I’m glad you understand my broader project of recovering Aristotelian moderation and prudence in politics. I will try to do what you suggest!

    • I am not Spartacus

      Vox Day’s 16 points are not racist but, rather, realistic given this ghastly thing we call the Federal Government.

      We ceased to be a nation when the tyrannical state supremacist, Lincoln (Surely, he got the nickname “Honest” for the same reason a 500 lb mobster gets the nickname, “Tiny”) triumphed and slayed state sovereignty and so appeals to antebellum spiritual sentiments are a bit daft.

      The fact is that Vox Day has, rightly determined to play the identify game as the powerful have developed it and imposed it on all of us.

      Now, it surely is a lot more fun to play pretend-what-does-exist-doesn’t but that is waste of time.

      Many men, not just Vox (Forest McDonald for instance) are alert to the truth that America is over and is likely to break-up into regional confederations and one prays as little as violent as possible will accompany that change but Proximity+ Diversity = War is undeniable.

      Why our overlords thought it wise to remake America as Yugoslavia is beyond the ability of IANS to fathom but Yugoslavia, how’d that multiethnic, multicultural, multi-religious thing work out for you?

      But, why identify Vox as the enemy when he had aught to do with The Swamp electing a new people with massive non-european immigration?

      Cui bono?

      The supremacist state which will be called upon to help control the every chaos they intentionally created.

      As a member of the holy nation (1 Peter 11:9) and a purchased man whose Capitol is Rome, IANS would love to be a citizen of a Catholic Confessional State with a Catholic Monarchy but that is not bloody likely to happen any time soon and so, one must make do as best he can in this crummy country and making do as best as one can means dealing with reality as it is.

      With all due respect to Dr. Z. what IANS desires has as realistic a chance of happening as does Dr. Z’s plan to teach America about Aristotelian moderation and prudence.

  • Carol Duryea

    Thank you…so enjoy reading your comments over 2017.

  • longplay

    ” Then I hope he hires people from the former East Germany to make our border wall nice and high.”

    Merkel is from the former East Germany. You’d be better off hoping for a team from Poland or Hungary, who are fighting the likes of Merkel against massive Muslim migration.

    • 601rainyday

      I agree. Have you seen the fantastic fence Hungary put up about a year &
      a half ago? Did not take them long at all and it keeps out the refugees.

  • Joseph

    This Pope is obsessed with power and will neither repent nor resign. Only death will deliver us from this evil man.

    • Yes, he has the power of the Word of God. Why single out the Pope among all the men on earth obsessed with power? The entire US is obsessed with power over the world.

      Saying, We give you thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which is, and was,
      and is to come; because you have taken to yourself your great power, and
      have reigned.

      And the nations were angry, and your wrath
      is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that you should give reward to your servants the prophets, and to the
      saints, and them that fear your name, small and great; and should
      destroy them which destroy the earth. (ignore man made environmental/war damage)
      Revelation 11:17-18

      Therefore rejoice, you heavens, and you that dwell in them. Woe to the
      inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto
      you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has but a short
      Revelation 12:12

      Everyone can see the Nations are angry, and the news is filled with stories of humans acting out the wrath of God. Who discerns which wrath is which?

      • knowhowe

        Communism will not bring peace to the world only a sword. We know that only the return of Christ will bring peace. The Pope is but one man and he may or may not be in God will.

        • Christ Jesus: [34] Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. -Matthew 10

          Which is it?

          • TG

            You have a curious understanding of Scripture. There’s no fight between the armies. They line up and then the beast and Satan are thrown into the lake of fire by St. Michael. The rest of the evil ones are destroyed by the sword which comes out of the mouth of the rider, also known as the Word of God.

            You present a false choice also. Jesus did come to bring strife during his FIRST coming. His second coming brings peace because all of the evil people will be destroyed. There is no “which” to choose from. Both Matthew 10 and Revelation 20 are correct. The culmination of Revelation ushers in the ultimate peace at the end of history. The war before that is the last throes of the strife that Jesus sowed during his first coming. Knowhowe was correct in what he said.

