Marina Sirtis Wonders About Our Direct Line to God

By Jennifer Hartline Published on November 7, 2017

Actress Marina Sirtis made this snide remark on Twitter Sunday:

God doesn’t seem to be listening? Is that it, Marina? Or is it the failure of those doing the asking? Are you asking?

What Would You Have God Do?

What is it you’d like God to do? What do you expect from Him?

First, how about a little national assessment. Presently in America:

We kill babies in the name of “choice.” After more than forty years of “choice,” nearly 59 million children have been extinguished. Abortion has become a billion-dollar industry.

Sex must be made sterile through contraception, be entirely unrestricted and without obligation. Soon, some perverted adults will discover the “rights” of children to express themselves sexually, and age of consent laws will all but disappear. (Just watch. It’s coming.)

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Going on five decades of no-fault divorce, the family has been decimated, children left fatherless and abandoned, and the door was flung wide open to obliterate the meaning of marriage entirely.

Two people of any sex can marry one another. Soon it will be three or more people. Soon after that it will be people and robots, or people and animals. How can it not be? If “love is love…” Next up is the normalization of pedophilia.

Girls in school are no longer allowed to be uncomfortable with boys in their restrooms or locker rooms with them. Girls and women in general are no longer allowed to want or require privacy from males while showering, dressing or using the bathroom. They are branded intolerant bigots for wanting such outdated norms of propriety, decency and safety.

From Kindergarten on up, our children are being taught that they can decide whether they are a boy or girl or neither any time they like, and it doesn’t matter at all what their physical body tells them. They are forcibly indoctrinated into Trans-ideology, even over the objection of their parents, and resistance is considered hateful. Opting-out is not allowed.

Storytime at the public library subjects children to a drag queen in full makeup and an obscene dress. The innocence and latency of children is assaulted with perverse and inhuman sexual ideology, and the adults applaud.

We are scared and desperate, for sure. Our nation has lost its way.

The medical community is eager to chemically and surgically butcher the healthy bodies of young kids who mistakenly believe they were born “in the wrong body.” I assume that soon doctors will cease trying to medically treat anorexic patients and simply affirm them in their delusional and deadly belief that they are obese.

Hollywood has the temerity to rake in 7-figure fortunes promoting ever-more graphic and violent sex on screen and then act shocked and appalled when the powerful among them turn out to be abusive predators.

Pornography is destroying men and women and children at a rate worse than any epidemic of disease in human history.

Children are committing suicide. Children are taking their own lives in despair, often having been bullied and tormented by peers who seem totally incapable of any empathy or kindness.

And yes, hatred and violence are spilling over into the streets, into places of business and gathering, into churches, and into our schools. Murder comes in a blaze of bullets, and no one is safe.

We are scared and desperate, for sure. Our nation has lost its way.

God Longs to Save, but the Choice is Ours

Our turmoil as a nation isn’t God’s fault. It isn’t because He has ignored or abandoned us.

It is because we have ignored and rejected Him, and given Him the middle finger in so many ways. We can hardly defy God at every turn and still expect His blessings on our land.

It may be a newsflash to many, but God isn’t here to serve us. He isn’t the waiter who brings what we order. He isn’t the doorman standing ready to greet us as we come and go. He is not the repairman we call only when things break down.

Sin brings consequences, and God will not spare us those consequences. The good news is, holiness brings blessing and healing.

He doesn’t owe us a bloomin’ thing, yet He has withheld nothing from us, including His own flesh and blood.

He is Almighty, Sovereign God. There is none beside Him. He is worthy of all our praise and worship and obedience. It is not for Him to serve us, it is for us to serve Him.

Sin brings consequences, and God will not spare us those consequences. The good news is, holiness brings blessing and healing. Obedience brings peace. And if our nation is looking for a good “direct line to God,” why don’t we start here:

“If my people who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 (emphasis mine)

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