Molester McCarrick Lives in Comfort Near a Grammar School. Here’s Why He’s Untouchable.

By John Zmirak Published on September 30, 2018

What does a priest have to do in today’s Church to get in really serious trouble? Recent events have made that clear. If you’re a Catholic priest, you’re courting doom if you try any of the following:

  • Give a sermon criticizing the pope’s handling of sex abuse. That might get you thrown out of your parish at a moment’s notice, then ordered out of town. That happened to Juan Carlos Gavancho, a priest in Santa Barbara. CA.
  • Refuse Holy Communion to a vocal, self-styled “Lesbian Buddhist.” Doing that won Fr. Marcel Guarnizo a suspension from the priesthood, ordered by Cardinal Donald Wuerl and enforced by (now-bishop) Barry Knestout.
  • Take down and burn the blasphemous banner linking the cross and the gay “rainbow” flag which the priest before you hung in the church’s sanctuary. That was before the previous priest died by auto-erotic asphyxiation when attached to a “sex machine.”

    The Chicago Archdiocese told parishioners he’d had a heart attack, and threw him a hero’s funeral. Fr. Paul John Kalchik allowed his long-suffering parishioners to burn that banner. (The archdiocese had already removed and burned that pastor’s “massive gay porn collection.”) That lost Fr. Kalchik his parish and got him a visit from two menacing Church officials, who made vague threats against his life, and tried to bundle him off to the booby hatch. Convinced they’d use the police to have him committed against his will to an apparently gay-run Catholic psychiatric institute, Fr. Kalchik fled the scene and remains in hiding.

Okay, so you know to avoid all that.

How to Get Away with Decades of Sex Abuse

What’s a safer course of action? Let’s say that you’re homosexual, with a taste for young seminarians and even the occasional teenage boy…. If you rise in the ranks, keep copious files on other gay clerics so they won’t rat you out, and rise to the rank of cardinal, you’re probably pretty safe. That’s the lesson of the fate of ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. He was widely known to be a practicing homosexual for decades. To single out handsome seminarians and bring them into his bed. Then promote their careers, and stymie the men who’d turned him down.

Some bishop might end up hanging from a bridge, like one-time Vatican banker Roberto Calvi.

But none of that stopped McCarrick’s rise to the most prominent position in the U.S. Catholic Church: Archbishop of Washington. And none of his flaws might have mattered, if it hadn’t come out that he molested a teenage boy whom he’d baptized himself. That really did cross the line.

Because, and only because, that fact got out to the press, Pope Francis cancelled McCarrick’s status as cardinal. But he still remains a priest. Indeed, he’s still an archbishop. He still lives in comfort with a Church stipend, free healthcare, free housing, and presumably free legal counsel. Church authorities just moved him to a well-appointed monastery in walking distance of a grammar school. And locked away from reporters.

The Molester Protection Program

Now you might be a little confused as to why a known molester is getting such kid-gloves treatment. I know I was. Why not follow Canon Law and remove him from the priesthood? Cut off his cash, cancel his insurance, and drop him off by the side of the road like a convicted sex criminal who just got out of prison?

I think have the answer. It comes in the form of a really fine piece of journalism over at First Things magazine. Allow me a short digression here.

The pastor died by auto-erotic asphyxiation when attached to a “sex machine.” The Chicago Archdiocese told parishioners he’d had a heart attack, and threw him a hero’s funeral.

There’s a journalism deficit. No, not the breathless recycling of half-baked partisan rumors you see in the mainstream media. (That goes all the way up the feeding chain nowadays to The New Yorker.) Nor the lackluster pabulum of press releases from bishops that makes up most of the output in the “mainstream” Catholic press. Nor even well-crafted opinion columns like those by … well, let’s not name any names. We’re all stocked up on those.

I mean the real deal, the slow-worked, carefully researched reporting pieces that outfits like the New York Times used to boast of. Stories that take weeks or months to finish. Done by reporters who talk to dozens of sources. Sift through hundreds or thousands of documents. Coax unwilling sources to tell the truth. Not many outlets are paying people to do that anymore, so not many writers do it. I’ve done it just a few times myself, and let me tell you: it’s grueling labor. The kind of thing nobody does for fun. You’re essentially doing the kind of work an FBI agent should. But you have no power of subpoena, no access to search warrants, no jail time to threaten liars with.

