Why We’re Drawn to Leaders Like Roy Moore and Donald Trump

By John Zmirak Published on November 18, 2017

I’m not sure what the GOP should do about candidate Roy Moore. The charges and countercharges are filing in too quickly. I’m reluctant to write something that might be obsolete within hours. So I’d like to step back behind the claimed sex scandal. To ask a deeper question: What is it about populist candidates like Roy Moore and Donald Trump that now appeals to conservative Christians? Why did we turn our backs on men like Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and John Kasich? What attracted us but repulses others, even among some conservatives? And how can we make the best choices, going forward?

As you might know, I wrote a whole book on the Seven Deadly Sins. In it, I reminded people that virtue and vice run on a spectrum. Two opposing vices sit at either extreme, while the virtue sits in the middle. For instance:

The Greedy have too strong an attachment to the good things that come from hard work and wise stewardship. The Generous love wealth in due proportion, and have mastered the art of sharing it. The Prodigal, on other hand, treat wealth with jaded disdain and lavishly waste it — certain that more will somehow come to them down the pike.

That gives you the idea of how this kind of analysis works. So let’s see the deadly sin that’s key to politics, especially in our time:

At the opposite pole from deadly Wrath is not holy Patience, but masochistic Servility, which teaches us to let aggressors win and bullies triumph, whatever the cost to the next victim.

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Alas, there isn’t a simple, eternal formula that tells us how to act on every occasion. What’s sinful Wrath in one situation is the bare minimum in another. For instance, getting enraged to the point of violence over somebody flipping you off in traffic? That would be Wrath. But what about if someone threatens violence against your child? Or some other innocent? God gave us the power of anger for just such an occasion.Sins cover

Likewise, if we don’t get angry when we really ought to, then what we’re practicing isn’t the virtue of Patience. It’s Servility, and just as much a sin. C.S. Lewis scorned what he saw as a breed of “men without chests,” who tamely watch evil triumph. He didn’t consider it cowardice so much as a failure of love. If you don’t defend the innocent like an angry mama bear, it might be because you really … don’t care all that much what happens to them. Or you’re more concerned with keeping a reputation for calm detachment. You don’t want to loosen your bowtie, and get down in the mud — even if that’s where God’s calling you to go rescue the helpless.

In times of peace and plenty, when the leading political factions share common assumptions … we can afford to be a lot more reserved and courteous. That’s the kind of society we hope to live in, of course. Think of Nixon debating Kennedy. They agreed on the goals of government, and most fundamental values. They disagreed about how to put all that into practice.

Don’t Treat Hitler Like a Normal Politician

But what about when things start breaking down? When one faction in politics stops playing by the rules you’d all agreed on? Then it trashes the basic values which your society rests on. It perverts the law every chance it gets, and applies it unevenly against us. If it can’t do that, it flouts the law, and counts on getting away with it. Its only criterion is power, and how to amass it. That is what we face on America’s left, from academic faculty lounges to the Democrats in Congress.

Sometimes people think that the principled thing to do is to pretend that nothing has changed. The British and French in the 1930s refused to believe that the Nazis were demonic. No matter the cruelties they inflicted on helpless Jews, or the crassness with which Hitler broke his promises. The Allies kept telling themselves that they were dealing with a normal foreign country. It was led by a rational actor. He had a list of demands, and some of them were reasonable (like a better deal for Germany after Versailles). As for his unreasonable demands … were they really worth fighting a war over? And that is how a totalitarian despot gathered the power to conquer most of Europe, even as richer nations with bigger armies looked on and watched.

Let’s say a big thug was assaulting a little old lady. And you’re a trained boxer. Your first instinct might be to wade in and put up your dukes, as if you were in the ring. But if the criminal pulls out a knife, or picks up a trashcan … are you really going to stick to the Marquess of Queensbury rules?

Forget the Nazis. Imagine a street fight. Let’s say a big thug was assaulting a little old lady. And you’re a trained boxer. Your first instinct might be to wade in and put up your dukes, as if you were in the ring. But if the criminal pulls out a knife, or picks up a trashcan … are you really going to stick to the Marquess of Queensbury rules? If you do, then you’re being servile. You don’t care enough about saving the innocent to do what’s proportionate to the evil.