            Are you Catholic? You sound like a fundamentalist who pulls verses out of context to prove an opinion while ignoring the totality of Scripture and the context from which those verses come.

            Pope Francis is just a man. The office of the papacy is protected by the Holy Spirit but not the man himself. We have had numerous corrupt popes over the past two millennia (around 30). Some were truly evil, others merely corrupt. None have issued false teachings through the authority of the Magisterium. Pope Francis has a lot of strange opinions but has not issued false Magisterial teaching either. The Holy Spirit will prevent him from doing so.

          • TG, I find you also have a curious understanding of Scripture. This conflicts with Scripture, “There’s no fight between the armies.”

            And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon
            him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he does judge and
            make war.
            His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his
            head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but
            he himself.
            And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.
            And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.
            And out of his mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it he should smite
            the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treads
            the wine press of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.[…]
            And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies,
            gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and
            against his army.
            Revelation 19.

            I agree with you Christ does not use the weapons of War the Nations use. His Word will have their effect so there’s no mistaking who he is.

            If you’re saying, just by the snap of his fingers the world would suddenly wake up to these Scriptures and the Hope of Ages, it’s totally unlikely otherwise the period of Tribulation and Trial of all Nations would be necessary or happen.
            “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel,
            saying: ‘Not by military force and not by physical strength, but by My
            spirit,’ says the Lord of Hosts.

            And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and
            they shall beat their swords into plow shares, and their spears into
            pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither
            shall they learn war any more.

            Jesus revealed the way to achieving that goal 2000 years ago.

          • TG

            You need to finish the passage:

            20 The beast was caught and with it the false prophet[l] who had performed in its sight the signs by which he led astray those who had accepted the mark of the beast and those who had worshiped its image. The two were thrown alive into the fiery pool burning with sulfur. 21 The rest were killed by the sword that came out of the mouth of the one riding the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh.

            There is no battle. St Michael throws Satan and the beast into the lake of fire. Jesus opens his mouth and kills all the rest. Fight over.

            Now this language is obviously symbolic but maybe not as much as we think. This is the final battle at the end of history. It will be the final climactic event that puts an end to evil. I don’t think it’s going to be a gradual process of winning people over. It doesn’t say that. It says the evil ones will be killed and eaten. I think too many people try to draw some kind of hidden meaning out of the text. Maybe it means pretty much exactly what it says. Jesus is going to open is mouth and these evil ones are going to drop dead. This occurs after the world has been pelted by hail and meteors and burned. Calamities of every kind have happened and these evil people still oppose God. There’s nothing in that passage about converting these folks. It almost sounds like you believe that they’ll be saved. I don’t think that is the case. Jesus was very clear in the Gospels that most people aren’t going to heaven. The road is narrow and few there are who find it. These people have chosen evil and they’ll pay the price for it.

            The rapture is a nonsensical doctrine promulgated by John Darby in 1830. He had a lot of other wacky ideas too that caught on in certain Protestant circles. I think Matthew 24 pretty much lays to rest any notion of a pre-Tribulation rapture. It’s clear that the elect will suffer through the tribulation. That can’t happen if they’ve been raptured. The Catholic Church condemned the doctrine of the rapture long ago. (I’ll admit the idea is an attractive one and I can see why some choose to believe it.)

            I think people should be a lot more concerned about their own personal end times than the apocalypse. Any of us could drop dead tomorrow and be face to face with Jesus. That’s why he told us to be ready.

          • TG, you say, “There is no battle” and then you say, ” This is the final battle at the end of history.” Which is it?

            There is a battle according to Revelation 18.
            And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. (false beliefs about God in Judaism, Christianity & Islam. Written some 500 years before Islam, the 3rd arm from the Jewish religious record appeared)

            For they are the spirits of DEVILS,working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth (the 1%, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Senators, CEOs, and other Idols of the People) and of the whole world, (the rest of Humanity) to gather them to the Battle of that Great Day of God Almighty. (the war is already underway between Judaism, Christianity and Islam leading to the climax of that Great Day)

            Behold, I come as a thief. (when you least expect it)

            Blessed is he that watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.
            And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.
            Revelation 16:13-16

            Armageddon was derived from Har Megiddo, located in Judea and Samaria of occupied Palestine 2000 years ago. Israel as a kingdom disappeared some 800 years before Jesus walked in that area during the occupation.

