Many in the Mainstream Media Lack the Integrity to Cover the Planned Parenthood Scandal Honestly

By Amelia Hamilton Published on August 6, 2015

Tuesday, the Center for Medical Progress released their fifth video exposing Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby parts. In some circles, these videos are being widely discussed, a topic all but ubiquitous at many of our social media feeds and web browsing destinations. For many, however, this is a non-story. Many haven’t heard about it, or are hearing such a distorted version that it comes off as a different story completely. Why? Because Planned Parenthood has asked the media not to cover it, and far too many in the mainstream media lack the integrity to cover it honestly. This isn’t just a conservative complaint. Even liberal Camille Paglia has denounced the lack of coverage as “shockingly unprofessional.”

Some, like CNN for example, did cover the story but in a way that downplayed what the video contained. The headlines used terms such as “anti-abortion” rather than “pro-life” to describe the group behind the sting videos. Shooting the messenger has been the first line of defense since the first video dropped, so this is not surprising. The CNN article also used phrases like “clearly edited” and “heavily edited,” which is hardly notable in any video release. 

Here is the only tweet from @CNN which even referenced Planned Parenthood:

What about the major networks?

ABC News didn’t tweet anything about it, but they did mention Cecil the lion and big game hunting four times.

NBC News tweeted this:

They tweeted this twice:

Finally, they tweeted this, but not one mention of the videos.

Let’s check in with CBS News. They did use the slanted term “anti-abortion,” but at least they tweeted about the controversy.

Now, a look at some of the biggest newspapers in America:

Really, Wall Street Journal? That’s the ethical issue here?

The New York Times never mentioned the videos, but they sure had plenty to say about Planned Parenthood and abortion since yesterday.

Just in case you missed it, that was tweeted again and again…and again.

Then, they shifted to defending Planned Parenthood.

Finally, USA Today also mentioned Jeb Bush’s comment but carefully excised Planned Parenthood from the picture:

Fortunately, there are some who aren’t afraid to speak the truth. Unfortunately, they’re not on the mainstream news outlets. On Fox News’ The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld demolished one of the more popular talking points: that these pieces of unborn babies would otherwise go to waste. “The argument for fetal tissue ends with the consequence,” Gutfeld said, “‘It’s a shame to let it go to waste.’ You are then making a moral case against abortion because, in order to let something go to waste, you already consider it valuable. You can’t let something go to waste if its waste.” Gutfeld said “What you’re doing is you’re defending people who cannot defend themselves.” To end his monologue, he said to women considering abortion, “You do not have the right to decide whether or not the heart or the liver goes anywhere just to appease your guilt.”

What about your guilt, media? Did you get into that line of work so that you could advance an agenda? Try doing your job. It feels pretty good.

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