You Don’t Get a Free Pass for Ruthlessness

Of course there are limits. Some things are just evil in themselves, and you can’t ever do them, no matter what. You couldn’t use a grenade against the mugger that was certain to harm innocent bystanders. But you can, and should, match his aggression. If you don’t, it’s a failure of love.

On the world stage, we can’t face aggressive, colonizing Islam with muttered, phony pieties like George W. Bush’s mantra of “true Islam” as a “religion of peace.” At home, we can’t tamely let the Democrats pack the courts with mediocre radicals like Sonia Sotomayor — then bow to “Senate tradition” when they use it to block our appointments. (Thankfully, the Republicans finally figured this out in 2017.) When the left applauds private citizens for demolishing public statues, then lets them go unpunished … should we really be obeying ludicrous court orders that call a Ten Commandments monument “unconstitutional”?

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A Failure of Love

Not everyone agrees with me, of course. Those who loathed Moore before this scandal hit were largely the same kind of conservative who found Donald Trump too “icky” or personally compromised to support against Hillary Clinton. Even given her track record of ruthlessness and the raging powerlust of our unhinged leftist establishment. That’s a failure of love, from a man without a chest.

That said, some leaders, however effective, have squandered their reputations through personal faults that repulse the public and tarnish your “brand.” Electing them might save one Senate seat, for one term, but lose us close elections in other states. Voters’ memories are short, but the media are relentless.

The kind of men who are good at getting angry when it’s needed don’t always know when to stop. Sometimes they are vain, hot-headed, narcissistic and reckless. That’s dangerous as well. It’s our job to step in and restrain them. The wildness of our enemies doesn’t give us absolute license ourselves. If we think that, then our anger will backfire. We will seem like the “bad guys” and our foes like hapless victims.

As I said, there’s no easy formula. And now you can go back to reading about that alleged yearbook signature.

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  • LgVt

    Everything in this piece is true, but I think there’s an important tactical aspect that is going unmentioned.

    To borrow Mr. Zmirak’s street fight analogy, if the criminal pulls out a knife, and is a better knife fighter than you, then pulling out a knife of your own isn’t going to do you any good–you’re still going to lose.

    That’s largely where the conflict on the right over candidates like Trump and Moore comes from. Since they couldn’t win a knife fight, the strategy of more “traditional” conservatives was to try and take away the knife instead–to call out the left on its excesses, and try to shame them into disavowing such tactics, and thus restrict themselves to a fight that it was possible for the right to win. (Obviously, this required that the right not engage in such tactics themselves.)

    I hardly need to go into detail about how badly this has gone. If it’s possible for the right to win, it’s also possible for the right to lose–and lose it did, repeatedly, to the point where over the past few elections, we’ve been reduced to running “stealth” candidates who hid and downplayed their positions on a myriad of issues, from abortion to immigration. That’s why frustrated supporters turned to the likes of Trump in the first place; they wanted someone who would “finally fight back.”

    What those supporters are now learning the hard way is that the left is much, much better at fighting in this arena than they are. It’s been ugly so far, and it’s going to get worse–because now that the right has stooped to their level, there’s no longer any reason whatsoever for the left to hold back. We’re about to go from a knife fight to a gun fight.

    It might have been inevitable. But it’s not going to end well.

    • Zmirak

      I’m not sure it will end so badly. We have most of the guns. Look back at the Spanish Civil War. It was ugly. But we won.

      • Paul

        “We have most of the guns.”

        Who is we?

        • Zmirak

          Christian and conservative Americans.

          • Paul

            Yes, but do you have guns?

          • Bezukhov

            I thought Jesus said to ‘love your enemies’, not ‘exterminate your enemies’.

            Am I missing something here? Did Jesus say His kingdom will be set up on the earth as soon as every elected office in America is held by Bible Thumping Republicans?

          • Bear in mind that turning the other cheek is recommended as the response to a left-handed slap, not to a punch in the jaw.

            On the other hand, he also told us not to fear those who can only kill the body. Prayer, fasting, and white or even red martyrdom is likely to have a greater impact on making Americans want to be more just. Just ask that guy who told us he dreamed of a world where we would be judged on the content of our characters. (Me, I’d settle for people being judged on their actions. Only God can truly judge hearts.)

