Liberal Christians are the Life of the Infanticide Party

By John Zmirak Published on February 27, 2019

The Democrats are now the Infanticide party. They ought to just up and rename themselves. Of course they won’t. So I hope that President Trump and other Republicans do it for them. Start Tweeting and making statements that casually plug in “Infanticides” for “Democrats.”

They must keep doing it, keep forcing the media and the left to denounce them for it, and count each sputter of outrage as a win. Because that very word, “infanticide,” describes exactly what the Democrats now favor, and it’s one they don’t want you to hear. So let’s force CNN, ABC News, Salon and The New Yorker to print it, if only to attack us for daring to use it. Each time, we win.

The Party of Nothing

Back when Seinfeld was airing new episodes, Bill Clinton claimed that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” Larry David’s spinoff, Curb Your Enthusiasm, is still on the air. But Democrats now are committed to abortion up through birth and beyond. So they voted last week.

That didn’t take long, is all I’m saying. The Democrats’ old pretense — “We only want to remove a clump of cells from rape and incest victims to save their lives”— gave way to the stark logic that underlay their position all along. The party line is: “We want to let newborn babies who somehow survived abortions die slowly and painfully of neglect, if that’s what their mothers want.”

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We can’t let the left live this down. Not now, not ever. It’s as if the Republican party had moved, in the time since U2’s album Achtung Baby, from favoring border patrols, to handing out rifles to vigilantes in Texas, and giving them free rein to shoot immigrants on sight.

Of course, the parallels aren’t perfect.

Ensuring the Child Is Dead

The pro-abortion position always finally did culminate in infanticide, since its sole criterion was always solely the wishes of the mother. Her arbitrary, absolute freedom “to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.” (That’s from Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the decision on which legal abortion rests to this day.)

If you aren’t willing to grant a human child’s personhood at conception, or even when his brainwaves start, why should his emergence from the birth canal make any difference? The point of abortion isn’t just to escape the nuisances of pregnancy. It’s ultimately about ensuring the child is dead. So the mother doesn’t have to worry what will happen to him, or fear that he’ll track her down someday. Instead, she can try to forget about him.

Home Invaders Are Human Beings

The position that the U.S. (like other countries, such as Mexico) should have borders which it enforces? It does not logically culminate in Texans hunting Mexicans for sport. Nor deny the human status of illegal immigrants. It just tries to limit their freedom of movement — as the locks on your door limit the freedom of hobos to move on into your home. You know that intruders, burglars, and home invaders are people. But you want to lock them out.

The New Pro-Lynching Lobby

So let’s imagine that this just happened last week. Let’s say that the following 10 Catholic senators were members of an ugly new, pro-death GOP:

  • Maria Cantwell, WA
  • Dick Durbin, IL
  • Kirsten Gillibrand, NY
  • Tim Kaine, VA
  • Patrick Leahy, VT
  • Ed Markey, MA
  • Catherine Cortez Masto, NV
  • Bob Menendez, NJ
  • Patty Murray, WA
  • Jack Reed, RI

(In fact, these are the Infanticide Catholic senators who voted against the GOP Born Alive bill.) 

Imagine they were just the key votes in beating a bill that would have forced the Border Patrol to rescue and try to treat any immigrants shot down by vigilantes along the border. Instead, they must leave them to die, if that’s what the Americans who’d shot them said was their “choice.”

In all my future columns, I will stop using the word “Democrats” entirely, and call these people exactly what they are: Infanticides. I urge you to do the same. Not just in writing, but ordinary conversation with friends and family.

I just want to pause there for a moment. Really roll that idea around in your heads. It’s not so crazy. For decades, segregationist senators blocked federal anti-lynching laws. And now they’ve just done it again. The same party blocked the same kind of law, for comparable reasons.

A Bishop Who’s Actually … Catholic

You can bet that if senators from this new, pro-death GOP blocked such a bill, their opponents would hold them accountable. Religious leaders would be kicking Republicans out of their churches. Bishops would be ordering them not to receive Holy Communion. And rightly so.

I am glad to report that at least one Catholic bishop is acting correctly towards the Infanticide senator of who’s part of his flock. The courageous Illinois Bishop Thomas Paprocki announced that Sen. Dick Durbin may not receive Holy Communion. Read this detailed interview with Bishop Paprocki, where he explains his decision. You’ll see the lucid distinctions and clear moral vision that real Christian faith entails.Bishop-Paprocki

Of course this isn’t the first time that Durbin has voted for death, and Paprocki has rebuked him. The bishop already banned Durbin from Communion on those grounds. He’s just rebuking the sinner yet again, in the hope perhaps that crossing the line into infanticide might shock his near-dead conscience. I’m afraid that the good bishop is merely electrifying a frog in the lab, which makes his legs jump. But it doesn’t give life.

A Cardinal Who Spins for Planned Parenthood

It didn’t help that the last time Paprocki publicly called out Durbin for backing death, Paprocki’s local archbishop, Pope Francis’ protégé Cardinal Blaise Cupich, jumped in to help Durbin with damage control. Not two weeks after Paprocki told Durbin that his sinful, evil votes made him utterly unworthy to receive the Body of Christ, Cupich did a highly publicized video call with Durbin. To rebuke him? No, of course not. To thank Durbin for his position on immigration. And to wink at Catholic voters in Illinois, letting them know which issue really mattered to the Cardinal.

You shouldn’t be shocked. Cardinal Cupich helped out Planned Parenthood itself. When the worst of David Daleiden’s videos exposing that group’s traffic in baby parts emerged, Cupich joined Planned Parenthood’s spin machine. He published a column in The Chicago Tribune equating the sale of butchered babies to … Republicans’ support for gun rights and border enforcement.

What Will Cardinal Cupich Do?

So what I’m wondering now is how Cupich will carry water for Durbin and other Infanticides, who support the Cardinal on the issues he really cares about. If this were Twitter, I’d make up a poll. Feel free to cast your votes in the Comments section below.

Now that Bishop Paprocki has again banned Sen. Dick Durbin from Holy Communion, this time for supporting infanticide, how will Cardinal Cupich try to help Durbin politically?

  1. Another video call, this time thanking Durbin for his position on the Border Wall?
  2. A pastoral visit to Durbin’s local legislative office, bringing him Holy Communion as if he were a homebound patient?
  3. Marching with Durbin and a contingent of leather drag queens dressed as nuns, in the upcoming Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade?
  4. A touching and tasteful duo ice dance with Durbin, performed to The Lion King’s “Circle of Life,” on the theme of “the Seamless Garment,” as represented by a huge, Liberace-style sequined cape, which will join the two performers?

Since this is Illinois we’re talking about, please vote early and often.

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