            Har Megiddo/Armageddon still exists as a physical place in this material world, but is now under the control of temporal Israel re-created from the Bible after an absence of some 2800 years.
            After all those years, the occupation of Judea and Samaria in Palestine is still an unresolved, violent, open wound in the Middle East and this material world.

  • tz1

    Mozilla got rid of Brendan Eich because he contributed to the campaign to ban Gay Marriage in CA (that succeeded democratically, but a gay federal judge…). Pale moon is similar and Eich formed a company to create the “Brave browser” (search for it) which blocks ads and such and doesn’t crash as well as being faster.

    • Chip Crawford

      Trying Brave again – bogged down on getting some settings going, importing bookmarks …

  • guest0447

    What a horrible sh– eating grin in that photo at top of text. You don’t have something better of him?

  • Peter C.

    Instead desecrating the name of Francis, Jorge should have assumed the nom de guerre “pope Marxist I”

    • Could you believe Pope Francis is following the spirit of the letter in the Bible’s Acts of the Apostles?
      [44] And all that believed were together, and had all things common; Acts 2
      [32] And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common. Acts 4

      It is a hard idea for some to accept, but the letter says the 1st Christians were God led communists vs godless communists.

      • Peter C.

        Pope Marxist I is NOT God-led.

        • That’s your opinion. My opinion is he is more God led than you are.

          • mr. producer

            Now doubt you are a big fan of the CommieCrux, too.

          • Seems you don’t understand what the Bible verses cited above mean with your mental bias.

          • Peter C.

            Seems the only one that understands things is you. Symptom of delusion, you know.

          • Ok then. What is this Bible verse saying ?

            [32] And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.
            Acts 4

          • Peter C.

            I’m neither your preacher nor your mother

          • What a whimp you are by this answer! You attack me for quoting Bible verses but you do not like.

            Do you understand this Bible verse? A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

          • Peter C.

            What I think you need is a Doc-In-The-Box to apply some Preparation H to your head so you’ll shrink like the irritating hemmeroid you are.

          • Good to know I’m getting under your skin!

          • Peter C.

            Most Marxist-Liberal-Democrap-“Progressive”-Socialists do. Raid would make a fortune developing a spray pesticide for them

          • I’m Canadian with Universal Health Care and no exorbitant monthly premiums, exorbitant deductions or worries about preexisting conditions.

            I’m neither Republican nor Democrat. I am a Child of God at 74.

          • TG

            Because the early church chose to live communally doesn’t mean that all of us should. Is that commanded anywhere in the New Testament? We are commanded to share our wealth with those less fortunate. How could we have wealth and possessions to share if no one owns anything?

            Jesus advocated real charity, not the forced variety known as government welfare. Giving others aid through government will certainly not get you into heaven. That’s not a personal choice to serve. It’s forced goodwill under the threat of imprisonment. If Christians did what they should, we would have no need of government funded charities. Sadly, most Christians do little to help others beyond talk.

            You throw a lot of Bible verses around out of context. That’s called proof-texting and is not considered to be a particularly convincing form of argument. The Bible must be read and understood in context and in its totality. I can find snippets of Scripture to support nearly any idea I come up with. That doesn’t make it true nor does it make it God’s will. That’s why theologians spend years studying it and drawing conclusions. That’s why Catholics rely on the Magisterium to guide us in its interpretation. If you want to know what the Catholic Church truly teaches, then read The Catechism of The Catholic Church, not the latest comments of Pope Francis. The Pope is a man who shepherds the Church. He is not a prophet who speaks the words of God.

