Leftists Ramping Up the Violence: How Long Until They Kill Somebody?

Not long

By William M Briggs Published on April 26, 2017

How long before somebody gets killed by an enraged leftist? Let’s start a pool. I’ll be the bookie (the only sure way to make money).

Odds on a killing in the next six months, 7 to 1 against; from six months to a year, 4 to 1; after a year 2 to 1. Get your bets in early. These odds might tighten.

Some friends of mine, Roy Spencer and John Christy, were shot at. Both men are bona fide atmospheric scientists. They have actually studied and contributed greatly to their field. They also express skepticism that global-warming-of-doom will kill us all unless we put the government in charge of all aspects of our lives.

Spencer wrote:

A total of seven shots were fired into our National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC) building here at [the University of Alabama Huntsville] over the weekend.

All bullets hit the 4th floor, which is where John Christy’s office is (my office is in another part of the building).

Given that this was Earth Day weekend, with a March for Science passing right past our building on Saturday afternoon, I think this is more than coincidence.

The UAH police, with lickety split speed, classified the violence as a “random shooting.

The bullets must have just showed up out of nowhere.

Storming the Heritage Foundation

So the violent folks at People’s Action — why do communists always say their violence is done in the name of the people? — attacked the Heritage Foundation offices. Stormed right on in.

Media accounts call the violent actors “protesters.” The proper word is, of course, thugs, though violent rabble would do as well. The media does not use proper labels because, as everybody knows, the media is delighted by the attacks.

Why did these violent individuals storm a think tank? In their own fantastical words, “We’re shutting it down at @Heritage because it continues to be @realDonaldTrump’s think tank. #RiseUp2017 #Budget4ThePeople”

Well, what more justification is needed since the think tank expresses (tepid) support for a sitting President? Off with their heads, amirite?

Free speech is dead on the American campus. How do we know? Leftists tell us so.

Does not Politico have a prime-time article entitled “100 days of Democratic rage“? Smiling at the increase in irrational tantrums, violence, and threatened violence across these once United States, Politico says there is a “vibrant culture of resistance on the left.” Vibrant.

We’ve already seen the well ensconced culture of violence on university and college campuses, now places of strict and unthinking intolerance. Just as a for-example, students, many with those dead-alive eyes familiar from social media posts, attacked author Charles Murray and a professor at Middlebury College. The professor was sent to the hospital.

The media sighed a slight sigh and then hinted the woman with Murray had it coming because, said the Washington Post, the Southern Poverty Law Center “considers Murray a white nationalist who uses ‘racist pseudoscience. …'”

Students at Wellesley penned an article that said, in effect, that if they have to keep hearing talk from people on the right, “hostility may be warranted” to shut them up.

The mercurial Ann Coulter was invited to speak at Berkeley, ground zero for fingers stuck in ears, but was told by the university officials she couldn’t come, because why? Because of concerns over her safety.

Now I ask you, is that not tacit admission that student violence is expected and seen as natural, and perhaps even desirable? I’ll answer for you: yes it is.

Coulter is still coming, and daring Berkeley, an institution that boasts of it free speech heritage, to shut her up. Police forces have begun mustering. Update (26 April, 6:15 PM): Coulter, losing even her supporters, herself canceled her speech.

But will the police be allowed to intervene should violence begin? At the so-called Battle of Berkeley, pro- and anti-Trump supporters clashed, and police infamously sat on their thumbs. (They are even “training for violence.” The antifa forces lost, and so they are now actively “training” for the next battle.)

Why this inaction? It’s a good bet that the politicians anticipating the event thought it would be yet another instance of leftists causing mayhem, violent acts they could “officially” condemn after they occurred, but which they were not unhappy to see. Yet this time, the other side fought back. And won.

Now that the right is fighting, it’s an even better wager that the politicians will have the police move in quickly at the first hint of violence.

Free speech is dead on the American campus. How do we know? Leftists tell us so. Dead, and good riddance, they say. The New York Times and the New Republic say students are right to insist they should not have to hear ideas which might cause them pain.

Author Heather Mac Donald was chased off a campus by a violent mob recently. She noted that some students at Berkeley “opined that physical attacks against supporters of Mr. Yiannopoulos and President Trump were ‘not acts of violence. They were acts of self-defense.'”

There you have it. When the killing comes, it will be called “self defense.” It will be called “necessary.” Those reporting on it will express sadness, yes, but they will, oh so regretfully, say it couldn’t be helped.

How are those odds above looking to you now?

