Mitch McConnell and the Enemy Within … Your Vehicle

By John Zmirak Published on March 15, 2023

The news that Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell was injured in a fall at the Waldorf-Astoria in Washington, D.C. should have us all praying for a full recovery. And all hoping he’s inspired to begin a comfortable, penitent life in retirement from politics.

We must pray for our enemies and wish them well — which means wishing their eternal salvation through Jesus Christ and His cross. That’s literally all it means. It doesn’t mean wishing that they stay wealthy, powerful, and free to go right on persecuting the innocent or perpetuating injustice.

When my uncle landed on the beach in Normandy, my grandmother in Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t praying for the long life, health, and good cheer of the Nazi soldiers shooting at Uncle Bob. Was she being un-Christian? No, she was being human, and obeying the wholesome laws of her nature as God created her, loving her own son differently than strangers and outright enemies.

If she had been praying for the long lives of the Nazis, she wouldn’t have been “more Christian” but less human — in fact, a kind of monster. If you pressed her, as a good Irish Catholic, she’d have hoped that the Nazis repented after Bob shot back at them, instead of going to Hell. That’s all one should expect of her.

A Demoniac Travesty

Any version of Christianity that twists our human nature into a self-tormenting pretzel is a false one, a demoniac travesty crafted to drive us to scrupulosity and despair. Those who paint Christianity as a kind of worldwide suicide cult or masochism fetish aren’t God’s friends, but His subtle, deceptive enemies. Whether they realize it or not, they’re goading us to apostasy.

Okay, you might be saying. But is Mitch McConnell really our enemy? Isn’t he at best a shaky ally, or an unreliable friend, or somebody who’s with us on 70 percent of issues, whom we shouldn’t be shunting aside? Here we get to the nub of the thing, the reason I’m writing this. It’s not to be snarky about an injured old man.

Last week, when Tucker Carlson released a small fragment of the footage of January 6 which our government has been hiding — not just from us, but from the defense attorneys of the persecuted protestors — Mitch McConnell denounced him. He said that no media should be releasing footage which undermined the official story put out by the Capitol Police.

The Truth Is Un-American

Now that’s the kind of attitude I expect from a political leader … in Pyongyang, North Korea. Or Beijing, China, or Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. But in the United States of America? Since when did censoring the media to back up the narrative of the authorities, and suppressing exculpatory evidence that could free political prisoners, become core American values?

That happened at some point after the American people disobeyed their betters and elected Donald Trump. Our country’s elites of both parties coordinated their efforts starting sometime after election night, 2016, to unite against the people, and nullify their decision. The first step was protecting our politicized Deep State from any scrutiny, by faking a crime to take out Gen. Michael Flynn, a move that Vice President Mike Pence was instrumental in achieving.

I don’t know how to refer to this bipartisan uni-party elite cabal without sounding like a conspiracy theorist. So I will designate this group, neutrally,

the principalities … the powers … the world rulers of this present darkness … the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Eph. 6: 12)

Or the “Principalities and Powers,” for short.

Who Are You Gonna Trust, Me or Your Own Two Eyes?

Now let’s consider the question raised by Sen. McConnell, whether the media should censor itself to avoid disputing the official narrative of the Principalities and Powers. Here’s a short, not nearly exhaustive list of the issues on which the Principalities and Powers have lied to us over the past few years, and enforced their lies using every lever of coercion and censorship they could grab. They lied about:

  • Mike Flynn committing a crime.
  • Vladimir Putin rigging the ballot boxes to elect Donald Trump.
  • Jussie Smollett being the victim of an attempted lynching.
  • Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge running a teenage rape gang in high school.
  • Donald Trump “colluding” with Russia.
  • The likelihood of the COVID virus having escaped from a Chinese bioweapon lab.
  • Anthony Fauci funding the research that created COVID.
  • The efficacy of masks.
  • The need for ventilators.
  • The urgency of dumping COVID patients in nursing homes, where they helped kill thousands of American veterans and grandmas.
  • The safety and efficacy of alternative COVID treatments.
  • The safety and efficacy of the Dead Baby Vaccine.
  • The reality of acquired natural immunity by those who had recovered from COVID.
  • The need to vaccinate healthy young people.
  • Nick Sandmann and his friends terrorizing an Indian “tribal elder.”
  • Kyle Rittenhouse and Jake Gardner being white supremacists who committed murder.
  • The involvement of the FBI and Democrat members of Congress in censoring social media.
  • The authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop, or its status as “Russian disinformation.”

McConnell Supports Our Stasi

I could go on, but if you read The Stream regularly, you get the idea. Now, given that the institutions and authorities, the Principalities and Powers, have aggressively lied and ham-fistedly censored on all these crucial issues, are we obliged to believe them that:

  • The 2020 presidential election was the Most Secure in History. And
  • The January 6 protest was a Violent Insurrection Worse than Anything Since the Civil War™.

Mitch McConnell thinks so. And he’s willing to censor the media to reinforce that narrative. Does that make him our friend? A friend of freedom? Does he see us as a friend … or as a foe?

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Okay, okay, but he’s not as bad as the Democrats, I can hear some of you muttering. To that I ask: Oh really?

The Carjacker Dressed as Your Wife

Let’s offer a parable. In Scenario A, you’re on the highway with your family in the car, driving home from church. Some maniac in a hotrod starts driving aggressively, cutting you off, preventing you from merging, making obscene gestures out the window and shouting insults at you. That’s pretty bad, isn’t it?

Now Scenario B: You’re driving home with the family, but suddenly the person you thought was your spouse slips off his wig. He’s a stranger, and he’s trying to grab the wheel from you. When you resist him, he pulls a pistol and forces all of you out of the car, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. In a thunderstorm.

Who’s worse? The open enemy who’s harassing you on the road, or the false friend who wishes to take your only vehicle, and leave you trapped and helpless?

And that’s why RINOs are even more dangerous than Democrats. They’re the enemy within … your vehicle. The only one you’ve got.

Watch John Zmirak discuss these issues with Eric Metaxas at Rumble.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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