          • Salty

            If the Catholic Church was true, and the Pope really was the “vicar of Christ”..(which means “in place of Christ”), how can you criticize him? He is Holy, anointed, leader of the only true church in the world, selected by God Himself to lead His church in doctrinal perfection and a perfect example of charity, humility, sacrifice, etc
            But if the Pope isn’t those things, if he teaches anything contrary to the Bible(which is why you rightly disagree with him) why are you a member of the Popes church following a false prophet?
            Wouldn’t you rather want to be a member of Christ’s church? Or do you desire mebership with church of antichrist? You cannot partake of the Lords cup, and also the cup of devils. For what does light have with darkness….etc etc etc

          • All Believers are supposed to act and behave as if they are Christ’s visible representative on earth without exception so the unbelievers would see the Love and good works. It’s the “Universal” Church.

          • TG

            His title as the Vicar of Christ does not make him equal to God. Was Joseph equal to Pharaoh in Genesis? No. He had authority to act as Pharaoh in certain ways but he was not Pharaoh. He did not have the same authority or position. Thus when Jesus gave Peter the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, he didn’t make Peter God but He gave him authority to run the kingdom on his behalf. Joseph got the keys to the granaries. Peter got the keys to Heaven. The stories are parallel. Isaiah also talked about the keys to the House of David being given to Eliakim. What he opened no one could shut and what he shut no one could open. Sound familiar? That’s how you read the whole Bible in context instead of proof-texting.

            You sound Protestant. Therefore I doubt you have any understanding of what papal infallibility actually is. Most Catholics don’t either. Here are the criteria:

            According to the teaching of the First Vatican Council
            and Catholic tradition, the conditions required for ex cathedra papal
            teaching are as follows:

            1. the Roman Pontiff

            2. speaks ex cathedra,

            2. a. that is, when, (in the discharge of his office as
            shepherd and teacher of all Christians, and by virtue of his supreme apostolic authority,)

            2. b. he defines

            2. c. a doctrine

            2. c. 1. concerning faith or morals

            2. c. 2. to be held by the whole

            For a teaching by a pope or
            ecumenical council to be recognized as infallible, the teaching must:

            – Be a decision of the supreme teaching authority of the
            Church (the Pope alone or with the College of Bishops)

            – Concern a doctrine of faith or morals

            – Bind the universal Church

            – Be proposed as something to hold firmly and immutably

            Therefore, when Pope Francis (or any pope) speaks in public, his teaching is not infallible. It’s only infallible when he follows the criteria above. Any faithful Catholic has to follow the rules set down by the Magisterium, even the pope. Failure to do so makes one a heretic. The Church has been stomping out heresies for the last 2000 years. Every heresy in history started inside the Church, usually by a priest or bishop. Nothing has changed.

            Not sure what you mean by a member of “Christ’s church”. Without the Catholic Church, there is no church of Christ. It was the church Jesus himself established and the only Christian church on earth for more than 1000 years before rebels started to split off from it. They too thought they could define doctrine according to their own whims. The Catholic Church is the only church with real authority. In all other churches the only authority is personal opinion and no one can tell me (or you) otherwise.

            Most non-Catholics have the crazy notion that we worship the pope as some kind of God. We don’t. We believe the Holy Spirit is involved in his selection but that doesn’t mean we won’t get a bad pope. Sometimes God uses evil or corrupt people to accomplish his goals. See Judas for an example.

            I don’t know if Pope Francis is a good or bad pope. Only time will tell. God is using him for some purpose but I don’t pretend to understand what it is. I do agree with John that he has sown confusion into the Church. Maybe that confusion will ultimately lead to much needed clarity. It has certainly exposed some of the more radical elements in the Church and I count that as a blessing.