          • Bezukhov

            Bear in mind that turning the other cheek is recommended as the response to a left-handed slap, not to a punch in the jaw.

            So what is the response to a punch in the jaw? Break every bone their body?

          • Heck no! Even as far back as the OT, God limited retribution to “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a stripe for a stripe, and a life for a life.” Christ told us that vengeance is for God alone. So, in response to an assault, enough force to defend yourself and make the attacker stop — but no more.

          • Paul

            Hmm, still no answer to if you have guns.. Is the ‘we’ you spoke of actually those other folks you hope will carry the water?

      • Bezukhov

        Where did Jesus tell His followers to seize Earthly political power through violence?

      • James

        So you’re the integralist Pope Francis warned us about?

  • Chip Crawford

    The yearbook signature appears a fake – just getting that out of the way. That one is an opportunist among the group. The rest of the story may never come clear. We shall see what we shall see.

    The “forgotten people” like a champion. A champion who has delivered previously or in another arena, oh yeah. Someone who speaks plain English is also attractive. They will come out in numbers for the refreshing wind blowing in those directions. Let’s just cut to the rescue, can we?-is the call. That is part of what endears these two persons mentioned.

  • Patmos

    It’s an interesting thing to ponder: How to deal with the rise of the reprobates? It’s especially interesting given the context that eerily appears to be more and more like the end times.

    Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus to be angry and sin not, but that doesn’t necessarily do anything about the reprobate. Neither does not taking part in unfruitful works of darkness but rather reproving them, because generally speaking the reprobate continues on in that unfruitful work even after a thorough reproval with facts laid bare.

    I personally like what Paul tells the church at Thessalonica when he tells those who are troubled to rest with us, and how God will do the heavy lifting (2 Thessalonians 1:7-12), and while that passage deals with the specific I think it can be applied generally too. There is very likely going to be some deadlock when dealing with the reprobates and the spirit behind them, but God makes foolish the wisdom of this world, for where are the wise and where are the disputers of this world? The vast majority of them are dead, even moreso than when they were alive.

  • Paul Rain

    The enemies of morality have picked some seriously flawed ‘accusers’ to pay in their scam of dragging a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park. Moore is obviously innocent of all charges.

    By comparison, Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion.

    In partial birth abortion, the abortionist punctures the base of the baby’s skull with a tool, either scissors or a sharpened metal tube. He then inserts a rubber hose into the wound, and sucks out the baby’s brain with a vacuum before pulling it out.

    If you don’t support Christian morality, you are no conservative. If you support babykillers like Jones, which you do if you oppose Moore, you need the rope or the stake.

    • Chip Crawford

      Let’s support verified truth, not presuming our guy is good and everyone else wrong. God is particular about truth. It’s not necessarily either/or. He can work things out in another way.

    • Bezukhov

      If you don’t support Christian morality, you are no conservative. If you support babykillers like Jones, which you do if you oppose Moore, you need the rope or the stake.

      Christian Morality means hanging people or burning people? Where did Jesus ever encourage those actions?

      • Paul Rain

        Anyone who claims Jesus opposed the death penalty is not a bible believer.

        • Bezukhov

          Who did Jesus kill after sentencing them to death?

          • Paul Rain

            ‘Who did Charlemagne personally execute?’


          • Bezukhov

            True. Charlemagne did the sentencing. Who did Jesus sentence while He was on Earth?

          • Micha_Elyi

            Check your neck for a rope tied to a millstone.

            Also, note that Jesus did not contest his own death sentence and that he only spoke of saving but one of the two thieves who were executed with him.

  • tz1

    Why did we turn our backs on men like Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and John Kasich? 

    To agree with my perspective:

    Because Jeb! (please clap) was another “lose gracefully” conservative. I don’t know if you noticed but Terri Schiavo is DEAD. But Jeb! (please clap) got Terri’s law passed. And his brother flew back from Texas to sign a Pontius Pilate paper that did nothing to save her.

    Compare what Clinton did about Elian Gonzales while things were going though court.

    I think if you and your family were threatened, you would want to hire security that was actually prepared to shoot people who were trying to kill you if it came to that. Not dither or try to discuss why pulling a knife and running toward you might not be a good idea.

