Why the Left Loves Islam — And an Even Stranger Contradiction

By Tom Gilson Published on May 28, 2017

For all the craziness in the world, there isn’t much that can match the sheer lunacy of liberals standing for both homosexuality and Islam at the same time. Islamic law calls for death for gays. How can we explain why the left loves Islam they way they do?

The best I can come up with is that gays and Muslims share one thing in common: they’re both minorities in the Western world, and the left is all for standing up for minorities.

It’s a reason. I’m not saying it’s a good one. It’s filled with contradictions. A closer look at it, though, reveals an even worse paradox within liberalism.

Liberals and Power

The reasoning begins with the left’s standard opposition to established power, and to whoever or whatever group is seen as holding that power.

As Jeffrey Hart wrote in 1972, and National Review just recently re-published, the liberal educated class

views history as a series of recurring moral melodramas in which villains or oppressors are continually defeated by their victims. One after another, kings, religious establishments, slave-owners, malefactors of great wealth and tyrants of various kinds, have been brought to earth by those whom they have wronged. It is a secularized version of “the last shall be first.”

This way of looking at the world, says Hart,

“tends habitually to structure reality in terms of what [Kenneth R.] Minogue calls “suffering situations.” As a matter of settled moral habit this sensibility instantly structures events in the political realm in terms of suffering, in terms of oppressor and victim.

The oppressor is bad, the victim is good. Thus a professor blogging at the American Mathematical Society can say that all “cis white men” should quit their jobs or take a demotion just for being members of that group.

No Human Motivation Is All Bad

This isn’t all bad. There was, after all, a day when people of color had no voice, not even a vote. There was a day (I’m old enough to recall it myself) when most people thought a young woman had just four decent career options to choose from: secretary, nurse, teacher or waitress.

The left lost track of the fact that the problem was never power, but abuse of power.

There was a day, in other words, when liberals arguably stood for true freedom and justice for those who lacked power in society. But the left lost track of the fact that the problem was never power, but abuse of power. No social system can work without some structure, which means some people must have more power than others. It’s unavoidable. It’s even good: a society without order will quickly collapse.

Power Isn’t All Bad — Unless You Ask a Liberal

And power can be used for others’ good. Jesus explained it in just three sentences:

You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. It shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be your slave, even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. (Matthew 20:25-28)

Blind to this, though, liberals see power as one leg of a triad, linked inseparably with oppression, the second leg. The third leg is whichever group is guilty of holding that power. Wherever one leg of that triad exists, the other two are there along with it. Thus if there’s a dominant culture, it has power, and it’s bad. In fact it’s pretty much all bad. Other people don’t have power and they’re not bad. It’s just that easy.

If that sounds too simple to be true, consider the claim that all whites are racist and no non-whites can be.

Consistency isn’t the left’s strong point — which is why liberals can support Islam.

And that’s how Islam, being a minority group, is granted such favor from the left. It’s a minority group, therefore it’s an oppressed group, and thus it’s not bad — even though it was founded in blood, conquest and rape, and continues to mandate death to gays.

The Greater Contradiction on the Left

But the left has committed itself to an even greater contradiction along the way. Over the past few decades, liberals have gained positions of enormous power in education, media, publishing and the arts. Seeing themselves as champions of the weak against the power of straight “cis” white males, they’ve blinded themselves to the fact that they’ve become the Western world’s dominant culture, holders of tremendous power.

And now the left has become a group united in throwing its weight around in order to stop (what they see as) a powerful group throwing its weight around. If they were truly consistent with their own values, they’d be casting themselves out of their own positions of power.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. Consistency isn’t the left’s strong point — which is why liberals can support Islam.

I said at the beginning I might be able to suggest a reason they do that. I didn’t promise it would be a good one.

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  • Charles Burge

    Here’s my take: the American left is simply practicing the old adage that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. They think that an alliance – or at least a co-belligerency – with Islam will bring an end to Christendom. Some even see it as a dragon they can master to do their bidding. They foolishly believe that it wouldn’t turn on them next once the immediate task is done.

