Leftist Propaganda Serves Abortion, Hurts Women

The New York Times' 17-year-old girl doesn’t need birth control. She needs real care and protection. Are we going to keep failing her?

By Jennifer Hartline Published on March 30, 2017

I’ve had it up to here with propaganda pieces like Nicholas Kristof’s column in the New York Times, “She’s 17 and Needs Birth Control.”

It’s the same tired, manipulative baloney we’ve been served daily helpings of for years now. It’s become the bread and butter of every liberal argument that concerns women. It has been so drummed into the public psyche that no one even thinks to question it anymore.

Women need contraception.

Women need abortion.

Women can’t get health care without family planning clinics and Planned Parenthood.

Women will DIE without these services!! Do you want women to DIE?!?

All of it lies. Let’s break it down.

Defunding Abortion Won’t Make Women Die of Cancer

Kristof frames his fawning piece around a 17 year-old girl who needs treatment for an “alarming itch” and “doesn’t know where else to go.” At a clinic in Maine, the teen is soothed by a grandmotherly nurse-practitioner who diagnoses a yeast infection and tests for STD’s.

Naturally, the nurse then tells the girl about all her birth control options. Kristof writes that she “brightens” to learn that she can have a contraceptive implant placed in her arm, paid for by insurance. Kristof extols the benefits of the implant: “It will last at least three years and be more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.”

This tough-as-nails grandmother-nurse then tells the girl to be sure to use condoms. And if the guy won’t wear a condom, then he’s not worth it!

Then Kristof delivers the pièce de résistance: “This is health care at its best, preventing diseases and averting teenage pregnancies, all while saving public money.”

The cancer concern is a manipulative tactic used to smear people who want to protect the child in the womb.

What an embarrassing claim. Oh, the depths to which people will sink in their sycophantic service of abortion. That’s what this is really all about, after all.

This clinic is operated by Maine Family Planning, which also commits abortions. The possibility that Congress and President Trump might actually, finally, stop giving tax dollars to abortion clinics has them alarmed. Because (here it comes!) women will die without these clinics!  “One woman dies in America of cervical cancer every two hours, and almost all these deaths are preventable. More will likely die if these clinics close.”

Where else can women get cancer screenings?! Plenty of places, like one of these 13,500 health clinics. (Find one in your area here.)

Funny how Kristof and everyone else fails to mention that hormonal contraception increases the risk of cervical cancer.

The cancer concern is a manipulative tactic used to smear people who want to protect the child in the womb.

NYT: Killing Babies Saves Money

Kristof describes Republicans as “well-intentioned politicians driven by a revulsion for abortion.” Naturally. Tearing tiny humans into pieces ought to be revolting to any decent person.

He then takes a swipe at pro-lifers with the worn-out lie that “the truth is that these clinics do more to reduce abortion rates than any army of anti-abortion demonstrators.” And then there’s the money saved! The implant costs $1,000, while a Medicaid birth costs $13,000. “Every dollar invested in family planning yields $7 in savings for the public later on.”

Get it? Abortion actually saves the public a ton of cash. Babies are expensive, so the money spent on killing them is a good investment.

Kristof again fails to mention that the majority of women seeking an abortion were using some form of birth control when they got pregnant. Abortion is now their “back-up” plan.

The Girl Was Not Protected 

But let’s get back to that 17 year-old girl. That isn’t health care at its best. That is health care at the bottom of the barrel. That teenager wasn’t cared for. She wasn’t empowered to protect her own health. She certainly wasn’t encouraged to make wise and prudent choices.

She was told she could have a hormone rod stuck in her arm so she wouldn’t get pregnant. The truth is that the device will prevent her healthy female body from functioning as it was designed to function. Somehow I doubt the nurse explained the many and serious side effects of that teeny, invisible implant.

She was handed some latex for “protection” like it was a magic shield. She was told the important criteria for deciding whether to have sex with a guy was whether he’d wear a condom. If he refuses, he’s not worth it.

Not worth what? The momentary physical pleasure? The satisfied urge?

The risk, perhaps?

Even with the implant and the latex, is there more at stake? What might that be?

Is her heart worth more than a rod of hormones? Is her health and her future worth more than a piece of latex?

What is she worth? Is she worth the real, whole-person protection that comes from prudence and chastity? Is her heart worth more than a rod of hormones? Is her health and her future worth more than a piece of latex? Is she, as a person, worth more than just a guy who’s willing to wear a condom?

That girl left the clinic with the clear message that sex is for the taking and everyone expects her to be taken. The only defenses she’s armed with are an “invisible” rod of hormones and a piece of latex. Those pitiful tokens are supposed to “protect” her. When the protection fails, of course, the clinic will be there to treat her STD’s and abort her baby.

None of this “care” actually cares for her. Caring for her would mean telling her the single best thing she can do to safeguard her health and her future is to not have sex outside of marriage. Any grandmother worth her salt would use her “stern” voice to tell that young lady that having sex at her age is a foolish thing to do for about a thousand reasons.

That girl’s best protection comes from a grace-inspired mind and will. Prudent choices. Self-mastery and chastity. The man who will do far more than agree to wear a condom — he’ll vow before God to love, honor, and be faithful to her till death — that’s the man who is worth it.

She’s 17, and she doesn’t need birth control. She needs real care and protection. Are we going to keep failing her?

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