    Also missing is the mirror of accusation – Bearing False Witness. We still have the death penalty in places, so what if perjury murders an innocent? It is too easy to dismiss Moore’s accusers – assuming they are lying, trying to destroy him during a critical election? Of what magnitude is that evil? None have even gone under oath, and Allred’s demand for turning over the Yearbook to be forensically inspected is clownish. Lets say it is determined to be a forgery. What should happen to Allred and the accuser?

    Beyond that I think you do a serious disservice to Roy Moore by comparing him with Trump as merely “populist”. They may be. But Trump was a Businessman from NYC, had a highly rated TV show, multiple divorces, but still managed to create a good family. You can look at his children. But that doesn’t excuse his behavior which wasn’t exactly Jekyll-Hyde episodes over the last 30 years. He was very flawed, but something like Dorian Gray, is attempting an 11th hour redemption, though as a knight, not a monk. He was more liberal on most issues before and on many still is.

    Moore, conversely, has actually fought hard, even to the point of being removed from his position, for Christian values, the originalist constitution, etc. over the last three decades. He also apparently is as much a good Husband and Father like Ron Paul. He has ALWAYS had Christian values during this period. Always pro-life, marriage, family.

    The last element is no one, including you, are talking about Demonic Democrat Doug and his Abortion up to birth, Transgender bathrooms and other radical LGBTQ, etc. There is a binary choice, and one is objectively and gravely evil even before we ask about his past which no one is doing. The other is accused of having some fossilized skeletons somewhere but none have come out of the closet.

    A final thing is the evil elite. Assume McConnell was a practicing Satanist and hates the idea a Christian like Moore could be in the Senate. What would he do different than the Milquetoast Mitch McConnell we have now? Think hard. I can’t think of anything. Well, he might actually defend Al Franken even with that horrible picture, but Satan isn’t that stupid, nor are his minions.

    • Dean Bruckner

      McConnell may well be a practicing Satanist.

      Remember in Ezekiel, every single one of the 70 Jewish elders were involved in secret idol worship, and that activity was covered with a demonic cloak of secrecy that was revealed only by God’s direct intervention. God gave Ezekiel the what and where to dig a secret tunnel to observe their horrid secret demonic rites in the very temple! Ezekiel was undercover, no doubt at the risk of his life. No doubt also they had Fort Marcy Parks there in Jerusalem too.

      The evil in Washington DC is a yawning, bottomless chasm blacker than the blackest midnight. McConnell is not at the bottom, but he is in deep.

      • tz1

        Trump should fly to Alabama to support Moore, but as he leaves, see if he can provoke Kim Jong Un into nuking the swamp.

    • Micha_Elyi

      “I don’t know if you noticed but Terri Schiavo is DEAD.”–tz1

      I notice that you chose to “lose gracefully” (your phrase) instead of bust into the care home and be the Caped Crusader who rescued Terri Schiavo.

      You can’t even live up to your own standards, tz1.

  • Irene Neuner

    I love the subtitle, ‘Don’t Bring a Knife to the Gunfight’ because it sums up leftism.

    Namely a refusal to reckon reality then prioritize or assign value to that reality.

  • sc_cannon

    It is becoming such a one strike sort of country that I think it is because people think that power comes from the Govt. and not God. The possible immorality of what happened 38 years ago is a non issue from my point of view. As Christians we should know how to forgive those that show that they belong to Jesus, and Roy Moore and Donald Trump have confessed with their mouths that they believe in Jesus. ,

