Kayleigh McEnany: Chaos Ensued When Americans Abandoned Christ

McEnany's newest book will be released May 2, 2023.

By Nancy Flory Published on April 26, 2023

“Really, we’re at the moment in history [that] is so much bigger than any political party, any one president,” former press secretary for Donald Trump Kayleigh McEnany told The Stream in a recent interview. “I think the shared foundation we have of faith, patriotism, tradition, these things that have always been valued throughout American history, are being questioned.” McEnany’s latest book is Serenity in the Storm: Living Through Chaos by Leaning on ChristShe recently spoke with The Stream’s Nancy Flory about finding hope and peace through Christ — no matter the storm. 

The Consequences of Rejecting God

America has rejected Christian values, McEnany said:

[W]hen you look at the problems we face on the life issue, education problems in our world, the violence that we’re seeing really play out across the country. It all comes back to the rejection of God, the rejection of belief in a higher power, the rejection of values embedded in the Christian faith that, you know, when we have rejected these, all of these societal ills have come forward and it’s not by accident. So, the point of writing the book was to talk about the cultural shift we’re experiencing, which is far more insidious than any one presidency or political movement.

Serenity in the Storm

Throughout her book, McEnany shares her political experiences, then shares her faith that guided her through those political “storms.” 

So, for me, the geopolitical issues … speak to what’s going on on the world stage, you know, the fall of Afghanistan, Ukraine, and they bring up some really big issues that can be challenging for faith. Like, ‘Why does a perfect all-loving God allow us to live in a world with pain and suffering?’ It’s one of the biggest questions asked by non-believers. I thought it was important to do two things —  address those questions as best I could, and offer an undercurrent of optimism that God is working even through these events.

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God Has a Plan

McEnany is particularly concerned for the younger generations, particularly those who have grown up with more faith in their smart phones than in the Savior. When they do not know Christ and they are looking to social media, “it can lead to, one, hard times, and two, disastrous outcomes, which is what I think we’re seeing with this up and coming generation.

“My advice to young people is to know that God has a plan, whatever that may be, and it’s bigger than your own, and He will use you to impact others’ lives.”

America Must Turn Back

Serenity in the Storm was written for both people of faith and those who consume news to know that there’s someone bigger and greater than the problems America faces. “And if we turn back to the values that made us great as a country, tradition, patriotism and faith, that is the way forward. It’s not any one political person or political party.”


Nancy Flory, Ph.D., is a senior editor at The Stream. You can follow her @NancyFlory3, and follow The Stream @Streamdotorg.

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