Senator Mazie Hirono Is Right. We Must Intern the Knights of Columbus in Camps

By John Zmirak Published on January 10, 2019

Hawaii Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono has sounded the alarm. American freedom is menaced. By whom? A secretive paramilitary organization named for a genocidal invader. One devoted to controlling the bodies of American women — as surely as ISIS does its captured sex slaves.

This group takes orders from a foreign government. It champions causes starkly at odds with the core American liberty: to look at the “mystery of life,” then shrug and say “Whatever!”, as codified in Justice Anthony Kennedy’s landmark decision, Casey v. Planned Parenthood. Just as bad, this organization demeans the human dignity of millions of fabulous Americans, by rejecting their right to a whole new form of marriage. So the same justice noted in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Yet crucial court decisions such as these, and the freedoms our Founders implicitly guaranteed between the lines of what they wrote and said, are now in danger. President Trump has taken the reckless step of mainstreaming this fringe group, the “Knights of Columbus.” What else can we call it when Trump tries to appoint to a U.S. federal court a member of this neo-feudal hate organization, in the person of Brian Buescher. That’s the “knight” whom Trump wants to serve as a federal District Court judge for Nebraska.

Secret Conquistadors Who Want to Control Women’s Bodies

And Senator Hirono has rightly called out this dangerous concession to un-American values. She publicly asked whether Buescher should be confirmed, given his membership in this armed, uniformed group committed to the code of the Conquistadors.

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This groups has branches all across the country. It holds secret rituals. It has infiltrated thousands of seemingly innocent places of worship. The Knights even funnel money into educational ventures, skewing the curriculum of places such as the John Paul II Institute, in misogynist, homophobic, and transphobic directions. True, it pours money into the center-left online publication Crux, which seems to harm Catholic causes more than help them. But that is surely a smoke screen. Or are we supposed to think it’s just a mistake?

Millions of American women, gays, abortionists, transgender wrestlers, and biotech firms in need of fetal tissue, face threats to their fundamental rights.

No, the Knights are too clever for that. They fund their collusion in politics and media with a nationwide insurance business, that rakes in tens of millions from “ordinary” Americans. The group’s controllers teach them to use a special term for other members. They are not just neighbors or fellow citizens. They are “brother knights.” And where does that leave the rest of us? Out in the cold, wondering what the insiders are really up to. 

It can’t be anything good.  

Defending the Knights, and Bashir Assad

That’s why it’s so shocking to see a liberal Democrat, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, also of Hawaii, come to the defense of this organization. She trotted out the tired clichés of repressive tolerance, suggesting that somehow American law forbids a religious test for public office.

But then perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised. Gabbard has served as the cat’s paw for Syrian dictator Bashir Assad, arguing for the past several years that the U.S. should not liberate Syria on behalf of moderate rebel militias, such as al Qaeda. If Gabbard can’t see how dangerous U.S. inaction is in the Middle East, it’s no wonder she wants to leave Americans vulnerable at home.

Millions of American women, gays, abortionists, transgender wrestlers, and biotech firms in need of fetal tissue, face threats to their fundamental rights. Trump’s effort to slip a stealth conquistador onto a major U.S. court is nothing less than a sneak attack on America. If Buescher gets confirmed, that day will live in infamy.

Force the Knights Out into Daylight

While we’re on that subject, I must say that Sen. Hirono’s well-intentioned efforts seem to me insufficient. She’s right, of course, that we cannot have infiltrators with alien agendas distorting American law. But how safe are we from them elsewhere? Do “knights” work in strategic U.S. industries, such as defense? Do tStream Satire Logo - 360hey hold key decision-making roles in our military? How many airports, sea ports, rail hubs, water plants, power generating facilities, even nuclear plants are secretly run by “knights”?

We must ask, though I hate to sound alarmist: Are there “knights” in the missile silos, holding the keys that could launch World War III? Just imagine, if you will, a Knight of Columbus with that kind of power. Thankfully, our nation has never faced that danger. We must see that it never does.

With all due thanks to Sen. Hirono, we must answer this foreign surprise attack on our basic values with much more decisive measures. There is historical precedent, and federal authority, for interning the Knights as potential enemy combatants or saboteurs. (Likewise their spouses, the sinister-sounding Columbiettes, and their younger recruits, the “Squires.”)

In fact, a network of safe, humane holding facilities still exists as a legacy of America’s war against fascism. Until we get a firm handle on the threat that these feudal militarists really pose, it make sense to keep them concentrated, where they can be closely observed.

I trust that Senator Hirono will join me in supporting this prudent measure to ensure America’s liberty, safety, and tolerance. Let’s do this for the children. 


John Zmirak is a first-degree Knight of Columbus.

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