Make Men Masculine Again: Demonizing Masculinity is Not the Solution

By The Stream Published on August 8, 2018

Proponents of modern feminism tell us that men are toxic and that masculinity should be snuffed out. But is that really the best solution to the problems in our world?

In a new video for Prager University, Allie Stuckey, host of Allie on CRTV, delivers an emphatic “no.” Stuckey says, “Bad men don’t become good when they stop being men; they become good when they stop being bad.” The answer, then, “isn’t less masculinity; it’s better masculinity.”

How can we work against the evils committed by men in this world? By encouraging good men to stand up. As Stuckey says, “It’s not masculinity that’s toxic. It’s the lack of it.”

Be sure to watch the full video above and visit PragerU on YouTube to see more of their insightful video commentaries.

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  • john appleseed

    Pager has released many very good videos.
    This is one of their all-time best.
    Allie Stuckey is godly and smart.

  • Charles Burge

    I heard a great comment recently but I forget where. Someone had pointed out that the recent rescue of the boys from that cave in Thailand demonstrated why the world needs strong men.

  • tz1

    Make Women Feminine again. Not Feminists.
    Grrl power is today “I can do anything you do”, but I don’t see them running heavy equipment, doing hard work outside in the heat or cold or rain, Mining, or doing risky jobs. They demand to be treated “equally” but then complain to HR when the normal male assertiveness occurs that they are being harassed.

    See “Hypergamy” and MGTOW “Men going their own way”.

    As this is a church site, WHAT ABOUT MAN-FAULT DIVORCE? (aka no-fault). Leave and get cash an prizes. Why is it 70-30 women over men or worse instead of 50-50? Also see SecondClassCitizen dot org and watch the video.

    Women get pregnant and can abort, but if they keep the child, the man (assuming she fingers the right man instead of a cuckold) is on the hook for 18 years of support.

    Men have been made slaves because for all the talk of “equality”, the women cry to the family court judges and those judges white-knight since men are toxic.

    Men have realized this. With the few exceptions, mainly Momon and Trad Catholic, or similar hard Evangelical, the women are out of control.

    Why NOTHING ANYWHERE on “Toxic Feminity”? AKA Feminism?

    • Hmmm…

      ” … is on the hook for 18 years of support.” On what basis should a man not be responsible (on the hook, you say) for a child they father. You appear to slough off the partnering result to women, hoping they will abort. And, are you saying that if they don’t, well, it’s all on them because they didn’t?

      • Nobody Specific

        I am not here to condemn or defend tz1. I don’t know him and so I won’t try and guess exactly where he is coming from. There are many good arguments for supporting life. Some will be received better by some individuals than others. If his argument is that requiring men in virtual all cases to support their children while mothers can be permitted abdicate that responsibility is inconsistent; I can hardly disagree. If your broader argument is that if we hold the care and maintenance of children is important enough to use the force of government to compel fathers to it; than why would condone elective abortions for women let alone supporting that with tax dollars – I think its a good argument. Stripping away every consideration about faith, dignity, sanctity, and value and looking at things in terms of purely abstract logic these two social policies cannot exist together as one belies the justifications for the other.

        Of course the answer is fathers should support their children, mothers should support their children (at a bear minimum from conception to birth). If there is a problem with Tz1’s view its that he is seeing these things in the contexts of rewards and punishments. I think we should strive to look at the world more in terms of actions and consequences. Our reward is eternal life in harmony with our creator. The Good news is that is a participation trophy! He paid our ransom so all we need to do is seek Christ; to find Christ is to love him.

        Which brings us to love. Loving someone is a conscious decision to always give them your best, you do it when its hard, you do it when they make it hard, you do it when you don’t want to for whatever reason and above all you do it when you do want to! Loving Christ is exactly the same. The wonderful thing about Christ is that even when we fail to love we have assurance of his unconditional love and forgiveness of us. In other words we are secure in the knowledge he we will love us when we make it hard.

        In the mean time here on earth we have been given the Scripture which teaches us how best to love and live. When we fallow it things generally go better for us as individuals. However when any of us act out side of it and sin there are consequences and sometimes those negative consequences fall on those besides the sinner. This is not say we will not be given or encounter many blessing. It is not suggest that God can not or will not work blessings for acts that began in sin. God has a plan and each of us, and all of us, are far to small to thwart it. As example I know lots of single parents, all of whom would declare their children to be a blessing in their lives; yet most of them experienced a great deal of pain and hardship initially, much of which could have been avoided had they followed the traditional path of marriage laid out for us. Those trials however I do not think were punishments or judgements on them – they were simply natural consequences of their actions.

        So there we are ultimately God has given us enough instruction to know the natural order of things is for parents to love and care for their children (sometimes that might mean things like adoption). Sex exists for procreative purposes and strengthen marital bonds. When we use it for other things there are consequences. What we need to remember is that we should approach the resulting situation by loving; that will make things get better. Continuing to do things that are wrong like killing our unborn children, abandoning our children and their mothers will not make things better! It might in the very finite sense of this world make things better for you personal for a short time but other will suffer for it. Moreover you may suffer for it – eternally. You don’t get the participation trophy if you choose not to participate! That is not say if you one day recognize the error of you ways and rejoin Christ in love you won’t be forgiven – of course you would – but you will find it more difficult to do that the more you sin and you never know when you might run out of time.

      • tether

        I think one of the complaints I often hear is that the father of an unborn child has no legal say in the decision to or not to abort the unborn child. Today the woman is free to murder the baby with out the fathers consent. So the father is legally left out of a decision that determines the future of their child yet are legally financially obligated to the results. Not that he shouldn’t support his child but rather that he should have a say in the life of his child pre and post birth.

  • Ian

    I think the core message this is trying to get at – we need good men, not feminine men – is something every feminist I know (aka every woman I know) would agree with. Maybe not the extreme feminists who shout the loudest, but definitely the rest of them.

    What I and those feminists might take issue with in the video is the conflation of being feminine with being weak or passive; or that it’s innate for women to look UP to their husband instead of as equal. What are assigned here as masculine qualities – provider, protector, leader, as well as risk taker, etc. – are great qualities for anyone to have, not just men. It’s great for men to be those things (which traditionally they are), or women to be those things. I’m hoping it wasn’t the intent of the video to suggest otherwise, but that’s definitely how it came across.

  • Mark Kowalewski

    This video fails in several ways. Notice women play dodge ball. Notice women now participate in every sport men do to include the more physical. Notice women serve in the military. Notice women are just as much the bread winners in the family. Carly Fiorina for example. She can make a good CEO? But a good head of household? Why is that?

    Answer this……if women are tough enough to serve on the front lines in combat and play ice hockey, can you explain why she needs the strength of a man to open the door for her? Can you explain why Carly Fiorina needs me to pay for her meal? My father paid for my mother because she was prepping to be a stay-at-home-mom. She had no money to pay.

    Sorry, but the continuous male bashing needs to stop…….or at least, it must involve a serious consideration of “Where have all the feminine women gone?”

  • Chip Crawford

    Thankfully, there are many in our culture who never went for feminism or dumbing down for men. It is to the credit of the Body of Christ alive in our nation and world. People of relationship with the Father through Jesus have the original before them, which bears good fruit, and easily discern the flaws of the counterfeit.

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