Las Vegas Shooting: Pure Evil

People tend to the wounded outside the Route 91 Harvest Country music festival grounds after a shooting on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

By James Robison Published on October 4, 2017

The President was right on target when he referred to the murderous act in Las Vegas as “Pure Evil.” Satan is the author and instigator of all evil. He is the very personification of it. Even those who doubt or deny God cannot deny there is an obvious force of evil present in our world. Jesus said Satan is the father of all lies and, above all, a thief and murderer. He seeks to destroy life — every precious aspect of it. When he is in control, he continually manifests despicable, unimaginable acts defying all logic.

We’re right to abhor the unspeakable brutality and murder of the innocent — any time, anywhere. We don’t yet know whether the 64-year-old Vegas gunman was deranged or cruelly rational. But we do know his act was demonic. No, the devil didn’t make him do it. The murderer made a horrible choice by giving Satan control of his life and accomplished the enemy’s deadly purpose.

The Vulnerability to Evil

That’s what happens when your resistance and clear-mindedness have been compromised and diminished. Many things can harm our spiritual and mental condition. It might be addiction to alcohol or drugs, damaging emotions such as bitterness or envy, emotional or physical exhaustion. It can even be the result of self-intoxication, as with Herod at the time of Christ’s birth. He ordered the murder of all little boys under two years old in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:16). Satanic? Yes. Demonic? Yes. Even so, it was Herod’s choice to act on his evil schemes.

In the fatherless home and the dysfunctional community I grew up in, you cannot imagine the suggestions other kids made to me, along with the fiery darts (damaging suggestions) Satan fired my way. I was vulnerable. But thanks be to God, praying Christians, a pastor and his wife who never forgot the boy they cared for the first few years of my life, and then the witness of committed Christian teenagers led me to Christ. I’m convinced that the prayers of others (even before my conversion to Christ) helped prevent me from giving into foolish and damaging impulses.

The Answer to Evil

Jesus is the answer. He was my answer, and He is the sole answer for those devastated by manifestations of evil. Only a great God and a loving heavenly Father can give the ultimate comfort wanted and needed by the people in Las Vegas and every victimized community. Caring neighbors, friends, and other Christians will seek to lighten their load and brighten their future. Jesus is the only way to overcome evil and the evil one. He alone can direct our steps and help us build wise, secure walls of protection.

God’s Word should be our hedge of security. He wants His Word to be written in our hearts, not just carried in a leather bound book. He wants His Word to carry and lead us. And, as Paul said, we can write letters in the hearts of other people’s lives by our consistent Christian testimony (2 Corinthians 3:2–3).

Believers must demonstrate the resurrection life He offers each day. Jesus came to overcome the evil one and to deliver us from that despicable, damaging influence. We live only because Christ was born, was crucified, rose from the dead, and His resurrected life can be revealed in us.

The Light in the Face of Evil

Thirty years ago when I experienced a marvelous deliverance from the power of demonic assault due to spiritual burnout and physical exhaustion, I was vulnerable. During the time following my deliverance, God clearly revealed that in the last days evil would wax worse. Satan’s nature will be more visibly manifested than at any time in history with unfathomable, despicable acts of evil.

But the converse of that is also true. The church (true Christians — fully devoted followers of Christ) will become more like Jesus than in any time in history. Until Satan is destroyed and evil demolished forever, believers must stand suited up in the whole armor of God, resisting evil on every front. We can be forever triumphant. We can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, when we allow the love, hope, and peace of Christ to prevail.

As born again Christians, let’s join our hearts together praying for all who have experienced such great pain, suffering and the loss of precious family and friends. Let’s join Jesus diligently seeking to “bind up broken hearts” while standing against Satan’s evil intentions.


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  • Linda

    And sin, disaster and evil has increased considerably since this man took office.

    • Ken Abbott

      The post hoc fallacy? Correlation does not imply causation.

      Besides, compared to what?

