Lena Dunham’s Upcoming Snowflake Ridge Will Celebrate Anti-Trump Protestors

A Satirical Take

By John Zmirak Published on November 13, 2016

In the divisive build-up to the 2016 election, one of the few issues on which millions of Americans could agree was the beauty and power of Mel Gibson’s “comeback” film, Hacksaw Ridge. Currently the number three movie in America, Hacksaw Ridge grabbed the hearts of critics and movie audiences alike. Joe Morgenstern wrote of the film in The Wall Street Journal: “Impassioned patriotism and religious conviction constitute the core of Hacksaw Ridge, a stirring — and surpassingly violent — dramatization of the life of Desmond T. Doss, the first conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honor.” Ted Baehr’s biblically-grounded Movieguide called it a “powerful Christian war movie … about the importance of not compromising one’s values, faith, and commitment to God.”

Movie buffs learned yesterday that they won’t have to wait long for a sequel — one that mirrors the heroism of Desmond Doss and his fellow courageous soldiers, but in a contemporary context. Girls creator Lena Dunham announced on Friday that she will be writing and directing a docudrama about the post-election anti-Trump protests with the working title Snowflake Ridge. In an interview with Variety, Dunham said:

When America was attacked at Pearl Harbor, millions of people across the country were triggered. Suddenly, no place in America — not even sunny Hawaii! — was really a safe space. I have been to Hawaii. I can only imagine how shocking it was for our great-great-great grandparents or something to see their beaches strafed, their hotels bombed by German planes, and the threat of the Holocaust suddenly facing them. And given how culturally diverse Hawaii is, that attack was also blatantly racist. No wonder so many socially conscious Americans wanted to stand up and tell Hitler, “Hey, not so much!”

Snowflake Ridge will capture the tense days after the 2016 election stolen by Republican Donald Trump from Dunham’s personal friend Hillary Clinton. “I bring more to this as a documentarian than most,” Dunham explained. “I am a participant-witness. I was with Hillary the next day. She was stunned, and could barely speak. She just sat there staring at an electoral votes map, clawing sometimes at those weird flyover states around Oberlin. It was totally sad. Poor Huma was sobbing uncontrollably, begging the Secret Service men not to send her back to Riyadh.” Dunham paused for a moment to regain her composure. “I’m one of millions of American women who just suffered electoral gang-rape,” she averred.

“I was with Hillary the next day. She was stunned, and could barely speak. She just sat there staring at an electoral votes map, clawing sometimes at those weird flyover states around Oberlin. It was totally sad.”

Dunham said that Snowflake Ridge will depict the patriotic response of millions of American residents to the 2016 attack on their basic freedoms. “College students boycotting really interesting classes, diverse coalitions of urban citizens sitting down in the face of moving Ubers on the street, to announce ‘No Business as Usual.’ Millions of Internet users fearlessly affixing their handles to online petitions aimed at the Electoral College.” Dunham said. “Guerilla movements of trans people, queer people of color, undocumented residents, Muslim-Americans and government employees are standing up against this power grab by the agents of patriarchy, forced pregnancy, and xenophobia. They are pulling the Trump hats off the underdeveloped heads of America’s Neanderthals and stomping them into the dust.”

The story arc of Snowflake Ridge will follow real-life Hampshire College student Cora Segal, as she accompanies a brave platoon of her fellow Millennials, drawn from private liberal arts colleges across the country. They deploy in New York City for a risky attack on Trump Tower in Manhattan. Segal is best known to her fellow social justice warriors by the nom de guerre “Triggly Puff.” Here is a clip from an early scene in the film, where Segal confronts white cisgendered authoritarian misogynist Christina Hoff Sommers who threatens students on campus [warning: profane language]:


“I chose Cora because she is already really famous for her free speech activism on campus,” Dunham said. “And also because she’s a lot like Desmond Doss.” Dunham explained that Segal has private convictions that forbid the use of violent, illegal force. “And you’d think that would disqualify her from service. But you’d be surprised. … Okay, no spoilers, people!” Dunham said, descending into incomprehensible giggles.

Recovering her composure, Dunham explained. “You will see those fearless Americans face down the guns of Trump’s private security guards, racist cops, and federal goons, and make their voices heard. You’ll see them take down those bigots’ precious flag and burn it, and paint their message of freedom right on Trump’s tacky, cheap marble walls in bright red paint that’s so hard to wash off. Trust me.”

Sources close to the project said that Segal’s non-violent convictions led her to avoid hurling rocks or bottles at police, but that she showed true heroism in rescuing fellow demonstrators from arrest, and conveying them safely to Canada. Political refugees seeking asylum in Canada will be played by dozens of major Hollywood stars who will make unpaid cameo appearances, Dunham promised. “You might see some familiar faces, that’s all I’m sayin’!”

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