    • Ryan

      If the left knew the true history of Islam they would see ISIS as nothing more than a radical group of boy scouts. Islam once saw western society as moral and even joined it and persecution of Christians and Jews fell off for the later part of the 1800’s and early 1900’s. But when secularism and multiculturalism reared its ugly immoral head, Islam decided it needed to return to its roots. The left is playing with fire and is about to get burned, playing both ends to the middle will do it every time.

  • Gary

    I agree that one of the reasons liberals love sexual deviants and muslims is because their are minorities in the West. I also agree with Charles Burge that one of the reasons is because liberals, homosexuals, and muslims view Christianity as their enemy, which it is. God is the enemy of those groups. I also think part of it is because liberals claim that morality is subjective, even though they are very adamant about their beliefs and act as though those beliefs are absolutes, they believe Biblical morality is not absolute and can be defied at will. The bottom line is that liberals, homosexuals, and muslims are all at war with the God of the Bible. But it is a war they will lose. In fact, its already lost. It was lost before it began.

  • Patmos

    When Pope Francis let loose those words, “Who am I to judge?” it gave validity to the left’s lack of discernment, and helped solidify the current trend of mindless relativism that places feelings over morality. I’m not trying to put it all on Francis, or to pick on Catholics, just pointing out the signs of the times.

  • Jim Walker

    The left believes that by creating that atmosphere of love pandering to Islam, they will stop the radical Islamic terrorists from killing. That is never gonna happen.

    • Ryan

      The left doesn’t know what love is.

      • Jim Walker

        They love everything else but don’t have the very kind of Love that is of God.

        • Ryan

          Actually, I think the term is, lust.

  • Jim Walker

    I really find that Placard “Muslim & LGBTQ Solidarity” very ironically funny !

  • Billy Chickens

    The reason liberals love homosexuality and Islam is that they both hate Christianity as much as liberals. The object is to get rid of the Judeo Christian God. The end result liberals want is to have satan rule the day with no morals, no truth and no God. Won’t liberals be surprised when Lucifer (Allah) rises to rule over them.

  • mw006

    The left is nihilistic and bent on the destruction of traditional Western Civilization and that is why they make common cause with Islam. They are the enemy within allying themselves with the invading enemy from without.

  • Cynthia Cantrell

    “lslamic law calls for death for gays. How can we explain why the left loves Islam the way they do?”

    I’m going to solve this huge mystery for you.

    The fact of the matter is Christians call for death to gays too. They like to yell out passages from Leviticus with bullhorns at LGBT pride events. They like to carry obnoxious signs and yell angrily at gay people, and point out how “tolerant” they are because they didn’t actually kill any gays even though their Bible said they should.

    Granted this doesn’t happen at every event, but one shouldn’t be surprised when it occurs. I have NEVER seen any Muslims engage in this kind of behavior; or Buhdists, Unitarians, or even Jews. Just people calling themselves Christians.

    When LGBT people were murdered at the Pulse Night Club, it was a Christian pastor that proudly proclaimed ““The tragedy is that more of them didn’t die. The tragedy is — I’m kind of upset that he didn’t finish the job!”

    I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

    Try not to break your arm while patting yourself on the back for how “tolerant” Christians are.

    Mystery solved.

    You’re welcome.

    • Gary

      You’re saying liberals prefer Muslims over Christians because Muslims actually kill homosexuals, but Christians only think homosexuals should die? I think you have just made my point that liberals are more opposed to the Christian God, than they are to the Muslim god.

      • Gary, “Christians … think homosexuals should die” is highly misleading. A very, very small and non-representative proportion of people claiming to be Christians believe that. Stop smearing all of Christianity with the ugliness of a few.

        • Gary

          I was rephrasing what she said she believes. I was not saying all Christians want the death penalty for homosexuals. In the Mosaic Law, God mandated the death penalty for a few things, homosexual behavior being one of them. When did God repeal that?? And if God did not repeal it, why are you opposing what God said?