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    “What is it about populist candidates like Roy Moore & Donald Trump that now appeals to conservative Christians ?” Perhaps the answer is even “deeper” than most pundits who usually aren’t “deep” enough to grapple w/anything outside their shallow paradigm would consider. Trumps stunning election victory & Roy Moore’s indomitable refusal to concede to these politically expedient accusations from his adversaries both display some significant commonalities. Both are virtually unprecedented in the annals of American politicking . Both candidates are perceived as dire portents to the establishment politic. On both sides of the isle. Both are concerned w/the current era of political correctness about as much as a bull is concerned about the value of fine china in the proverbial china shop. Both have displayed convictions in the face of compromise & scorn. Both seemingly appear ( at least to some ) to be vessels in the hands of a divine potter. It is regarding this last criteria that I find most absorbing. It would seem that too many commentators on the contemporary national scene are irretrievably adrift along the currents of their predisposition towards their preconceived perceptions of partiality & pessimism towards all things “Trumptopian” . It would also appear that even the most modestly religious among the once silent majority , you know those unwashed behind their ears “deplorables” have picked up on something the professional politicians have either lost or never had. Character ! These guys know character when they see it . They are not so artificially insulated from reality to not remember something other than the latest polling results. Conservative Christians even more so. What is it that distinguishes the consecrated believer from so much of the rest of the world ? Character ! What is it that a lifetime of missed opportunities for compromise demonstrates ? Character! What is it that our Heavenly Father has been working so “mysteriously” behind the scenes of our sometimes disingenuous lives to develop in us ? Character ! Yeah , I think the answer to Mr Zmriaks “deeper” question can be found in one word. Character. I bet you saw that coming. There are two types of scandals w/which our society is increasingly having to deal with. Real & not real. To quote a catchphrase from one of the most popular entertainers of the “jazz age’ Cab Calloway ;”Is you is or is you ain’t my baby – Or is my baby still my baby true ?”
    I choose to believe & w/cause that it’s only a matter time before the “good Judges” character is vindicated. In that context where character is concerned ” is you is my baby is still true ….”

    • A. Castellitto

      You are right…..innocent till Proven guilty…..let them prove it! They are scared

      • Chip Crawford

        There are corroborating witnesses. The matter cannot be proven with forensic evidence at this date, if ever. There is a legitimate tide of reckoning with these behaviors in the country right now. Even Sean Hannity, a very populist sympathizer with whom Roy Moore granted an interview, reports that Judge Moore failed the test — contradicting answers. He gave him time to come back and clear them up, but the Judge has yet to face a camera with a statement on the issue. Oh, he did send his wife out there. He’s only willing to deny at this point. Credibility definitely varies with witnesses, and his are deemed credible by folks who really don’t want them to be, myself included. We can’t take up for wrong and lying about it just because it’s our guy.

    • Micha_Elyi

      “Both are virtually unprecedented in the annals of American politicking.”
      –Howard Rosenbaum

      I disagree. This ditty from the election of 1884 might jog your memory:
      “Ma, Ma, Where’s my Pa, Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha.”

      • Howard Rosenbaum

        You could be correct were I referring to William Jefferson Clinton.
        Seems like he was’t the first “rapist” in the White House …!
        Thanks for the history lesson …
        Btw, my unprecedented comment was in reference to Trumps have pulled off perhaps the greatest election victory in the face of “unprecedented “MSM antagonism, deep state complicity w/his opponent against him & an extremely powerful democratic political machine w/a huge bankroll. Same kind of politically expedient antagonism against the judge as well …

  • James

    So the ends justify the means, then?

    • Bryan

      I do not think that’s what the author is saying. In fact, I think he’s saying the opposite, sort of. This isn’t a call to be more underhanded than your political opponent. It’s a call to act in appropriateness to to circumstances. In the second book of C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy, Perelandra, the hero realizes that if he doesn’t act to remove or neutralize the threat to new world, it will be overthrown like our world. He uses reason and courteousness for a while but realizes that eventually that will utterly fail or fail in the same way you can fail when trying to reason with a 3 year old. He moves to try to remove the threat and eventually, in a contest of blows, eventually kills the enemy.
      It struck me when I read that for the first time that this was a defense (of sorts) of righteous anger. There is a time and a place for evil to be removed. In the civilized world, if reason fails to change the path of evil, then more drastic measures are required. Do I believe we should off everyone who doesn’t agree with me? Absolutely not! I’m not suggesting taking the law into my own hands. What I’m getting at and what I think the author is getting at, is if the other side has decided that they won’t abide by the rules (whatever they may be) then the rules need to be changed and so that both sides are again playing fair. For example, previously the Senate would discuss a potential judicial appointment by the President and pass them through to the federal bench if there wasn’t a reason beyond personal politics to withhold the position. Then the rules started changing to the point where one side would filibuster a nomination they didn’t like and impede the progress of judicial appointments. When the other side tried to do the same thing, the first side cried foul. That’s the not playing by the rules part. Finally the Republican’s have decided to change the rules so that they can play the same way the Democrats were recently playing. That’s the part where the rules are revised so that all parties are on a more even playing field. It’s changing convention to match the current reality. Like the author’s example, if you intervene in a mugging as a boxer and the mugger pulls out a knife, you’d better change your tactics. If you don’t, you lose. And so does the initial victim.