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  • Autrey Windle

    They don’t care if someone they disagree with gets killed. This is a desensitized generation of spoiled bully thugs who run to pot-smoking daddies skirts to hide behind if the mean Conservatives dare look them in the eye. It may come down to refusing funding to all universities who condone this spoiled brat with weapons behavior in which case the schools would have to change or close their doors which isn’t the worst idea if you think about it. Let them have Berzerkly if they want it; with not a dime of taxpayer dollars from the federal government. Watch what happens if we actually do that…

  • Patmos

    The Clintons are way ahead of you.

  • MikeW

    As productive people understand, the only way to produce valuable goods and services in a free market society is to live and work in actual reality. Leftists live in their own deluded version of reality, and so their only means of support is to use political power and violence to plunder the wealth of others. At some point, the productive people of this nation need to confront and defeat the leftists, or the leftists will destroy the nation.

  • Yawrate

    Don’t forget – conservatives have most of the guns.

    • benevolus

      Which is why you don’t see this nonsense in concealed-carry states, only states that make it nearly impossible to carry a firearm in public.

  • bbb

    Violence increased under Obama algebraically. The leftists attract every misfit, weirdo, illegals, racists and college kids looking for a higher grade.
    Obama wanted a civil war so bad he sided with the criminals every time. A civil war meant he had an excuse to declare martial law, pick up all guns and establish a national police force.
    The pot-shots, killings and violence will continue as long as Soros pays, the DNC evolves into the New American Communist Party and globalist-owned broadcast media feed the seediest ilk in the US lie after lie after lie.
    But it grates on my Christian nerves to have a betting poll on the on-going phenomenon of overthrowing the US. To the globalists it is a game, perhaps. But to a Christian it is clear the communists are trying to manufacture the One World Government that is predicted in the Bible. That is not a game. Pray!

    • benevolus

      Then lock and load. You are buying your .308, .556, and .762 1,000 rounds at a time, right?

    • Kristin Solo

      You have cited the crux of the manufactured scenario.
      The leftist lunatics are paid puppets, performing for the globalist agenda

  • benevolus

    Civil War II is coming, and may it come, despite its cost in blood and treasure. Aside from mass repentance and revival, the only solution I see is the wholesale extermination of the hardcore American Left. These people are ALL enemies of Jesus Christ and the Gospel, and I think it righteous to kill them if they cannot be made to see reason. Better that than lose the whole United States to Satan.

    • Bryan

      Never, ever forget that those you wish to exterminate are flesh and blood, living human beings created in God’s image, bearing His likeness. They have as much intrinsic worth as the unborn that they want the right to kill in the womb. There will likely be more bloodshed in the future, whether Christ returns soon or not. That’s an occasion for sorrow, not vainglory. ALL people are enemies of God and remain that way except by His Grace.
      I am not advocating that we lay down our arms and surrender to the Progressive Left or that we do not defend ourselves. But to advocate, even jokingly, for the wholesale extermination of people whose opinions differ from yours is crass, uneducated, and vulgar.

      • Nels

        Not being crass, uneducated and vulgar is far more important than supporting God and country, or self defense, or anything else in the whole wide world. Far better to surrender preemptively than to be thought crass, uneducated and vulgar, even for a moment. It’s so vitally important to maintain the good opinion of the left, after all.

        Or, maybe we should ignore the mewling cuckservatives and do what’s right.

        There is going to be a war. Let’s win.

        • Bryan

          I was going to write more but I cut it before because I didn’t think it needed to be said. Apparently I was wrong.
          My goal is not to kowtow to the Left or maintain their good opinion. My goal is to not stoop to their level of vulgarity to advocate killing anyone who doesn’t agree with me. The Left does that, we should not.
          If bloodshed is necessary for my protection or the protection of my family or friends, then I pray God will give me strength and guide my hands. But I will not wish violence on someone with whom I disagree simply because they have a different opinion. My goal is to live as Romans 12:18 describes.

      • benevolus

        I understand your position, and what I said (I was serious, not joking a bit) gives me no pleasure to say. Every one of those people we will have to kill, just like the ISIS fighters, is somebody Jesus Christ shed His Blood to save. But God, while long-suffering, is also just, and will not forbear from judgment forever. If what I am saying ever comes to pass, we who wield the sword will not do so in vain, but as the Lord’s chosen arm of judgment, even as God used Israel to destroy many wicked peoples.

    • anne55

      HOW, for God’s sake, is that a Christian statement to make??

  • anne55

    It would seem to me that the NRA is the one with most the guns. And, a lot of NRA members describe themselves as conservative.

    Washington Post (2012)
    “The vast majority of NRA members (73 percent) identified with or leaned toward the Republican Party.”

    So, it would seem people on the Left have more to worry about in terms of getting killed than the other way round.

  • IgnorantConservative

    Conservatives have the guns together with the lower average IQ & education, confirmed by their belief in fairy tales. Can’t be a logical outcome…..

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