He Knows Your Name

By Dudley Hall Published on February 20, 2015

DUDLEY HALL — The little leaguer was new in town and had been assigned to the Mighty Tiger’s baseball team. He was shy about going over to meet the coach. “He probably already knows who you are,” I said. “Let’s go over and meet him.” His head dropped. “Nobody knows who I am.” Everyone wants to be known. We weren’t made for anonymity. But we want more than just having a name. We want to mean something to someone.

Jesus said to her, “Mary”. John 20:16a

Mary Magdalene was confused. Jesus had loved her in a way that gave her dignity and purpose. He was so genuine. Surely he couldn’t have been a hoax. But then there was the trial and the crucifixion. The vicious authorities had handled him as a helpless victim. He was buried in a borrowed tomb — and now he was gone, surely the result of some demonic scheme, or crude prank by those who hated him so much. She didn’t even have his body to mourn.

To add to the confusion, there were angels there. They called her, “woman.” Then the man she had supposed was the gardener spoke to her, “Mary.” It was the voice of the one who knew everything about her and still loved her. He knew her, not just her name, but her.  The loneliness and confusion began to recede. He was alive and he knew her.

That voice is still speaking to those who will listen. “O Lord you have searched me and known me … you search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways … You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me: it is high; I cannot attain it.” Psalms 139: 1,3,5-6

He knows. He knows it all, and he loves without limit. Listen.

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