      • Cynthia Cantrell

        No, that is not what I said. Try again.

        I have made a coupke of other posts here to try and clarify my position and why, but somebody keeps putting them in the “pending” que.

        • Gary

          I reread your post above and I still get the same thing: Christians are worse than Muslims, Buddhists, etc..

          • Cynthia Cantrell

            I’ll try putting it a different way then. In this country, the dominant religion is Christianity. LGBT people have to put up with harassment from a variety of Christians on a variable basis depending on where they live and work. The harassment sometimes starts in childhood and can go throughout life. Death threats are not uncommon, and some are harassed to the point of suicide.

            I have had people from other religions as friends and coworkers. Not of them have treated me as poorly as some Christians have.

            Right now, at this point in histry, Muslims ruled contries in other parts of the world do indeed have a bad record on LGBT rights.

            However, Scott Lively and some of his Christian friends went to Uganda a few years back to pass what became known as the “kill the gays law.”

            There is no reason to believe Lively wouldn’t try and get that law passed here if he thouht the political climate was ripe for it.

            If you look back through Christian history, you’ll find they had a nasty habit of burning people at the stake if they didn’t like them. It is secularism that has blunted the nasty habits of religious regimes to abuse people.

          • Gary

            Why don’t Christians like homosexuals? Its because God doesn’t like homosexuals. You don’t expect Christians to like something God doesn’t like, do you?

          • Cynthia Cantrell

            The problem isn’t with Christians not liking homosexuals. The problem is with how Christians have treated homosexuals over the years.

            Keep in mind that your view of what God likes is entirely your belief. Other Christians and other religions believe differently. No one has the capacity to determine if there even is a god, much less what he (or she) likes. Many people believe they know what God wants, but this is just a feeling, not a verifiable fact.

          • Gary

            God’s view of homosexuals is clearly outlined in the Bible. It isn’t my opinion. All real Christians reject homosexuality because God does. Has nothing to do with feelings.

          • Cynthia Cantrell

            There are many different opinions about what God really means in the Bible – that is why we have so many different versions of Christianity. If it wasn’t for a guy named Martin Luther, most of them would be Catholics. Christian churches have been splitting off from each other for centuries, each one convinced they were the holders of the “true” faith. Catholics and Protestants killed each other for a couple of centuries trying to convince the other they were right, or just eliminate the other one.

            They are all convinced what they believe is written there right in the text, and that it is not a matter of opinion at all.

            Of course, they believe they are the “real” Christians or Muslims or Jews or whatever too. But the only real arbiter of that through history has been the sword and the gun.

            And what you believe now may change in a few years. People change religions all the time. What they believe changes, and they can be just as stubborn in there new religion as their old one, if they like.

            You may think it’s not your opinion, but ultimately it is. Human kind has made great achievements in science and culture over the last few millennia – feeding millions more people, curing devastating diseases, landing people on the moon, manipulating DNA, harnessing the energy of the atom, and inventing Jamocha Almond Fudge ice cream.

            In all this time though, no one has found any verifiable evidence of a God, much less been able to consult with him about fuzzy issues in the Koran, Torah, Bible, or the Book of Mormon.

          • Gary

            Because I believe the Bible is true and the God of the Bible is the real God, I can never be tolerant of sexual perverts.

    • That’s an extremely small sample of Christians with no actual effect besides making a disturbing noise. (They disturb most Christians, too.). Muslims in Islamic countries actually execute gays, and the proportion who approve of it are no small minority, in places where they have the political power to make those decisions.

      I could have added a further aspect to this mystery, by the way: Islam’s treatment of women, which is massively un-liberal. Search my name here at The Stream for a recent article on Christianity and women for a contrasting view.

      Anyway, I get this is why you don’t like Christians. I wouldn’t like Christianity either, if I had any reason to think it was representative. (It isn’t.) But not liking Christians still doesn’t explain why the left loves Islam.

