Microsoft Pounds the Hammer of ‘Pride’

Obligatory celebration of the LGBT cause infringes on human dignity.

In this July 3, 2016, file photo, a crowd celebrates a Pride Parade in Toronto, Canada, supporting marriage equality and LGBT rights.

By Jennifer Hartline Published on June 13, 2018

“What is Pride to you?” asked the email message I received from Microsoft last week.

Ah, yes. It’s June. In years past it was the premiere month for brides and weddings. In the Catholic Church, it is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. But now in our society, June has been forcibly reclaimed for something else, something in which we are all hereby obligated to take pride.

No ‘Pride’ for Me, Thanks

Sorry, but no. “Pride” means nothing to me. Why should it? I’m neither “L” nor “G” nor “B” nor any of the other letters in the alphabet soup that headlines this societal takeover. Pride in the sexual behavior of others is not something I care to celebrate or participate in at all.

Microsoft’s message is only one example of the way in which “Pride” is force-fed to every breathing person these days. You will think about “Pride,” and you will be confronted with “Pride,” and you will celebrate “Pride” or be punished. You do not have the option to decline or simply be left alone. “Pride” will force its way into your life one way and another.

Disney painted its infamous Mickey Mouse ears in the “Pride” rainbow. Cities are literally painting the streets with rainbow crosswalks in honor of “Pride.” Businesses are hosting “Pride” events and people are ruining businesses who have the temerity not to host “Pride” events.

You’re not even permitted to enjoy lunch if you purchase your meal at an unapproved eatery. For the accidental crime of eating a chicken sandwich in the month of June, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey received his mandated lashes. And sadly, he apologized for his poultry faux pas and appeased the angry gods.

“Pride” is a jealous god indeed.

“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.” St. Augustine

Freedom, Meet Boot

So I suppose I should amend my original statement. “Pride” to me means tyranny. Totalitarianism. “Pride” means forced subjugation to an ideology that tolerates no dissent. “Pride” is a blunt weapon which society uses to beat down anyone who does not salute.

“Pride” means the deconstruction of the human person, then refashioned into an ambiguous creature made and remade in the image of nothing but one’s feelings.

“Pride” means the denial of children’s genuine needs in favor of the wants of some adults. It demands that the family itself be dismantled and rebuilt according to definitions that satisfy those adults and treat the children as accessories or proofs of validation.

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A child with no birth mother? Thank “Pride” for that.

Girls being required to let males compete on their sports teams, dutifully swallowing the unfairness when those boys steal the girls’ medals? “Pride” says that’s equality. Savor that one, feminists.

A teenage boy being irreversibly mutilated so that he’s left permanently sterile and will never have normal sexual function as either a male or a female? Again, that’s the handiwork of “Pride.”

“Pride” is thrilled to chemically and surgically butcher the healthy bodies of still-growing children for its own sake.

I will not celebrate any of this, nor support it.

Love and Respect Do Not Hinge on Sexuality

I reject the false notion that if I do not celebrate your sexual behavior it means I don’t respect you as a human person. I don’t have to validate your sexual activity in order to treat you with human dignity.

Love does not require that I support all things “LGBTQ.” Love asks each of us to will the good of the other, and act accordingly. Compassion, kindness, generosity, mercy, patience — these virtues do not depend on waving the rainbow flag.

I reject the modern precept that one’s sexual feelings and desires constitute one’s identity. I still believe in physical, objective reality, and the unchanging truth God created us male or female. The one can never “become” the other.

The Truly Silent Voices

Back to Microsoft’s email. It was full of platitudes about support and humanity and being a voice. The irony of that last one was bitter, indeed.

Microsoft Pride Month 2 - 500

Microsoft Pride Month 1 - 500


Hmm … I can think of some silent voices. I can think of people who are brutally dehumanized and disregarded. I can think of people whose very existence is disdained and condemned. True, they are small in size and extreme in dependence. But if sexual preferences do not negate human dignity, why should size or dependence?

Will Microsoft next lend a massive email campaign in support of those people — the unborn? Cue the crickets.

Those millions of silent voices do get a parade each year. But the press consistently ignores it rather than promoting it. Microsoft doesn’t cheer those who march in that parade for being a voice for the voiceless. No, instead the marchers are ignored at best, and often derided and hated for standing up for those millions of silent victims of intolerance and injustice.

So much for human dignity.

I will gladly celebrate treating all people with kindness, respect, and dignity, as love truly asks. That’s a far cry from being compelled to celebrate “Pride.”

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  • Ken Abbott

    “They not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.”

  • Kaz

    Tell them to go pound sand.

  • jgmusgrove

    Nicely said, Jennifer.

  • Charles Burge

    The use of the specific word “pride” always left me a bit befuddled. Sooo… you’re proud to be a deviant pervert? Okaaay…

  • Ted Wright

    Really well said. Really.

  • John Connor

    This entire diatribe sounds like a middle schooler complaining about school!
    Nobody has force fed neither the author or anyone else anything. If you don’t want to celebrate pride month, don’t do it. There are lots of holidays I don’t celebrate to include pride month. But the incessant whining about how oppressing that the evil gays can be, is quite juvenile.

    • chrisinva

      I disagree. It’s projection – for years active homosexuals complained about being “bullied.” Now it’s their turn, and it’s big time.

      Co-workers, fellow students, even strangers – even the Catholic Church (with a largely homosexual clergy, hopefully not actively so).

      I’m an old barroom entertainer. In the 60 and 70s practitioners of sodomy just wanted to be left alone. Fine with me.

      Now they won’t leave us alone. Not fine with me.