          • Salty

            Thanks for the thoughtful post. So what you’re basically saying is that the infallibility of the Pope is restricted to when he speaks correctly, as judged by the scriptures. Well, by that same line of reasoning, we are all therefore infallible…. right?
            If the Pope is only the Pope when what he says agrees with scripture, why wouldn’t we skip the pope and go directly to the authority – the Word of God? Why do we need another intercessor between us and God if Christ already has the job? If the Holy Ghost teaches us scripture, why do we care about another man’s opinion of God’s word? The Word of God is not bound by or owned by a Church, its the other way around actually.
            And the authority Christ gave to Peter, and the authority Moses had when he was Egyptian was given him by pharaoh, and later the authority over Israel was given by God directly. So, who gave the Pope this authority? The other Cardinals…yes…but not God. God’s authority isn’t a hand-me-down from one man to the next…. or is it?
            Is God not sovereign? Is he not capable of leading, instructing or perfecting His followers in the absence of a pope? Does God need a pope to lead His church? OR is the Holy Ghost enough of a teacher of the Word? I guess the ultimate questions are – are all men created equal and therefore equally in need of our Savior’s sacrifice? Or are some men better than others, need less of Christ’s blood, and therefore can intercede between us and Christ?
            Is God enough to save you.. or do you need the Catholic sacraments administered by certain clergy IN ADDITION TO God to be saved?

          • And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God comes not with observation:
            Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

            Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

            You can know the Bible by heart and not know the heart of God.

          • TG, you wrote, “Because the early church chose to live communally doesn’t mean that all
            of us should. Is that commanded anywhere in the New Testament”

            Do you know Christ’s teaching about the workers in the Vineyard?

            For the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard. And when he had agreed with the labourers for a penny a day, he sent them into his vineyard.

            And he went out about the third hour, and saw others standing idle in the marketplace,
            And said unto them; Go ye also into the vineyard, and whatsoever is right I will give you. And they went their way.
            Again he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise.
            And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle?
            They say unto him, Because no man has hired us. He saith unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall you receive.

            So when even was come, the lord of the vineyard said unto his steward, Call the labourers, and give them their hire, beginning from the last unto the first.

            And when they came that were hired about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny.
            But when the first came, they supposed that they should have received more; and they likewise received every man a penny.

            This tells us at the end of it all. God makes all Believers equal. It’s not how long or how hard you work in this world. That’s the system of men Christ will change upon his return.

            We are agreed on this though, “If Christians did what they should, we would have no need of government funded charities. Sadly, most Christians do little to help others beyond talk.”

            Obviously the Christians here don’t believe this
            [1] The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness of it; the world, and they that dwell in it. -Psalm 24.
            [26] For the earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness of it. -1Corinthians 10

          • TG

            The parable of the vineyard workers isn’t about work. It’s about salvation.

            It’s pretty hard to help the poor when you are poor yourself. There will always be economic divisions between us. Those of us who are blessed with financial or other material success are bound by God’s command to use it to help those less fortunate. Like Jesus said, the poor will always be with us. Living communally is an idea that has been tried and most often fails because it does not allow for human nature. That’s why most of us don’t live in monasteries. The Bible has a lot of advice for families. It also has a lot of advice about being good stewards of your money, leaving an inheritance for your children, etc. The Bible must be considered as a whole, not by taking individual passages of scripture out of context and using them to build up a worldview.

            We all should step up and do our part. Sadly, that’s something that will never happen either. It is the reality of the fallen world we live in.

          • I think your mistaken TG. It is about those who work longer and harder thinking they’re worth more. Not with God according to that record.

          • Peter C.

            You know nothing about me, you ignoramus. What I know about you is that you are most certainly a liberal because you seem to be weak of mind, easily led and quick to judge. But liberals are oh, soooooooooooooo compasionate aren’t they?

          • Now there you are projecting. That’s exactly what you are doing with this comment, “Pope Marxist I is NOT God-led.” Plus you deny the scriptures that are inconvenient for you like the ones I cite above.

          • knowhowe

            The Christians you speak of did what they did voluntarily. In a free society that is always an option for free people. Modern Marxist/Communist/Socialist are getting more and more impatient and shrill and will soon resort to murder like the Russian and Chinese Communist of old to get people on board.
            It always takes Murder to relieve free people of their private property.
            Ray, do you really think the Globalist of the EU and the USA have the path to utopia mapped out so well that they got the Pope on board. You are dreaming.

