Meet Peter Sonski — The Unknown Christian Candidate

By Dwight Longenecker Published on December 12, 2023

Through the years Christian voters have been attracted to the Democratic Party because the Democrats seemed to stand up for the little guy — the workers, the immigrants, the minorities and the poor.

In the 1970s Peter Sonski — from a blue collar Catholic family — registered as a Democrat because that party’s values seemed aligned with his own concern for the working class, the poor, the marginalized and the needy.

On the other side of the political battleground, many Christians were traditionally attracted to the Republicans because the GOP seemed to stand for traditional family values, seemed better on pro-life issues and upheld patriotic and conservative moral choices.

An American Political Wilderness

However, over the years the Democrats became the politically correct, pro-abortion party while the Republicans seemed to support big business, multi-national corporations and the military-industrial complex, like many other Americans,  Democrat Peter Sonski  felt alienated from both parties.

For over a decade from the mid 1990’s Sonski served as a local elected official, but felt like he was in a political wilderness. Then a friend introduced him to the American Solidarity Party.

When challenged about the viability of third parties, Sonski explained that third parties provide thoughtful alternatives and allow other voices to be heard, and this is important in a democratic system.

As a Catholic Christian, Sonski was aware that his church had a strong tradition of social teaching. That social teaching reflected the values of the gospel onto the contemporary needs of society. The compendium of Catholic social teaching is rooted in the essential God-given value of the family and a concern for both the dignity of the individual and the common good.

A party that was inspired by the full range of Christian concerns would therefore be pro-life in all its aspects — not only in opposition to abortion, but also in support of women and children, care for the environment, concern for the rights of workers, compassion for the poor and homeless and against war, crime and violence of every kind. It would encourage good health and education opportunities for all and discourage economic policies that protected fat cats, pollution, corruption and greedy business moguls.

Looking for a Better Option

In 2018 Sonski discovered The American Solidarity Party — a party founded in 2011 that seeks to hold all these goods in balance — and was elected as their presidential candidate for 2024.

In a recent interview with Real Clear Religion Peter answered why he was running for president. He expressed frustration not only with the two-party system which he called a “duopoly” but especially with the two candidates of those parties. “I think there is a lot of fault those parties have to bear for not looking for better options.”

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When challenged about the viability of third parties, Sonski explained that third parties provide thoughtful alternatives and allow other voices to be heard, and this is important in a democratic system. He admitted that the chances of him moving into the White House in January 2025 are minuscule, but said the race is worth the effort to reach voters who will bring their concerns to the main candidates. Sonski voiced the belief that:

Our campaign is giving a voice for those who are looking for a new way forward. What I will consider a win is if I am able to grow the American Solidarity Party, both in size and in influence: we’ve got to be able to become better known, better respected, and better integrated into communities around the United States.

Peter Sonski’s Challenge

A typical challenge for Sonski is answering those who say a vote for a third party is a wasted vote. “As long as you hold to the view that there are only two parties” Sonski replied, “this will continue to be the case.”

He went on to explain that too many people use their vote negatively. They are voting for the least awful of two very unlikeable candidates. Sonski believes a thoughtful, careful vote for a third party dignifies the voter and turns their pessimistic choice into a hopeful one. “I’d like to provide people this presidential election with an opportunity to vote for something that they value and something they prefer. …and I think [the ASP’s platform] has a broad appeal to the electorate.”

For more information on the American Solidarity Party and Peter Sonski’s campaign visit this link.


Fr. Dwight Longenecker is the pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Greenville, South Carolina. His latest book The Way of the Wilderness Warrior uses the classical hero’s quest to give a plan for spiritual growth.

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