Mocked by Cedric the Entertainer and Roland Martin, Pro-Life Woman Responds

Watch as she shares her testimony.

Pro-life activists Christina Marie Bennet responds to a video in which Cedric the Entertainer and Roland Martin mocked her for her pro-life activism in an airport.

By Josh Shepherd Published on August 17, 2017

On a recent trip, a pro-life woman spoke briefly with two top celebrities at the airport. But she got more than she bargained for when the two produced a video mocking her activism.

Big Name Comedian, Journalist Mock Pro-Life Woman

Traveling back home from a meeting of pro-life leaders, Christina Marie Bennett noticed a familiar face at another gate. She realized it was Roland Martin, commentator for popular TV network News One.

Standing next to Martin was Cedric the Entertainer, known for his roles in Be Cool and the Barbershop films. However, Bennett failed to recognize the actor. She urged Martin, a journalist, to cover how abortion affects black lives.

Martin and Cedric the Entertainer tell what happened next in a short video. It currently has 70,000 views and climbing:


Bennett was later embarrassed to see the video online. Yet she stood by her beliefs about the impact of abortion in communities of color. On staff at a pregnancy help center in Connecticut, she speaks often to girls in crisis.

“Did they seriously just compare abortion to a receding hairline? Yeah, totally the same,” commented Abby Johnson, a friend of Bennett. Johnson is a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who left the abortion industry.

Christina Marie Bennett often shares her story at pro-life rallies and small events. She recounts how her mother had an appointment to abort her, but she walked out.

Of the many comments in her defense, what her husband Sean Bennett said received the most likes on Facebook.

“I see you had the privilege of meeting my wife Christina Marie Bennett at the airport,” he wrote. “I want you to know that you were speaking with a young, bright and beautiful voice speaking out against one issue that is, based on statistics, deleting our race from existence.”

Bennett continued, “The shame is not in why she did not recognize Cedric. It’s why two very outspoken influencers in our community don’t recognize her. Nonetheless, much respect to you both.”

A Response and a Testimony

She made a short video responding to the two celebrities:


No stranger to controversy, Christina Marie Bennett often shares her story at pro-life rallies and small events. She recounts how her mother had an appointment to abort her, but she walked out.

Released this year, the short film Hear from Heaven reveals her story and part in the pro-life prayer movement. Filmed in five states, it also features Catherine Davis, Lou Engle and Alveda King, the niece of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In addition to her local work at the pregnancy help center, Bennett continues to speak out on why the value of every life must be upheld.



Josh Shepherd has served on staff at The Heritage Foundation, Focus on the Family, Bound4LIFE International, and two Congressional offices. His articles have appeared in media outlets including The Federalist, The Daily Signal, Boundless, The Stream, Charisma News and Christian Headlines, where he serves as a contributor. He earned a degree in Business Marketing from the University of Colorado. Josh and his wife live in the Washington, D.C. area. Follow Josh on Twitter @joshMshep.

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  • Mensa Member

    That didn’t strike me as an inappropriate video. They don’t even mention her name.

    And, no, they didn’t compare abortion to a receding hairline.

    They were laughing about how people try to use celebrities for their own purpose. (even when they barely know who the celebrity is!) It is a little comical.

    This is one reason I leave famous people alone when I see them.

    • Patmos

      Everyone ignore the fake Christian troll. Mensa Member was exposed here recently, and is merely trying to maintain the persona at this point.

      • Hi Patmos:

        What was the headline of the posting he was exposed on? I’d like to read what was said about him.

        • Jim Walker

          When you have someone who claims to be a Christian and objects to almost everything here, yet agrees and likes all other trolls who are non-Christians you see a just another troll.

          • Chip Crawford

            For me, the pits is his Christian speak impersonation. The “we” Christians always gives me a stomach lurch. He’s “embedded” with The Stream to report back and attempting to “infiltrate” in order to speak “reason” to the uninitiated. He’s so bad. And yes, he seems to call for reinforcements at times, and we get a flock of new haters all at once.

    • Hi Mensa Member:

      Could I ask why you use the handle of Mensa Member here instead of identifying yourself with your real name?

      • Kevin Carr

        Actually, on this one I agree with Mensa Member.

  • begroeg

    I couldn’t understand a word they said. They sounded like two blabbering idiots.

  • Craig Roberts

    Poor Cedric. Somebody didn’t recognize him and now he’s got to do a comedy routine about it to salve his bruised ego. The tears of a clown…(Smokey Robinson) It’s not easy. Being ignored. When you’re worshiped, and adored…(Helmet)

  • kmbold

    Ms. Bennett comes off as more of a journalist than either of these two “celebrities”, who are comeplete unknowns to me.

  • Boommach

    I envy her gentleness.

  • Favorite part about the response from Christina Marie Bennett is that she laughs it off, acknowledges the platform both men have, and honors her mom: “The reason I brought up my mom’s story is because she’s my hero”

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