          • Did you not see this part of my comment? “the Bible says the 1st Christians were God led communists vs godless communists.” You say, “The Christians you speak of did what they did voluntarily.” SAME IDEA in other words.

            If you want to know where I think this World is heading, see my comment downstream to pecancorner.

            I came to this site for the 1st Time following a link in Briebart. Now I know I’ve entered the Lions’s Den.

            I suppose most people on this site believe Christ didn’t know what he was talking about saying these words in your Bible concerning Capitalists, the opposite of /Marxist/Communist/Socialists.
            Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.
            And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.
            Do you understand Jesus’ parable about the rich man and Lazarus?

            How about these explicit words in your Bible? Do you totally dismiss them?
            Go to now, you rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.
            Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth eaten.
            Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a
            witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. You have
            heaped treasure together for the LAST DAYS. (do you believe we are in the last days, as most Christians believe?)

            Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by FRAUD, cries: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord Almighty. (don’t expect much relief for labourers putting more faith in billionaires than in Christ)

            You have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; you have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.
            You have condemned and killed the just; and he does not resist you.

            Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waits for the precious fruit of the earth, and has long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.
            You also be patient; establish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draws nigh. (implied “regime change” of the Oligarchy-Plutocracy system in this earth when Christ returns)

            Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest you be condemned: behold, the judge stands before the door.

            Take, my brethren, the prophets, who have spoken in the name of the Lord, for an example of suffering affliction, and of patience.
            Behold, we count them happy which endure. You have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.

            But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by
            any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest you fall into condemnation.
            James 5

            I’m guessing most people on this site never saw those words and the pictures beyond them in your Bibles? Or if you did, passed them over without giving them any thought?

          • Regina Notman

            Chapter, and verse# please.

          • Regina, the chapter and verse is in my comment starting this thread

            If you are asking chapter and verse by me saying Peter C is “projecting” that you have to look up in a dictionary. It’s not exactly in the Bible except by these words,
            Judge not, that you be not judged.
            For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.
            And why do you behold the mote that is in your brother’s eye, but don’t consider the beam that is in thine own eye?

            Peter C invited my reply because of this Judgment he made only God could make, “Pope Marxist I is NOT God-led.”

      • Big difference between freely donating your goods to the common good, and having them stolen by a corrupt system at the muzzle of a gun.

        • Yes, that’s why the US is waging so many wars over the resources God put in the Earth.

  • Chip Crawford

    “Yuge” works as well, lol

  • Red Allover

    Good Pope Francis is not afraid of clerical reactionaries or any other kind.
    He is beloved around the world by the poor & those who care about our planet.
    The gates of Hell shall not prevail against him.

    • mr. producer

      papal idolatry.

    • knowhowe

      Sounds like another good Marxist Christian “red allover” you don’t believe in God. Right? So it is natural that you support another Godless person as the Pope.
      God Made the universe and would have no problem controlling its weather as he did it before, on the sea of Galilee.
      OH that’s right you as a Marxist don’t believe in God!

      • Red Allover

        I believe in humanity.

        • Salty

          Humanity? Are you for real?
          The humanity that enslaves, the humanity that kills hundreds of millions of people over ideological or religious differences, the humanity that invented nuclear weapons, the humanity that invented child porn, the humanity that crucified Jesus Christ?
          Yea – you can worship humanity, but we humans have a terrible track record and are far more often wrong than right.
          Worship error, sin, corruption = belief in humanity
          Worship sinless perfection, unconditional love, selflessness and charity – belief in Jesus Christ.
          Choose one or the other Red,

          • Red Allover

            Why, may the Old Man In the Sky bless you, Salty,
            And reward your loyalty to The Big Man Upstairs
            and roast the pitiful humanity you hate so much
            forever in His holy Hell.
            Can I get some Amens out there?

    • Billy Chickens

      Well, I’m poor and I don’t like him.

    • tz1

      The Gates of Hell have opened so he could easily enter into his eternal homeland.

  • mr. producer

    Zmirak still needs to be red-pilled. I recommend a little dose of E. Michael Jones and Brother Nathaniel for starters.

