Keith Olbermann Says Trump’s Worse Than ISIS

What Trump's really bad for is something else completely

In this screenshot from video, Keith Olbermann joins Joy Behar on The View

By Jennifer Hartline Published on November 8, 2017

I saw a clip of Keith Olbermann’s performance on The View last week. It was melodramatic stage-hogging from an arrogant flame-thrower. He felt it clever and insightful to pronounce that Donald Trump has done more harm to America than Bin Laden and ISIS combined.

President Trump — more dangerous than ISIS. The president doesn’t threaten America. So why is Olbermann so upset? Because Trump threatens the liberal agenda.

Think About This Rationally

Let’s be rational about this. Worse than bin Laden? Worse than ISIS? How many people has Donald Trump beheaded?

How many times has he detonated a bomb in a crowded coffee shop, or a place of business, or a train?

How often has he driven a truck into a crowd of people walking down the street?

All this hatred for the president is about an agenda. No one, especially not the president, can be allowed to violate the liberal, secular agenda.

How many times has he flown a jet plane into a building?

How many schoolgirls has he kidnapped, raped and sold into slavery?

How often has he decimated entire towns of Christians, razing their homes, ancient buildings and churches?

How many innocent civilians has he killed while shouting “Allahu Akbar”?

I do not even need to tell a rational, decent person the answer. There is no comparison.

It’s Not President Trump. It’s the Agenda

Olbermann’s a good leftist. The big problem with the Left is that it doesn’t apply its own principles fairly. The Left makes a good show these days of condemning intolerable behavior from men and standing up for the dignity of women, or whatever, but it’s all self-serving hooey. I doubt they’d find the President’s past sexual offenses so offensive if only he didn’t wear the wrong initial.

They heaped adulation and praise on Harvey Weinstein for decades, and they still heap adulation and praise on Roman Polanski. They still adore Bill Clinton. Ted Kennedy left a woman to drown after he saved his own skin, and they praised him for decades afterward.

All this hatred for the president is about an agenda. No one, especially not the president, can be allowed to violate the liberal, secular agenda. President Trump is a threat to that agenda, and that’s what makes him “dangerous.”

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I think they despise President Trump largely because he isn’t willing to replace the American flag with the rainbow flag. Every person unwilling to march in the Pride parade must be punished and bankrupted. They will shame every person who objects to the trans-indoctrination of our children. Those who believe marriage can only exist between a man and a woman must be driven into the outer darkness.

That’s not the only reason they despise him, of course. They despise him for every way he resists the Left’s mission. Take the liberal issue of the week. Trump hasn’t moved to pass whatever gun restriction laws they are so certain will solve the tragedy of murderous violence in America.

Reckless Rhetoric Only Feeds the Hate

Isn’t this politics as usual? Why does it matter? Hatred is burning through America, and stunts like Olbermann’s only stoke the fire. 

Now, yet another horrific shooting, this time at a Texas church on a Sunday morning. The shooter was mentally unhinged and filled with hate for whatever reason. He was a violent man with a violent past. There are other violent people like him out there, all being pushed to violence by the hatred and anger that dominates our media.

We need to douse those media flame-throwers. Childish, bullying, hysterical blowhards like Keith Olbermann didn’t build this country. They will certainly help destroy it.

When Olbermann said the President is worse than ISIS, security should have led him out the back door. Nobody has time for such thoroughly reckless nonsense.

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  • meamsane

    Leftists are not rational! That’s why they live in their own perpetual dream-state and they want everyone else to live in it with them!!

  • Jim Walker

    Soros’ money in action.

  • SophieA

    If this outrageous claim doesn’t convince people where to find fake news, then nothing can.

  • Hmmm…

    I certainly appreciated Meghan McCain’s strident reaction to the incendiary statement. She is so well invested on that set, being one of the most potent tools for realignment with reality toward the delusionary left. Mr. O was brought up so short, he concluded in appeasing her with compliments for other right leaning leaders, such as the Bushes. Rare gratification in this all-too-frequent occurrence of unhinged lambast.

  • Wayne Cook

    Hear hear!

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