    • James

      You are as ignorant of Christianity as your average Rush Limbaugh fan is of Islam.

    • MLipenk

      All you did was equate non-Christian “Christians” with Islam. Yet the Left still embraces Islam? You cleared NOTHING up, but rather made excuses for your double-think. You demand tolerance, and when real Christians afford you that request (by not killing gays), you instead are intolerant of them??? Makes perfect sense I guess… in a Liberals mind.

      • Cory Anne

        All good Irishmen fallacy

  • GPS Daddy

    I think human nature comes into this as well. It takes the Spirit of God in a person to not love money and power. Liberals love both just like conservatives. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Islam sees Christians as the enemy. Liberals see biblical Christianity as the enemy.

    • MLipenk

      GPS Daddy… That is pretty much it in a heartbeat. Both Liberals and radical Islam delight in the news of Christians getting their heads lopped off by ISIS. Liberals delight because a supposedly bigoted, misogynistic, hateful, racist individual was extinguished. Islam delights because a supposed infidel was eradicated.

  • James

    They also assume that because they are educated and westernized and don’t take religion seriously that if other people are educated and westernized, they won’t take religion seriously either.

    A somewhat humorous story is that liberals are besides themselves because conservative Confucians and Hindus who work in Silicon Valley are protesting the liberal California sex ed curriculum in Palo Alto.

    • Cory Anne

      Spot on.

  • Edward Chastka M.D.

    The reason that liberals ally themselves with Islam is that they hate “freedom with responsibility” as exempllified by what is best in American society. Liberals, who promote the value of unlimtied freedom (i.e. I should be able to do anything I want without having to pay for it) would rather submit to Islam (a mystical, moralistic and oppresive religion that eliminates freedom) because they hate free thinking and living Americans more than anything else. This is because they are emotionally incapable of tolerating true freedom(with responsibiility) and hate those who can. This phenomena is known as “The Emotional Plague,” a true emotional disease as defined by Drs. Wilhelm Reich, Elsworth Baker and Charles Konia.

  • Gary

    Liberals accept evolution as a scientific fact. If evolution is true, then homosexuality is a result of evolution, and so are religious beliefs. That means that Christians, Muslims and liberals have all evolved a bit differently, and there is no objective reason why any particular belief should be thought of as the right one. In evolution, homosexuality = heterosexuality. Christianity = Islam = atheism = Catholicism, etc.. But liberals cannot seem to live consistently with what they say they believe. They claim to believe in evolution, which produces variation, but then they behave and talk as if some beliefs and actions are preferable to others. What happened to “Our strength is our diversity”?

    • Cynthia Cantrell

      “They claim to believe in evolution, which produces variation, but then they behave and talk as if some beliefs and actions are preferable to others. What happened to “Our strength is our diversity”?

      We do believe in the strength of diversity. But read through the comments here and what they have to say about “liberals” and “the left.” Much of it is ridiculous reductionist caricatures stated as if they were absolute facts. And then you expect them to respect your beliefs.

      Liberals aren’t perfect. When you treat people badly, you can expect that at least some of them will treat you the same in return. Most kids learn that roughly by second grade.

      • Gary

        I never expect liberals to respect anything. And, I’m not interested in making friends with them. I understand full well that they are my enemies and always will be.

        • Cynthia Cantrell

          Diversity of opinions isn’t the problem. For example, liberals don’t mind if you don’t believe gays should be allowed to marry. It’s when conservatives conflate gays with pedophiles and stop them from getting married that is where it starts to be a problem.

          • Gary

            Liberals don’t mind diversity of opinions unless they think it gets too diverse? I have never opposed homosexuals getting married, as long as they marry someone of the opposite sex. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman as husband and wife. I have a problem when people say that a marriage does not need both a husband and a wife. If two men want to commit to each other, don’t call it a marriage because it isn’t that.