      • Jennifer Hartline

        I have to disagree with the “largely homosexual clergy” part. Some, yes. But not largely anymore. By God’s grace, may it be an ever shrinking number.

        • chrisinva

          In April 2002, Wilton Gregory, then bishop of Belleville and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, noted that “there does exist within American seminaries a homosexual atmosphere or dynamic that makes heterosexuals think twice” about entering the priesthood, adding that “it is an ongoing struggle to make sure the Catholic priesthood is not dominated by homosexual men.”

          That was 16 years ago. How many of those homosexual priests are bishops today?

        • True Faith

          The Catholic Church is not so Catholic anymore. It has been totally infiltrated by sodomites and freemasons. This is plain to see.

          • AndRebecca

            What is your definition of a freemason?

    • Patmos

      Said the man filled with pride, completely missing the point.

      That’s the thing about prideful people like John Conner: They can’t see anything but themselves and their own views. They cannot see what jerks they are.

      • John Connor

        Wow. Typical christian attitude. I’m a jerk because I believe differently than you.

        • True Faith

          Unfortunately when one is as dishonest as you were in response to this very clear and intelligent article people tend to lose patience. But it is always amusing when atheists chide Christians for their “typical Christian behaviour”.

          • John Connor

            Show me where I’ve been dishonest

          • AndRebecca

            Well first you said this sounds like a middle-schooler complaining about school, and it does not. The article is well researched and well written, nothing middle-schooler about it… and then you state more untruths after that.

          • John Connor

            Nothing I’ve said is dishonest

          • AndRebecca

            You might try looking up the word honest in a dictionary.

      • Laura

        That’s exactly what you are doing though. You can only see your role in this and your Christian view. But pride is not ABOUT YOU. If people wanna celebrate being LGBTQ after years of oppression and hatred then let them. Just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean they should be silenced.

    • Andy6M

      Not force fed…try telling that to the baker, the florist, the photographer, the marriage commissioner, the students taking progressive sex ed, the CEO who would dare eat a chicken sandwich or the executive who dared donate to proposition 8 efforts, etc etc etc.

  • ARB

    To me, Pride is a deadly sin and a terrible spiritual poison. Indeed, the celebration of Pride is itself what disturbs me most about LGBT activism. It is one thing to fight for decent treatment of homosexuals on the basis that it is irrelevant to employment, etc., or even to argue that it is innate. But to argue for Pride? Does this not thereby sanction all pride in innate, immutable features, a dangerous sin which leads to genuine bigotry? But perhaps many in the LGBT “community” do seek to have their hatred sanctioned.

  • Up_Words

    “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes [visible] is light.”
    (Ephesians 5:11-13)

    For whatever the reason, one may feel offended by a society that establishes mores (especially biblical ones). A thief pommeled in the back of a police car should have his arresting agents arrested, along with himself, and jailed together. The prison chaplain
    should offer grace to both.

    Jennifer’s point goes beyond: I should not be canvased by that offended thief to become one, myself. More, if I notice that all around me, my peers start to become shoplifters, I must exercise my voice to remind them (and myself) that such activity is beneath us. Bad company (society) does tend to corrupt, unless we push back (1 Cor. 15:33). We cannot be neutral in a sewer. Personally, I seek to avoid such an environment.

    If someone pushes my head under, however, I must wash myself off—while offering assistance to those who may have ingested the same—in love.

  • tz1

    But you won’t boycott, or even avoid Microsoft, Google (YouTube), etc.
    There are alternatives but your soul is less important than convenience.
    So I don’t understand this post.
    Pornography is horrible as is abortion but I won’t stop supporting either?

    • AndRebecca

      What is the alternative to Microsoft, google you-tube, etc?

      • Andrew Mason

        DuckDuckGo and other such things allow reduced reliance on Google. And rather than using Microsoft or Apple you can try Unix. Unfortunately many programs are designed solely to run on Microsoft systems.

        • AndRebecca

          Exactly. So, it is practically impossible to get on the net without Microsoft, Google, etc.

  • Chris in NC

    “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most high.”

  • Yossi

    “Pride… goeth before destruction.” Proverbs 16:18.

    • Andrew Mason

      I prefer pride goeth before a fool 🙂

  • Trilemma

    People in the LGBT community should not feel shame for who and what they are. But setting aside a whole month where everyone is supposed to come out and tell them how wonderful and accepted they are seems egotistical if not narcissistic. However, the behavior of some individuals at pride parades should cause feelings of shame.

  • Mason Funk

    Hello all, I’m pretty late to this thread – in fact, it’s the first time I’ve read a post by Jennifer (hi Jennifer). I think I might be the first gay person to respond…and needless to say, it’s a lot. I definitely am more interested than offended by Jennifer’s post. I would enjoy having a civil conversation with anyone interested. In basic terms, I just think the post misunderstands the term pride. Most if not all thoughtful people recognize that pride can be an extremely dangerous trait. I worry all the time about becoming prideful. But to understand what LGBTQ people mean by pride, (a) you’d have to actually sit down and talk with them about it, and (b) you would need to understand that the word means different things to each of us. We do not see pride as something to club people over the heads with. But after years of being told we are wrong (and unloveable) for something that is really fundamental to who we are, I don’t apologize for feeling pride about being gay. And even celebrating it. Not because it makes us any better than anyone else (which it clearly doesn’t — although there are LGBTQ jerks who will act that way), but because I believe the LGBTQ community has actually improved the society we live in, by making sexuality something to be talked about (rather than something seen as shameful and perverse) and by paving the way for all types of people to be more honest and authentic about who they truly are. I know you will not all agree with me on this. Again, I am happy to have meaningful conversations with anyone. I just thought you needed to hear one gay man’s explanation of what pride means to me. God bless.

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