The Papal Slush Fund

But God bless him, Matthew O’ Brien did just such work over at First Things. (I hope he was well-compensated.) And he gave us, I think, the answer to why McCarrick was given a lavender velvet parachute. McCarrick knows too much.

It turns out that Theodore McCarrick, when he wasn’t treating future priests like rent boys and slurping daiquiris in the hot tub, was running the $200 million Papal Foundation. And apparently that Foundation served as a secret slush fund for corrupt Vatican enterprises, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. The Foundation’s records are shoddy and full of holes. Its directors could face legal trouble for allowing things to get that bad.

Meanwhile, there’s a Catholic dermatological hospital in Italy that keeps mysteriously losing vast sums of money. (To whom, one wonders? Maybe organized crime figures?) Pope Francis demanded that the Papal Foundation bail it out. (What would we do without specifically Catholic dermatological hospitals, that offer Christian answers to ethically fraught issues like skin peels?)

And over the protests of laymen on the Foundation’s board, it duly paid up.

If the Church gave McCarrick the kick to the curb he deserves, he could bring down other bishops. Cardinals. Officials inside the Vatican. Clerics from the Papal Foundation’s board. And that might earn the ire of Mafia figures who lurk behind the scenes. Some bishop might end up hanging from a bridge, like one-time Vatican banker Roberto Calvi.

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I won’t try to unpack O’Brien’s dense, scrupulously reported story on the Papal Foundation. Please go read it yourself. It’s dense with carefully vetted, unsettling facts. It helps explain why well-connected, corrupt priests like McCarrick get sweetheart deals from cardinals like Donald Wuerl. It’s the Lavender Mafia’s version of the Witness Protection Program. In return for a cozy retirement, they’re protected from being witnesses.

McCarrick needs a golden cage to stop him from singing.


This article has been updated.

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  • Jmjt1

    off with his head.. john should have lived during the bolshevik or French revolution . ..

  • Nick Stuart

    He wouldn’t be untouchable if the civil authorities wanted to touch him. If he’d refused to bake a gay-themed cake for a same-sex wedding he’d be in the dock already.

    • Micha_Elyi

      Good point, Nick Stuart. Gosnell thrived under “the civil authorities”.

  • Cody

    The Catholic Church is a cult and is full of perverts, yes they do believe in Jesus but then so does the devil and he can quote scripture. Yes I do believe there are some Catholic’s that love Jesus and are truly saved my mom is one of them, but all Catholics are being deceived by the false teachings and unbiblical teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, which is leading millions down the broad road which leads to hell.One teaching is that baptism saves you not only does it not save you they don’t even do it right, their whole teaching on baptism is highly flawed. Jesus was our example just maybe they should follow his teachings on water baptism. There is nowhere in the Bible that mentions infant baptism. As far as the pervert thing goes, all perverts go to hell where they will have a meeting with the devil. If they think they can get away with sexual perversion by hiding the truth and not by true repentance which by the way they get all wrong too. Confessing sins to a priest is nothing but a doctrine of the devil, this does not remove sin and the devil knows it and loves this false teaching, the priest can no more remove or forgive your sins than I can. Only Jesus can forgive us of our sins, although if you knowingly sin against someone you should tell them and ask for forgiveness also, this would be taking your sin to God for forgiveness and to those you sinned against for restitution.

  • John A.

    The leadership of the Catholic Church has lost its way. How odd and sad to consider that many of those at the top in terms of office won’t be joining us in Heaven. They have had (and will have) their reward.

    • tz1

      Avingon, Borgia Popes… It has happened before, is happening now, and will happen again.

      I can only swim and cling to pices of flotsam in the shipwreck of Peter’s barque.

      • LT Brass Bancroft

        I’ll take a Borgia Pope over Frances any day.

  • ImaginaryDomain

    The fact that the catholic church has more than two nickles to rub together is a complete failure of our trial lawyers. Pursue massive class action suits nationwide. Move for immediate court-ordered seizure of ALL their assets in the US, including those cozy tax-exempt churches and schools they funnel money into. Seize all cash, including foreign bank accounts (like in Rome and the Vatican, plus however many billions they have squirreled away in those lovely tax free Swiss bank accounts). Sell the land and buildings at auction, and use the proceeds as a down payment for the countless, worldwide abuse victims.