          • Cynthia Cantrell

            And you are entitled to your opinion. Gays tried civil unions, and it didn’t work. Why? Because even if they had the civil unions, they couldn’t get health insurance for their spouse, because they weren’t MARRIED. Even if they had a civil union, they could legally be denied seeing their spouse in a hospital because they weren’t MARRIED. Their spouse couldn’t rollever ownership in their common house when one of them died because they weren’t MARRIED.

            There are a lot of rights and responsibilities that go along with marriage, and it is Incorporated throughout our legal structure and tax code. Ultimately, marriage licenses are provided by state governments, not churches. And our constitution includes specific language regarding the separation of church and state.

            Churches are free to deny marriages to gay people. There are other churches that are happy to marry gay couples. Churches of the first type have no right to impose their beliefs on churches of the second type.

          • Gary

            There is nothing in the US Constitution about separation of church and state. I don’t care if people have a problem because they aren’t married. I’m not willing to change what a marriage is in order to help homosexuals. If a “church”, so called, wants to “marry” two women or two men, that’s fine with me as long as I don’t have to accept it as being a real marriage.

          • Cynthia Cantrell

            Technically, the establishment clause is in the First Amendment to the Constitution, but I didn’t think it was necessary to be so pedantic.

            You are free to not accept it as a “real” marriage if you like. Fortunately, your hang-up with the semantics no longer stops gay couples from getting married.

            You don’t have to do anything regarding marriage. Just sit back and relax.

          • Gary

            The “establishment clause” says nothing about a separation of church and state.

            I don’t accept ssm as marriage. Because it isn’t.

          • Cynthia Cantrell

            I think morality is an important part of any system of criminal and civil laws. I just think we need to be careful about who gets to define that morality to ensure that some groups aren’t favored to the disadvantage of others.

            You are free to believe that gay people don’t get “real” marriages. I don’t have a problem with that. Fortunately now, the law provides them with the paperwork to show that they are, and other laws define their marriage rights accordingly.

          • Gary

            Who defines morality? If morality is objective and applies to everyone equally, it can’t be defined by people. You and I don’t have the right to tell each other what is right and wrong. And, we don’t have the right or the ability to hold anyone accountable to any rules we might make. That creates a big problem for atheists because they have no choice but to claim that people define morality.

          • nudetuna

            You’re right. It’s not in the U.S. Constitution. It’s in the Bill of Rights. However, the Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

            Amendment 1 – Freedom of expression and religion. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

            If the government says there’s a law, then said law must respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If the source of your law stems from a religious ideal that directly opposes anyone else’s religious or non-religious ideology, then it can be considered an attempt of that legislature to establish one religion over another. In other words, it stands against the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

            Look past your personal and emotional view point and see that the Founding Fathers, who had been persecuted for their differing or lack of religious ideals by the legislature of King George, are only trying to set a foundation of an even playing field. An even playing field means EVERYONE gets a chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I suspect that you would be humming a different tune if the government decided that marriage between two non-Islamic people was forbidden.

          • Gary

            By changing what a marriage is, the government has established one religion over another. The wrong one.

          • nudetuna

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but that doesn’t make any sense at all. What religion focuses on the favor of same-sex marriage? The government made a choice based on secular ideals, not religious ones. As they should. And in doing so, it guaranteed marriage as a civil right of all Americans, not just some Americans.

            Everyone is free to feel how they want about any given topic. You oppose gay marriage, and you think it’s wrong to accept it because the bible opposes homosexuality. The truth may just be that you oppose homosexuality and you find it convenient to use the bible to justify your stance. I never did meet anyone who’s god disagreed with them.

