Mother’s Day and Abortion: Hope for the Living and the Lost

By Vijay Jayaraj Published on May 13, 2019

I was born through a mother. So were you.

But even as I was wishing a happy Mother’s Day to folks yesterday, a primetime news headline on CNN’s international website caught my eyes:

“There was no hope.”

CNN’s Attack on Mother’s Day

The article talked of the difficulty in getting an abortion in Italy. CNN followed that with an article reporting on why the woman who invented Mother’s Day now regrets it.

An unashamed and blatant attack on motherhood was all CNN could offer its international readers on Mother’s Day.

The war on motherhood and families is no more a secret war. For many on the far Left, and for most pro-abortionists, Mother’s Day is against all they stand for.

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Many abortionists believe the world would be better off with fewer humans. Feminists in the abortion camp want women to believe they would be less than human, unequal to men, if burdened by motherhood.

And their rationale for destroying unborn babies is that an unborn baby is not a baby but merely a lump of cells.

CNN’s headline was ironic. It was an anti-motherhood message by people born to mothers.

The call to facilitate the killing of babies, especially on Mother’s Day, reveals the moral degradation of our godless society. We are beginning to appear more like Sodom and Gomorrah, or like the Hinnom Valley near Jerusalem where children were burned in sacrifice to Molech.

A Change in Our Hearts

Anti-abortion laws and anti-abortion advocacy are important ways to prevent mothers from killing their precious little ones. But a change is required not just in the law of the land. It is needed also in the hearts of potential future mothers. And those who have had abortions need healing for their injured hearts.

Let us be agents of God’s transformative love and grace to a world that is lost and seeking its gratification in every wrong place.

Such transformation is possible only through the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

It can happen when we share the gospel of Jesus Christ and extend our love to those in need and those who are hurt.

Regardless of whether you had a mother who loved you or not, the fact remains: mothers are precious. Mothers, more than anyone, can teach their children to love God. And if you are a mother, nothing in this world can take away the joy you have in your child.

Let us be agents of God’s transformative love and grace to a world that is lost and seeking its gratification in every wrong place.

Let us start by praying for all the mothers, future mothers, and those who lost the precious opportunity to be a mother. Let us pray for Emma, the post-abortive mother in CNN’s article. She was heartbroken by news of her child’s brain malformation and felt her child’s life was hopeless. Let us pray that she finds grace and healing.

Let us pray for the hurt, the broken, including those others in the pro-abortion camp, that they may see the light and taste the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Vijay Jayaraj (M.Sc., Environmental Science, University of East Anglia, England), Research Associate for Developing Countries for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, lives in Bangalore, India.

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