Light is Featured in Darkness

By Dudley Hall Published on February 6, 2019

As I backed out of my driveway early this morning, I noticed that the carriage lights outside the garage were still on, though it was daylight. They had done their job during the night of dispelling the darkness around our house. But, they were still shinning, hardly noticeable.

“I’ll bet they are sad,” I thought as I decided I would not reopen the garage to turn them off. My sweet wife will notice soon and hit the switch. They aren’t very that effective in the daylight. Hardly noticeable. They do their best work in the dark. If they were animated, they would probably tell with delight that the darkness is their chance to shine.

Moral blindness is not our friend. If offers cover for all kinds of wickedness, which destroys everything beautiful in our culture. Darkness has always been a metaphor for decay, deception, and destruction. Only in the light where truth reigns can we live as humans are designed to live. We don’t actively invite darkness. Neither do we despair when darkness has crept in.

Jesus is the light that enlightens all people without distinction.

In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:4-5

When he came to earth, it was during a dark night in history. He was a brightness greater than the world had ever seen. He didn’t just tell the truth. He is the truth; living truth. His own people did not receive him gladly, but those, both Jews and Gentiles, who received him became reflections of his light. Wherever these lights have gone, darkness has been pushed back. Ignorance, fear, superstition, tyranny, and wickedness has receded. Without such light, civilizations stumble in darkness.

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We have always done our best work in darkness. We have confidence that light can’t be extinguished by darkness — ever. We dare not shrink back just because darkness has increased in intensity and influence. The light of truth and grace has shown in our hearts, so we shine in our world. We are not selling a product for profit. Nor are we competing with various forms of human opinion. Light exposes all forms of darkness. We don’t even have to be experts in analyzing the darkness. Light chases all darkness.

Sadly, many who have believed in Jesus have concluded that the daylight will last forever. They have kept their light hidden. It is getting dark. It is time to turn on the light. We don’t have to fight the darkness with anger and revenge. We just act in accordance with who we are. The love in our hearts is stronger than the hatred in the hearts of those captured by evil. The truth we share is stronger than all the arguments made against the truth. The wisdom that is ours by virtue of sharing life with Jesus can overcome any complexity darkness has created.

There is a sound from heaven to the people of God. I think it says, “It’s getting dark. Turn on the light. It is time to brighten up.” We do our best work in the darkness.   

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