            It boils down to this. Gay people are people. Flesh and blood. Like you. You don’t have to be gay, or even think that gay is right or justified or even moral, but that doesn’t make them less than people. Just like brown people and Muslim people and Liberals and everyone that is human. Take away religion and politics and sex and wealth and everyone is just…people. Why and how can you justify that a living, breathing person is not allowed the same liberties and freedoms that you are? You can’t. Unless you have no compassion or can conveniently fall back on “god says”. But isn’t it great to live in a society, at least for now, that allows you to justify your arrogance? I mean, imagine someone else gets in charge and some other new religion becomes the most popular religion in America. What if they decide Christians can’t marry any more? How would you feel then? It’s just a shell game. Pick your prejudice, justify it by the bible, like the slave owners did. Such a waste of energy. And in the end, gay couples getting married does absolutely ZERO harm to you, your family or anyone you know. Live and let live, man. Find a real injustice to harp about.

          • Gary

            The right to marry existed before the supreme court changed the definition of marriage. Everyone had the right to marry someone of the opposite sex, provided they were old enough, were not close kin, and were not already married. Same rules for everyone. But that was not what you and the homosexuals wanted. You and they wanted to change what marriage is. And the court did to. But I refuse to accept it.

          • nudetuna

            What I wanted and always want (and fight for as a veteran) is for every American to enjoy the liberties that our hard-won democratic freedom is supposed to guarantee.

            What the homosexuals wanted and always want is to be treated equally and be given the same civil liberties as the rest of the country. Who am I to deny them that? Who is anyone to?

            Yes, everyone followed the same rules. But sometimes the rules need to be reviewed to ensure equality for all. That’s called progression, and we should all strive to make progressions in our lifetime. Denying marriage rights of one couple over another is not equality, and to stubbornly deny those rights based on a stringent interpretation of a law that was written in a time when homosexuals had no rights is definitely not progress.

            To you and me, a gay marriage means nothing. It’s an idea that we can have an opinion on, but which has no consequences to you or I at all. Like whether or not someone across town marries or divorces. It’s just not our business.

            But to a gay couple it means the right to make medical and burial decisions, the right to legal protections of property, the voice of a deceased loved one’s will and final wishes…any number of rights that a married heterosexual couple enjoys without issue and take for granted.

            I won’t deny that I’m glad that your personal acceptance of this issue is not important in the larger picture because I believe that you are wrong. But I honestly wonder what truly motivates you to want to deny someone something that cost nothing for you to give? Where does this hate come from? What purpose does it serve? What good comes from it? How does it make you happier or better if you deny someone else’s happiness? I would really like to understand your point of view better, because even if I don’t agree with it, your opinion (along with others who share your opinion) and your sharing of it has measurable effects.

          • Vincent

            Liberals are misnamed.
            They are incredibly illiberal and intolerant of conservative and christian views.
            The irony is that they support the fascist ideology known as Islam which in turn despises liberals as kuffars and infidels.

          • Cynthia Cantrell

            I’ve worked with Muslims. Liberals don’t support fascism, and neither do most Muslims. If you’re going to claim Muslims have a fascist ideology because a small percentage are terrorists, you might as well say the same about Christians, because the KKK are Christians, and well known for their support of Adolf Hitler and his ilk.

          • Vincent

            Survey after survey reveals massive support for sharia law among Muslims plus contempt for western values.
            Vast numbers effectively want a totalitarian system .
            You are in denial if you think there’s any comparison between them and Christians.
            The ‘only a tiny minority’ hypothesis is nonsense .
            If that were the case then islamofascism wouldn’t be a problem.
            All the moderates would have kicked them out years ago.

          • Cynthia Cantrell

            Christians have been sending armies to the middle East and killing Muslims for centuries. It was Christian nations that redrew the maps after WWII to make sure they had good access to oil, often installing brutal dictators to keep their oil interests protected, regardless of the will of the people there.

            It was Britian and the US that kicked out a democratically elected president of Iran, and installed a pro-western autocrat with secret police to keep cheap oil flowing. Then we had the audacity to wonder why the Iranian populace overthrew him in 1979, and an anti-western government filled the power vacuum.

            We provided Saddam Hussein the chemical factory to make the weapons he gassed Iran with.

            Don’t even get me started on the repressive regime we keep in power in Saudi Arabia.