    • GPS Daddy

      Linda, did you know there is a very high correlation between national consumption of margarine and divorce rates in the state of Maine?

    • Charles Burge

      This is such a pointless post, but I’ll respond to it anyway. Do you mean worldwide sin, or sin only within America’s borders? Do you mean visible sin only (crime and such) or are you including sin that lives within all of our hearts (lust, anger, selfishness, etc). The Centers for Disease Control revealed that the number of new sexually transmitted disease cases in America had hit a record high. That would certainly indicate an increase in one certain kind of sin. The numbers are for 2016 though, so that was before President Trump took office. No word yet if the trend will continue in 2017. Murders of policemen seem to be down though. The numbers of mass shootings is about flat so far (6 in 2016, 7 this year).

      If you have a point, please make it more clearly.

      • Linda

        Hate. Hate is on the rise since he took office. The shooting of Steve Scalise and the murder of Heather Heyer are evidence of hate for your fellow citizens. Regarding your ‘flat’ mass shooting stat, 7 is more than 6 and there are three months left in this year. Excessive pride is also a sin and churches are worshipping at the altar of flag and country, and taking their eyes off Jesus.

        • Charles Burge

          We have an adolescent-minded bully for a president, and that frustrates me a lot. But to lay any increase of “sin, disaster and evil” at his feet is really disingenuous. I would actually say that the reverse is true, because with the American style of government, we tend to get leaders we deserve. Let’s not forget that the only meaningful choice in last year’s election was between an egotistical ignoramus, and another egotistical woman involved in multiple levels of corruption and deception. That’s a pretty sad reflection of ourselves. As for hate being on the rise, I think it’s been on the rise for quite some time. Jesus actually predicted “…because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12). And yes, I also blame the church for failing to be salt and light in America. But let’s be honest about it rather than getting caught up in petty blame-casting.

          • Chip Crawford

            True, take Linda’s level of hate, for example, more and more on display on this site.

          • Linda

            Stop stalking me on this site please.

    • Chip Crawford

      True, all you brats and paid haters have come out of the woodwork for the bash and cash.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Yes, we as a country are certainly reaping what has been sowed. Just remember, one ALWAYS reaps later than the sow and more than they sow. Trump hasn’t even begun to put many seeds in the ground yet. And no, I did NOT vote for Trump.

      Given that this country for 40yrs now has been telling God to get lost, given that BHO openly mocked God by flooding (pun intended) the White House in Rainbow colors, given that BHO did away with DADT and flung the doors to the Military wide-open for practicing Homosexuals and “Transgenders”, given that SCOTUS redefined God’s sacred institution of Marriage, and given that we see one court after another send God the message “You are NOT welcome here!”; I’d say we’re certainly reaping those seeds that were sown long before Trump took office.

      That said, I’ll say this about Trump. Thus far he hasn’t really done anything. Even the stop forward he took by reversing BHO’s Transgender Policy was punted to Mattis who isn’t gonna do a thing to get rid of them as he should.

  • ImaginaryDomain

    Evil…maybe? Could be a severe mental illness from a variety of causes known and unknown. This seems to be cheap to simply label this as “evil”. Cheap, and meaningless at this point.

    • Chip Crawford

      That last aptly describes your comment.

  • LYoung

    Thank you, brother. Indeed there is no other answer. Jesus came to set the captive free and heal the broken-hearted and forgive our sin. We must stay the course and share the message with others…to our very last breath. I join with you in prayer.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    James seems to indicate that the shooter, or anyone else under demonic influence/possession has a “choice” as to what they do. Question: Where is that in the Bible? The examples from the passages that come to my mind now indicate that the demons took over and made the person do things they otherwise would not.

    Now, obviously, God must allow that to happen to an Unbeliever but isn’t one of the dangers of not surrendering to Christ, aside from eternal torment in the Lake Of Fire, the gambling that you won’t be the next Stephen Paddock?

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