Does Kathy Griffin Want to Join ISIS?

By John Zmirak Published on May 30, 2017

These are confusing times. If there’s a memo which explains what it’s safe to think and say nowadays, I didn’t get it. Neither may have many of you. So I decided to write one, which lays out the basic, unquestionable facts of life in 2017:

  • Islam is a religion of peace, and if you say otherwise, Muslims will kill you.
  • Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism. Don’t deny that, you’ll just provoke them!
  • Feminism is for female empowerment. Except when it runs interference for polygamous sheiks who favor female genital mutilation and the torture of rape victims. But, on everything else, it’s solid.
  • The left supports equality and opposes all exclusion. Except when they want all-female movie screenings and all-black dorms. But your Christian college had better have a gay activist group on campus, or else.
  • Liberals favor freedom. Except when you offend them, they’ll try to wreck your career and maybe put you in prison.
  • Progressives want democracy. But if you elect someone they disapprove of, they will fantasize about overthrowing the government, removing the president over fake scandals, or just outright murdering the guy.

We learned the last item on this list first from Rosie O’Donnell, who greeted the inauguration of Donald Trump by calling for a military coup, as we reported here at The Stream.

It’s okay to urge violence against the president. That’s completely covered by the First Amendment. What isn’t covered is teaching divergent political opinions in college courses.

Kathy Griffin Auditions for ISIS

But we didn’t really know what it meant until today, when comedienne Kathy Griffin released an ISIS-style beheading selfie. She was holding the blood-soaked head of the president of the United States by the hair.

What can we really say to this? It’s probably illegal, but it’s doubtful that the feds will prosecute her. That’s exactly what she’s hoping will happen, to make her a martyr for free speech or something. Because it’s okay to urge violence against the president. That’s completely covered by the First Amendment. What isn’t covered is teaching divergent political opinions in college courses. Because that could “trigger” students and make them feel unsafe.

You know who should be most offended by Griffin’s stunt? Not Donald Trump. Not even his voters, though Griffin is proving her scorn for half of America. The half that has never heard of her, by the way. Those who should be most upset, I’d say were the survivors of ISIS’s actual victims. You know, the Christians who were in fact beheaded by the group whom Obama dismissed as the “JV team” of terror. And the families of anyone else who was beheaded by terrorists. John Podhoretz pointed this out on Twitter:

To the survivors of those who died in this particularly gruesome way, this stunt is just as funny as those sick Alt-Right cartoons picturing American Jews in ovens. Both were equally squalid and stupid.

That Moment in the Exorcism

Is there something deep and dark in the soul of the cultural left that is finally crawling out to see the light of day?

When Katy Perry isn’t mindlessly calling for peace love and brotherhood as the answer to Muslim slaughter bombings of schoolgirls, she’s releasing cannibalistic fetish videos [WARNING: Vile, graphic content].

Kathy Griffin is making a desperate cry for Botox.

When Planned Parenthood isn’t telling pregnant women who want pre-natal care to go look for it on Google, its representatives are joking about the butchered parts of babies. It doesn’t seem too far-fetched to say of our culture that this is the moment in the exorcism when the head starts to spin around. How ironic is it that “baby-Christian” Donald Trump was the man who has provoked all this! God works in funny ways.

The Left’s Campaign of Terror

Or maybe it’s not demonic. Wielding Occam’s Razor, we don’t absolutely need a preternatural explanation for the devilish ways of the left. There’s political theory here that could go some way toward explaining what we see. The left was savagely disappointed in the defeat of Hillary Clinton. They saw her chance to pack the courts and spur the federal Leviathan as a golden opportunity to silence Christians forever — while flooding the country with new natural Democratic voters. They came so achingly close to sealing the deal that they can taste it. So they flail around for scapegoats:

  • James Comey sandbagged us.
  • Half of Americans are racists.
  • The Russians hacked Vermont’s voting machines.
  • The Russians hacked our brains using Wikileaks.

Unable to contain their impotent rage, many leftists have decided on a course of “resistance.” That means pulling out every stop, breaking every rule, abandoning every previous standard of decency. The goal? To create or simulate a national crisis, and call into question the legitimacy of our government. Political scientist Thomas Molnar called such a strategy “cultural terrorism.” See my January column explaining this theory in detail.

The power of this strategy is that it feeds on our very outrage. The more people who thunder about Kathy Griffin’s vile stunt, the better she likes it (though of course she’ll officially apologize). She and her allies want to produce division, rage, and extremist counter-stunts. That helps bring on the crisis in which they believe they will be the winners.

Much better, I think, to meet this desperate cry for Botox on the part of a D-list celebrity with the emotion it truly deserves. Good, healthy scorn. Along those lines, my favorite reaction to Griffin was that of provocateur Gavin Macinnes:

The devil can bear many things. He can’t abide being mocked. So said St. Thomas More.

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  • Jim Walker

    Kathy Griffins looks like the female version of Bill Nye.

  • FO

    The left has no morals left.

    • Lisa Davis

      Do not generalize! based on comments from a few

      • FO

        Points taken. However, a few? I believe it is more than that 🙂

  • Bonnie Hiner

    She’s nothing! Washed up has been!

    • squawneye

      Correction. She is a never was, not a has been.

  • Timothy Horton

    From the AP a few hours ago:

    “LOS ANGELES — Kathy Griffin says went way too far when she appeared in a brief video Tuesday holding what looked like President Donald Trump’s bloody, severed head.

    The comic posted a video later Tuesday apologizing for the video image, saying it was “too disturbing” and wasn’t funny.

