Yes, We Really Do Have That Many Sex Predators

Because power corrupts and absolute star power corrupts absolutely

By David Mills Published on December 6, 2017

Can so many famous men be such creeps? Handsy guys who say creepy things to women, and sometimes to men? Molesters? Rapists? Serial rapists? Does American public life really promote so many predators to power and influence? 

Yes. More, undoubtedly, than we know or will ever know. A lot, lot more.

Even King David

King David was one of the good guys, one of the Bible’s biggest heroes. Yet even he was the kind of sexual predator who could appear in a breaking news story.

We see him at work in the story of Bathsheeba. First he watched the poor woman taking a bath. That’s creepy enough, but creepers gonna creep.

It gets worse. He seduced  her, maybe raped her. When she got pregnant, he tried to trick her husband Uriah into thinking the child was his. When that didn’t work, he murdered the man. The brute killed one of his loyal soldiers.

Then he went on with life as if nothing had happened, except he had a hot new wife to add to all the other wives in the harem. In fact he seems to have thought himself a great champion of the down-trodden. When the prophet Nathan reported that a rich man had stolen a poor man’s only sheep to feed a guest, David wanted the rich man executed. Of course, as Nathan said, David was that rich man.

And he was a man God Himself called a man after His own heart. David is a hero. He was a hero before he started spying on naked women. If even David went so wrong, Matt Lauer, John Conyers, Bill O’Reilly, Roy Moore and everyone else — millions of others — can go so wrong.

David repented. He had been pretty much as bad as a man could be, but he turned to God in genuine sorrow for his sins. 

But even so: David had to live with the effects of his sin. His preying on Bathsheeba hurt her and her family first, then his family, his city, his entire nation. God forgave him his sins, but He didn’t erase the past. All Israel suffered because David took something he couldn’t have.

We know that they infest the worlds of politics and entertainment, including that branch of entertainment called the news. Lauer, Conyers, O’Reilly, Moore. Businesses also. Churches, schools, too. Pretty much every major institution in America.

We can’t be surprised. First, many men want sex and power. They lust both to possess the bodies of women and to control and dominate them. That’s fallen humanity. Tens of millions of men with the power to abuse means millions of men abusing.

Second, look how many predators and abusers operate in normal life. Ever work behind a counter? Sit typing in an office? Depend on tips? Work pretty much anywhere you weren’t in charge? Then you should know.

Powerful People Treat People Like Objects

Anyone shocked by these stories “is dumb,” blogger Leticia Adams wrote on Facebook. “Anybody who has waited tables anywhere can tell you that powerful men and women treat people like objects, because they do. It can be bartending at the Landing Strip or waiting tables at Olive Garden, there are always those people. I am shocked that anyone is shocked.”

Why? Because as everyone knows, power tends to corrupt. Most of us have suffered the effects of people with power. Even a tiny bit can be enough. Ask any waiter. Ask my colleague Al Perrotta.

If power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Who has power, in some cases almost absolute power? Who can get away with almost anything? Which people enjoy the favor of other powerful people? Who can abuse lots of people who can’t fight back?

Celebrities. Biggies. Stars. Powerful men and women in politics, the news media, entertainment, religion, business. 

Operators in the Darkness

Power lets men and women operate in the darkness. When you’re a star, your bosses cover up for you, because they need you to make them look good and to keep making money for them. They can’t afford to let you embarrass them.

Your agent and p.r. people cover up for you because that’s what they do. Your lawyers too. They lie, they sell illusions, and you pay them well to do that. Your troubles means money in their pockets.

The people around you probably won’t say anything. Those at your level almost certainly won’t. (They certainly didn’t in Hollywood and D.C.) The bosses will be angry at them. And if you go down, they might go down and they like their jobs too much to risk losing them just over a sex abuser. Good jobs are hard to find. They might also cover up for you just because exposing you would take too much effort.

The people under you cover up for you because you scare them. You can hurt them. They need the job or want the next job up the ladder. You can send them out the door with their things in a box. Your bosses and your peers won’t protect them.

Matt Lauer etc. could all do that to other people. But — and this is crucial — not just $20 million a year celebrities like him and senators and other masters of the universe. Almost everyone has power over someone else. The big fish in the smallest pond can still be a shark.

The weaselly boss at the warehouse has his chances to exploit and abuse, even if he can’t do it on the industrial scale of a Harvey Weinstein. He’s a celebrity at the warehouse. Some people support him and some people depend on him. Others fear him. He wants to prey on vulnerable women, that’s all he needs.