  • Tim H

    I agree with everything you say. At least one other tactical thing we need to remember in engaging the left productively is that there are some on the left who are of good will and they are in fact doing exactly what you have suggested. They honestly think that “square” society has been so hard on the minority fringes of society that they are in fact invoking wrath for the good of these poor downtrodden. I might go so far as to say I think the rank and file left probably fall into this category, while many in the leadership are people who need something near curb stomping to restore them to the straight and narrow path if that is even possible. So this implies we need different methods depending on the grouping. And we need to mix those messages on the public stage. I think part of Trump’s tweets problems are that they are awesome against the left leadership from the right’s rank and file perspective, but they aren’t so good for converting the left rank and file.

  • A. Castellitto

    Moore has not been proven of wrong doing…. We cannot let the left determine who earns condemnation and who does not….. Let them prove Moore guilty of something via actual evidence in court of law…. Or maybe we should investiage the 3 dead choir members in Obama’s church. This is not about morality…. This is a power struggle…. If we cared about morality the Christian worldview would be a fight to the death….one worth truly fighting for….. We’ve already surrendered in many ways

    • Chip Crawford

      There are corroborating witnesses. The matter cannot be proven with forensic evidence at this date, if ever. There is a legitimate tide of reckoning with these behaviors in the country right now. Even Sean Hannity, a very populist sympathizer with whom Roy Moore granted an interview, reports that Judge Moore failed the test — contradicting answers. He gave him time to come back and clear them up, but the Judge has yet to face a camera with a statement on the issue. Oh, he did send his wife out there. He’s only willing to deny at this point. Credibility definitely varies with accusers, and his are deemed credible by folks who really don’t want them to be, myself included. We can’t take up for wrong and lying about it just because it’s our guy.

  • A. Castellitto

    They are trying to annihilate Christian men and women from office on account of their homophobia…. And they are succeeding….. If that doesn’t work they will use anything they can get their hands on….if that means making stuff up they will….. I remain patient with trump and support Moore….I’m praying for them

    • Chip Crawford

      The Republican leadership, who have withdrawn national party resources from Judge Moore, really and really 100 times over, need to not lose a Republican member in the Senate. The majority now is so slim it hangs by a thread with every vote. Why would they risk having the far left Democrat at this or any point? The Republican governor (a woman) of Alabama states she also believes the accusers, but will vote for Moore to have the Republican vote on vital matters. It’s up to Alabamians at this point.

      • A. Castellitto

        We are not rooting for the Republican party… We are rooting for those who will fight the establishment…. the powers that be

        • Chip Crawford

          I’m all for seeing the establishment reckoned with, but not if it entails compromising as a Christian. Judge Moore should have that priority as well, since he claims Christian values.

          • A. Castellitto

            If he goes, all the lying, cheating scumbags in the establishment should go to….. Lets be consistent and open all their closets….starting with McConnell

          • Micha_Elyi

            Let’s see A. Castellitto start with A. Castellitto.

  • Concerned Christian

    Well if you think the left is that evil, then they are truly brilliant and wining. They have gotten the Right to vote for someone that would truly have been rejected by Right if he ran as a democrat. Now we have a second occurrence of it in Moore. What we’re seeing is truly Machiavellian.

    “Everyone knows how laudable it is for a prince to keep his word and live with integrity instead of by trickery. But the experience of our own time shows us that the princes who have accomplished great things are those who cared little for keeping faith with the people, and who used cleverness to befuddle the minds of men,” The Prince

    Either Trump has embraced Machiavelli or the democrats have. Either way, they’ve gotten conservatives to compromise. The next time we hear things like virtue and integrity, it will be the democrats preaching it. You may think it’s hypocritical or just a flat out lie, but it will resonate!

    • Chip Crawford

      Objecting conservative Alabamians will likely write in someone rather than vote for the especially abhorrent believing Democrat.

      • Concerned Christian

        i seriously doubt it will be in any significant numbers. Conservatives didn’t do it for trump over Clinton so it most likely won’t happen here either. There’s more reason to trust Moore than Trump.