    Then have the state and federal gov’t pursue criminal convictions all the way up to and including the pope. Use the RICO
    statutes – this is a textbook criminally corrupt organization.

    Or, if the catholic church is truly repentant, they would do this voluntarily…But, naw, ain’t gonna happen. They have become far too corrupt and far too powerful for any true measure of repentance. So again, I’m rooting for the trial lawyers here.

    And to any catholic who even tries to assert catholic virtue in the face of all this – I say GET LOST. You have zero moral authority. And no, Christ did NOT start the catholic church, nor did Peter…get over yourselves.

  • Patmos

    And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

    But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    If we’re not there yet, we’re sure getting close!

  • Madeline MSG

    Investigation of crimes in the Church has been impeded by an attitude of overblown respect for clergy. This has made both clergy, press and police back off. One can respect the vows clergy people have taken and still feel free to exercise critical thinking and self-respect – as is starting to happen now, fortunately.

    • tz1

      not quite. The error is the clergy must investigate the clergy.

      We need to bring back the inquisition. Where’s torquemada when we need him?

      • Madeline MSG

        No, not exclusively. Now we have civil authorities – District Attorneys – investigating the clergy. They were stymied for a long time, as we all were, by Church training to be docile and disbelieving that “Father” could be hurtful.

  • tz1

    Good touch, bad touch, untouchable.

    “Will no one rid us of this meddlesome priest?”

    There is an upcoming synod. There are Muslims nearby. 9/11 on steroids. We can rebuild even though almost all Bishops would be dead. B16 would still be around!

  • Luigi the Barber

    Homosexuals, money and power: a dangerous combination.

  • DEVOlutionist

    Now I know why he’s still an archbishop. What are the odds the Lavindar Mafia would take him out just to make sure he never sings?

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Well the left have infiltrated the leadership of the Catholic Church perhaps even more egregiously than they have done w/the Democratic Party … & that’s not an easy act to follow…!

  • Kevin Vail

    Additional proof (as if it were needed) the Church cannot police itself, Caeser must do it.

  • Don Spilman

    LOL!!! I find it all a bit hilarious. The good old boys club is crumbling like a burnt match stick. Well it will be a great attribute to the Antichrist once all the true Christians are gone. There will be hundreds of thousands of Catholics still here for him to use as examples of why the disappeared ones, weren’t real good people, just look at all the “Christians” that are still here. And look at poop franie who has not disappeared. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

  • lucho gatica

    V. Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Franciscum.
    R. Dominus conservet eum, et vivificet eum, et beatum faciat eum in terra, et non tradat eum in animam inimicorum eius. [Ps 40:3]

    V. Let us pray for Francis, our Pope.
    R. May the Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make him blessed upon the earth, and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies. [Ps 40:3]

  • DLink

    Not being an insider, I can offer no special or relevant information not already public. However, I will note that McCarrick’s presence anywhere will probably be resolved at the pleasure of the Almighty. As to any possible wrongdoing at affiliated institutions that may involve unsavory persons, the threat of excommunication followed by burial in unconsecrated ground without a church funeral, may give some second thoughts on a variation of Mark Antony’s comment regarding post vide standing to those who still view the Church as some sort of piggy bank.

  • Poterion

    We could have done with the artistically awful and trashy video embedded in the article.
    While the pervert McCarrick might get away with his sins here below, unless he truly repents may God rebuke him now and on the day of judgement.

    Also, St Fidelis Friday is hardly fancy, I’ve been there. It is plain and simple.

  • This puts the US Bishops’ Conference’s left-leaning political pronouncements over the years, on global warming, immigration, and everything else under the sun, in clearer perspective. Many of these men are deeply compromised and cannot be expected to have any spiritual discernment.

    What to do? I’m not RC, or a member of any organized church, for that matter, but if I were, for starters they would not get one dime of my money. If the local parish legitimately needed funds, I would deal with it directly and keep my money out of the general fund. These corrupt magistrates lack self-discipline, and therefore it must be imposed on them from without. That’s just for for starters.

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