That’s one reason I say we have more predators than we know or ever will know. Fallen men want what they should not have, and many will take it anyway.

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  • m-nj

    One of the biggest new outrages in this whole saga is Rep Conyers wanting one of his relatives (his son) to take his seat. The gall of these people! The sense of entitlement! END THESE CROOKED DYNASTIES NOW!

    • Chip Crawford

      Oh, bad thing about that … turns out the son won’t be able to do it — a domestic charge against him is disqualifying … sheesh A clear case for term limits in the middle of all of this.

    • Bryan

      Actually the idea of a family member or spouse taking over the remainder of a term for a congressman is not new. It’s been done in the past when a congressman has died before the end of his term until the time when a special election can be held or the regular election takes place. It’s been done on both sides of the aisle I believe and I think it’s written into the by laws of Congress if not specifically in the Constitution. It’s certainly not a new phenomenon and follows with tradition. I don’t think it’s galling or entitled or an outrage. It’s simply Congress acting on it’s traditions and history.
      Now whether you or I or the people of Rep Conyers district wants his son to be in Congress or if he is even eligible to take the seat (as Chip Crawford mentions below) are separate questions.
      I do agree that lifetime term limits should be discussed for Congress as well.

  • tz1

    Lewis in Abolition of Man quipped, “We laugh at honor and are surprised to find traitors in our midst”.
    We used to have chastity, virginity, and because we knew young men and women were fallen we had chaperones.
    Remember all the derision over Mike Pence when it came out he wouldn’t dine or otherwise be alone with a woman not his wife?
    Do we have the same kinds of problems at Brigham Young U that are at Oberlin?

    Women also want sex and power but have different standards. What about the cute assistant that works with the older executive that then divorces his wife and family to run off with her? I remember Agee from Bendix and Lee Iacoca from long ago. The parallel problem is that accusations of sexual misconduct – aimed at the right people – are just as destructive. Duke LaCrosse? Rolling Stone’s Jackie? Mattress Girl (Emma Sulkowitz)?

    We are evil and crazy. We want society and culture to be one big debauch, but want it to all be consensual? We NEED contraception (Sandra Fluke apparently could not live without having sex). We need abortion? But we also need to take accusations of rape seriously, even when it is at best he-said she-said, or where there is lots of evidence of consent.

    Christians, and even secular Victorians have a point. Even in other cultures across Europe, Africa, and Asia, sex is not a commodity. Because when sex becomes a commodity, people become objects.

    So choose – we either need to go Victorian with modern technology (so we can know if an accusation of rape is true), – or keep the hookup culture where the constantly shifting sands of “consent” move, including and especially for people with power that make indecent proposals – Consent to sleep with me and you will be a rich star, or don’t consent and be a starving forgotten actress.

  • Jason McCord

    The thing is now ‘everyman’ is a predator. Judged, tried, and convicted, without a chance. The most innocent gesture will be taken as a hostile sexual action.

  • carpenter

    Gratuitously including Judge Moore with these people is shameful. Don’t you follow the news? He is innocent until proven guilty. Currently, the testimony of the TWO women who accused him of a crime have been found to be very suspect. The others have accused him of inappropriate behavior because he was so much older than them, but when his attentions were re-buffed he desisted. You are guilty of the same kind of trial by innuendo as we have come to expect ( and denounce) from the MSM. If it turns out that he is guilty of a crime, then and only then should he be punished.

  • Richard W Comerford

    Moore or Mills?

    Today some 3 -4,000 babies will be murdered in their mothers’ wombs with nary a word from the members of the Catholic elite like Mills. More than half will be babies of color. 800-1,800 will be black babies. That is some 60-million baby murders since Roe v Wade. Jesse Jackson, before he became a member of the Democrat elite, called this slaughter “genocide”. A genocide aimed at blacks and Catholics.

    Moore, not a Catholic, very strongly opposes the racist slaughter of American babies in their mothers’ wombs.

    Mill, a member of the Catholic elite, like most of his class, is simply embarrassed by the whole subject of racist genocide in America and just wishes it would go away. After all the Catholic elites get most of their money not from the pews (15% according to the Economist) but from Democrats in government (85% according to the Economist).

    And of course Moore’s Democrat opponent is fanatically in favor of racist genocide via abortion.

    So who will fair better on Judgement Day – Moore or Mills.

    I say pray, pray very hard, for Mills.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

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