Mission Feeding: Rebuilding Malnutrition Clinics Destroyed by Floods in South Sudan

By The Stream Published on June 6, 2021

The last year and a half has been very challenging for the Mission Feeding outreach. The pandemic that swept through the world last year continues to ravage families in Africa. 

Things have gotten even worse in Sudan, where two great floods in recent months have wiped out thousands of homes, entire villages, fields and infrastructures. Ultimately, local tribes were forced to find shelter elsewhere, and that resulted in thousands of people being displaced.

Being a refugee in your own country is a terrible hardship, but of course, it’s the children who suffer the most during these times. All of this change has led to increasingly high numbers of malnourished children.

Mothers are crying out for help. Mothers like Agut in Sudan. She lost her daughter, Anyan, age 3, who grew weak without food. She got sick and dehydrated and eventually died. As conditions have given rise to greater hunger and disease in her nation, survival for Agut and her remaining children has become more difficult.

Food insecurity levels remain high in remote regions due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, persistent poor economic conditions among villages and the impact of flooding on livelihoods. And worse, many malnutrition clinics, which provide food and basic medical care, were damaged or destroyed.

Malnutrition Clinics

Amidst all the suffering, the good news is that right now, mission workers report they can get back into areas to begin rebuilding local clinics. This is the first step in the fight against malnutrition and providing basic medical care. Every clinic is a symbol of hope … and will greatly help life return to normal.

Right now, the goal is to help fund the first 8 malnutrition clinics at a cost of $24,500 each. The final goal of this special project is rebuilding 16 clinics with a total project cost of $392,000.

The funding will help with the clearing of land, building materials, labor and construction of permanent clinics where mission workers and medical teams can serve without interruption.

Malnutrition screening for children is a priority. Special formulas to help malnourished babies regain strength, along with vaccinations and treatment of minor medical issues will all be available. These clinics will be a tremendous blessing amidst the struggle for life in remote areas of South Sudan.

This is key to a better life for all.

For More Than 30 Years

Mission Feeding, an initiative of The Stream’s parent organization, Life Outreach International, is absolutely key in this nation, as is the ongoing feeding of 350,000 children across Africa. When disasters like this cause such hard times, Mission Feeding is a promise to “be there” with food for the children, helping relieve at least one great burden.

With your gift, we can provide nutritious food for malnourished children and rebuild malnutrition clinics.

$100 feeds 10 children for three months.

$1000 feeds 100 children for three months.

$24,500 rebuilds one clinic.

Life in South Sudan can be very difficult. But your gift today to help feed these children and build these clinics will be a tremendous blessing amidst their struggle for life in these remote areas. Truly a gift of grace and love.

Will you give to Mission Feeding to rebuild clinics and provide food to malnourished families like Agut’s in South Sudan and many others in the world’s poorest nations?

Together, we can save lives.

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