            Many Christian Americans are blissfully unaware of the damage we (as a “Christian nations” do in Muslim countries, including bombing many of them now, and then wonder why they don’t like us.

            It reminds me of when European Christians came over and stole land from Native Americans, killed off their food supplies, gave them blankets infected with smallpox, and then wondered why they fought back. Then called them “godless heathens” and “pagans” to make it more palatable to exterminate them.

            Read some history books and find out what Christians have been doing to Muslims for centuries and you’ll be left wondering why they didn’t start fighting back sooner.

          • Vincent

            Clearly injustices will have been done by western nations.
            Why do you only see our evils and ignore the monumental fascist evil that is Islam ?
            Why don’t you see how it has always been spread?
            Why are you blind to its absolute intolerance against non Muslims?

            A supremacist ideology that despises you doubly – Once as a woman and twice as a kuffar or infidel.
            And you defend it?
            The stupidity and self defeating nature of your position defies belief.

          • Cynthia Cantrell

            I am not blind to the injustices of those who claim to follow Islam.

            I am tired of those who claim to be Christian blaming everything bad on Islam and completely ignoring their own contributions to the conflicts.

            Christians have caused the Muslims to act act against those who have harmed them. It’s time for Christians to step back, look what at what they’re doing, and stop causing the problems in the first place.

            The best information I can find is that our drones are killing 8 to 9 innocent people for every 1 terrorist they kill.

            Even if the families of those 8 to 9 people were pro US before they were murdered, some of them are going to want revenge against us. We are creating more terrorists than we remove.

            This is great business for our Congressional – Military – Industrial complex, but ultimately doesn’t make us any safer. There is video out there showing a family going to a wedding in 3 vehicles being blown up by US drone operators.

            If we can’t tell the difference between a family going to a wedding and terrorists, we are just blowing up random Muslims. Expect them to get pissed off at us.

            This problem isn’t going to get solved by calling Muslims fascist and demonising them further. It has to start with a long look at what we are doing.

            And I have spent my life getting demonized by Christians here in this country. The few Muslims I have met here have treated me better.

            Have a nice day.


          • BA

            No Cynthia, Liberals do mind a great deal if you believe Gays shouldn’t marry. Their vociferous outcries deny what you are saying. You can get fired from jobs for disbelieving the “liberal” mantra.

            Ask the conservative who was recently fired from GOOGLE.

  • Philmonomer

    For all the craziness in the world, there isn’t much that can match the
    sheer lunacy of liberals standing for both homosexuality and Islam at
    the same time. Islamic law calls for death for gays. How can we explain
    why the left loves Islam they way they do?

    What can you point me to that shows the left “standing up” for Muslims who support an interpretation of Islamic law that calls for the death of gays?

    • Cory Anne

      Literally every one on the left I’ve ever talked to ( that’s a lot of people, I was raised by leftists) thinks that Muslims have the right to practice Sharia law here so long as they ‘keep it to themselves’. Which is ridiculous, they won’t.

  • C. William Russell

    Enjoyed your view, we could say they became what they hate.

  • Paul Brownback

    The reason the Left loves Islam is its innate hostility toward anything Judeo-Christian. Thus they hate Israel, the most liberal nation in the Middle East, and love the Palestinians, the most anti-liberal group. As the article above points out, other explanations of their love for Islam are inconsistent with their own philosophy. The reality is that the Left is all for power when it is their own. They are all for violence when those supporting their positions us it. Their only constant foundational position is hatred for the God of the Bible. Once we understand this, everything else they do makes sense.


    “The enemy (Islam) of my enemy (Christianity) is my friend”. For the time bring at least.

  • pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    The reason the left loves islam is that they serve a common god – Satan.

  • Vincent

    Both Islam and the lgbt lobby have something far worse in common.
    Mohammed had a 9 year old wife and is considered the perfect example.
    Lgbt groups frequently lobby for an ever lowering age of consent.
    Do you see where this might be going?

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