Like Jeremiah Wept for Israel, I’m Weeping for America

By James Robison Published on January 29, 2023

Like the prophet Jeremiah wept over Israel, I’m weeping on the situation where I am. But I’m also praying with trust and faith in the power of God and his resurrection power to rise up in the life of every truly born from above believer. So that we allow him to fill us to overflowing with his Spirit. So that his life and his love and his transforming truth begins to flow freely through us like a river. And we stand up like a mighty army clothed in righteousness — His — with the armor of God and the shield of faith and the word of God going forth like a sword, like a surgeon’s scalpel, from our very mouths. And we stand against the gates of hell victoriously, effectively, not allowing those gates to prevail. We can take back the land we gave the enemy access to. We can bring back the scattered sheep into the shelter of the shepherd. The Lord himself.

Watch the video above and commit yourself to the fact that his kingdom has come and his will can be done on his earth for his glory if we just let that power flow freely.

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