        • Chip Crawford

          Donald Trump faced the camera and made a statement after that tape came out. Judge Moore won’t do that so far, just denying it and speaking through surrogates, like his wife. DT didn’t hide behind his wife. The Young Republicans in AL just dropped endorsement of Judge Moore because he won’t debunk the charges.

          • Concerned Christian

            that’s funny i didn’t realize that.

            Have to say though, in the absence of any additional information, it’s hard to believe that he will not win.

          • Chip Crawford

            He has much loyalty in the state.

          • Concerned Christian


          • Micha_Elyi

            Since when have YRs been “conservative”?

    • Irene Neuner

      The left, socialism, communism, abortion, political correctness are absolutely evil. If you can’t see that than you have the opposite of a Biblical, God breathed view of the world. The darkness in pro sports, cable tv, government and Hollywood was clear 10 years ago to my husband and I as babies in Christ. Now it is hidden from no one.

      “Wisdom shouts in the streets. She cries out in the public square. She calls to the crowds along the Main Street, To those gathered along the city gate: How long you simpletons, will you insist on being simpleminded? How long will you mockers relish your mocking? How long will you fools hate knowledge? Come and listen to my counsel. I’ll share my heart with you and make you wise.” Proverbs 1:20-23. NLT

      • Concerned Christian

        the good thing about conservative Christians is that they can always define the bad guys. The next time you bash the left, Hollywood or athletes, just remember that they are human beings that live in your neighborhood, you work along side of, and yes, even go to church and worship with.

        Maybe if conservative Christians stopped using the Bible as a club to beat people over the head with you might find the following to be more effective:

        1 Corinthians 9:20-22King James Version (KJV)

        20 And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law;

        21 To them that are without law, as without law, (being not without law to God, but under the law to Christ,) that I might gain them that are without law.

        22 To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.

        Who knows, you might just be able to reduce the size of your list of evil! 🙂

  • ArthurMcGowan

    I am thoroughly sick of people who think that voting to put a man into some public office taints their soul with every sin that man may have committed, ever.

    These people would have turned the country over to be governed by pedophile Satanist abortionists in 2016, because of some locker-room talk. They are now willing to do the same in the U.S. Senate.

    • A. Castellitto

      …if the establishment is rejecting em my knee jerk reaction is to support em…..

  • A. Castellitto

    They give us the candidates they want us to accept….. Many of these people currently in office are so morally compromised its utterly ridiculous

  • Concerned Christian

    Why is it that more Christians don’t run for public office? it seems everyone thinks the choices are so bad but where are the Christians that are running and making a difference?

    Black people didn’t like the political system so we go involved.
    Women didn’t like the system so they got involved.
    The same with Hispanics.
    Two transgender people were just elected.

    Other than complaining where are the Christians?

    • Bryan

      That’s a good point. Is this your way of announcing a run for an office?
      I think many feel either under-qualified or that it’s not spiritual enough.

    • Kaz

      Moore is a Christian.

      • Concerned Christian

        yes and their in lies the issue.

    • Irene Neuner

      True Christians, that are committed to Christ, are despised by the world.

      • Concerned Christian

        clearly, this is one of the most abused statements that Christians take from the Bible. Sometimes/most times people despise you because of your own actions.

        The only group of Christians that believe this are conservative Christians. The only group that believes they have the right of victim hood are conservative Christians. However, if any other group complains i.e. blacks, members of the LGBT community, women, or non-conservative Christian groups, conservative Christians are quick to dismiss their concerns as trivial, ignorant, or irrelevant.
        Maybe showing a little compassion would help with this feeling of being despised.

        Keep in mind that the world hated Jesus without cause. Pilot, a sinner, said I can find no fault with this man. Can the same be said of today’s conservative Christians?

  • Irene Neuner

    Remember when King David, “the man after God’s own heart”, murdered Uriah and took his wife? God punished him but didn’t remove him from the throne as he did to so many other Jewish and Pagan kings.

    Why was this? Because God desires not tedious rule followers but rather the heart of a man. So that is Trump and it may be Moore, I can’t say, but God desires not someone who has a “form of godliness” but rather someone who’s heart and soul belong to God.

    The one who says “forgive me a sinner” not the ‘politically correct’ or popularly chosen.

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