  • I give you a lot of credit for a clear and bold wish list. I agree with every one of the items, but feel that it is harmful for white racism to be singled out. This is what Russell Moore, of Southern Baptist pedigree, recently did at a symposium as well. Doing so plays to the political correctness that cannot see, and doesn’t even acknowledge can by definition exist, racism by minorities. This is a tremendous disservice, because as I see it, racism is endemic in minorities. Often it is anti-white, but not always. It is common among their leaders, and it has been so normalized by the establishment media that it passes without criticism, and thus flourishes. And racism is no less destructive when in the hands of a minority. If we’re ever going to get to the other side of this problem, we are going to have to approach it with the right mindset of color blindness.

    • Zmirak

      It is endemic, but I am writing for the audience likely to read me, so I tailor my warnings accordingly. The left wants to smear Christianity, defense of the unborn, national sovereignty, and political prudence with the blood that dripped down from lynching trees. We can’t fall into their trap.

      • Todd19731950

        You are correct about Pope Francis, but you think with his mindset when you even use the phrase white nationalism.

  • Todd19731950

    It’s helpful to remember that America is not a nation of immigrants but a nation of European Christian colonists. This is our land. We have a right to guard it from those who would transform it and even destroy it–including those who slyly quote scripture in their arguments.

    • It’s helpful to remember that America is not a nation of immigrants but a nation of European Christian colonists.

      Can’t you see the nonsense in your comment?

      On one hand you say America is not a Nation of Immigrants, and on the other, you say European Christian COLONISTS immigrated from Europe.

      What do you really intend to say?

  • ArthurMcGowan

    Prayer Intention: That the whole world may become aware of the name of the Argentine gay activist Gustavo Vera, and the precise nature of his long, long, long, close, close, close relationship with Jorge Bergoglio.

  • Fantastic points on the marxist Pope. As for the rest? I couldn’t agree more. As an Anabaptist, Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christian there is much I find in common with many of my Roman Catholic friends and family members when it comes to morality, ethics and the state of the culture here in the US and in Europe. It’s nice to see those commonalities in print, I might even add that it’s a refreshing view compared to most of the press about the RCC which seems to be constantly about Francis.

  • antigon

    Better still, like Benedict, Bergoglio should only partially resign, as a move towards the dozens or even hundreds of living Popes the Church clearly needs, & has only been denied from an outdated & rigid attachment to the law.

  • tz1

    George Tiller was at Church (!) when he was assassinated. I’m sure the same church would tell David Duke to call the police if he didn’t leave.

    Abortionists are nice people, who drive nice cars, live in nice houses, in nice neighborhoods, and I would expect people like Zmirak would invite him over for a nice talk (but avoid the gruesome subjects out of politeness) over coffee or lunch.

    But white nationalists (whatever that is – and don’t define it lest someone try to reason through things) – they are the real evil that must be purged from society. I don’t know much about David Duke, other than he is an ethno-nationalist (being white, it means white nationalist, not unlike Israel is a Jewish ethno-nationalist state, is ethno-national wrong when Jews also do it or only for whites?) and that Duke rejects violence.

    Even the Daily Stormer specifically rejects any violence, right on the front web page. I don’t know of any “white nationalist” that doesn’t abhor violence. Most will have a rational discussion.

    I can only juxtapose that with the Abortionists which people will allow into their clubs, sit and sup at table with, allow communion (see Nanci Pelosi), but it would be impolite to say anyting.

    Paul Nehlen is 100% pro life. But he is a heretic, anathema, excommunicated.

    Abortionists can kill babies and show up in church or at the Chamber of Commerce, or the county political meetings and no one will question them or suggest they are monsters, or even bring up their “profession”.

    The Pope might have some problems, but I don’t see his speck/plank problem as more severe than his critics’.

  • Amen to these

  • David

    I hope that we expose more of the monstrous conservative pedophiles in congress, like we managed to do to Roy Moore. To show conservatives that they are not immune to the law, and that conservatives do not get to preach morality while they freely molest children.

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