    The first video showed a straight-faced Griffin slowly lifting the bloody head. She originally described the project with photographer Tyler Shields as an “artsy fartsy statement” mocking the commander in chief.

    Griffin says in her apology video that she has asked the photographer to remove the images and begs her fans for forgiveness. Griffin says she made a mistake, went too far and was wrong.

    Publicists for Griffin and Shields did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday from The Associated Press”

    She admitted and apologized for being wrong. Something I’ve yet to see any of the religious conservatives here do.

    • WeNeedTruth

      “…begs her fans for forgiveness.” Therefore, those of us who are mature adults and aren’t fans of her “comedy” aren’t asked for forgiveness. Proving that she only cares about her bank account…her “apology” is fake.

    • Jim Walker

      Religious conservatives did not do any wrong.
      We don’t accept killing babies in the womb.
      We believe marriage is God’s design for a man and a woman.
      We love everyone but we also point out, caution and help to correct those we love and care.

    • squawneye

      I should apologize to sending thousands of dollars to help poor terrorized girls in areas overtaken by ISIS, an organization started by your president and your choice for president a few months ago?

    • Billy Chickens

      Stop using up comment space.

  • blackfeather

    she should be made to join isis.

    • John

      She should be made to go to jail.

  • Christian Cowboy

    Forgive her and move on.

    • squawneye

      Adolph thanks you for your sentiment.

    • SophieA

      Agreed. She is already forgiven. But every sinner knows that consequences remain to be suffered and she should be no different from the rest of us who endure the consequence of sin.

    • John

      Yeah but she should do time for this. This is breaking parameters of free speech as this was specific intent toward a serious crime.

  • She SHOULD be investigated because she threatened the life of a President. Imagine if this had been Obama? Come on, do the right thing and have the Secret Service pay her a visit.

    • Paul

      Since Obama was elected for the shade of his skin such a stunt holding his likeness would be interpreted on racial grounds. We’d be hearing Al and Jesse yelling in the street riots to arrest for threatening to lynch the president.

      • azsxdcfv12

        I agree 100%! There truly IS an unequality vein running through America, and it is evil

    • John

      I agree. This is breaking parameters of free speech as this was specific intent toward a serious crime.

  • Tom Rath

    ISIS is suddenly claiming to not have any openings, but they’ll keep her resume and will give her a call if a suitable position is posted.

  • Paul

    She’s sorry because she’s losing money


  • Gary

    Who is Kathy Griffin? And why should anyone care?

    • Charles Burge

      By her own reckoning, she’s a D-list celebrity. You can be assured that if you don’t know who she is, you’re not missing anything at all.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Yeah, I had earlier posted on Brietbart a similar sentiment as Mr McInnes’s, Probably the only thing more unpleasant to view than her glassy eye gaze that rivals the mythological Medusa stare would be the condition of her heart. These folk, as Mr Zmirak implies are more likely to lunch w/the devil than to require the services of a “Daniel Webster “. Right, Ms Griffin was auditioning for the new American revision of the 1973 film adaptation of Frederick Forsyth’s thriller novel to be retitled “The Day Of The Jack A*s”. Ms Griffin seems to be in character & I’m told the film will certainly not be a comedy, so Ms Griffin already meets that criteria . But seriously, the dichotomy so evident in the current political
    climate is becoming yet more apparent w/each successive tweet , MSM narrative & politicking originating from the left. The current rate of vulgarity & misinformation being promulgated by these survivors of that last electoral college massacre of historical proportions is unprecedented. You know, the next time these folk lunch w/the devil, since so much of their vitriol towards Trump comes from this character, the least they can do is pick up the tab …

  • Paul

    Now she’s really sorry lol

    money.cnn . com/2017/05/31/media/cnn-kathy-griffin/index.html

  • Lisa Davis

    Do not demonize the left due to one stupid comediennes tasteless mockery, “devilish ways of the left”, ” deep and dark soul ” of the left , WTF! Do you have some unresolved issues from being brought up by democrats? You are narrow minded and sound really ignorant , and I never even heard of you or your writings! Wake up and stop over generalizing what people of a certain political ideology think! I certainly won’t be reading your crap anymore !

    • FO

      Many people of the left cannot even come to the table to just start discussing differences in the ideology, let alone debating it. There are plenty of examples, such as Berkeley incidents (Ann Coulter, Milo Yuannopolus), Cornell (Rick Santorum), the fire being set at the time of inauguration, the riots, etc etc. Narrow minded is one who cannot even hear other people’s argument, let alone accepting it. It is the many people of the left that generalize people on the right.

    • SophieA

      Do not generalize! based on comments from a few.

    • Patmos

      “stop over generalizing”

      Good point. It was completely insensitive for Mr. Zmirak to overlook the other people on the left, you know, the ones too cowardly and too inept to do anything about the socialist and new fascist takeover of their party.

  • John

    The independent conservative movement must continue to grow. Forget this left vs right garbage -this just keeps these commies on life support; they are already FINISHED. We are not right wing (fascist) so this just plays into their games.
    It’s about liberty & we just need to reinforce GOD given rights based on how the nation was founded (“…endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable rights…”). Keep praying to The Lord Jesus Christ to KEEP on HEALING The USA.

  • Steve

    If griffin hasn’t started learning spanish or some other foreign language, now might be a good time. Her market numbers just took a huge jump off the cliff.

  • Cynthia Cantrell

    It seems conservatives have some memory retention issues.

    YouTube has a 54 minute video entitled “Nationwide Burning of Effigies and Images of President Hussein Obama.”

    You get to see and effigy of Obama hanging from a noose and being lit on fire. The event is being held on the front lawn of a church with a bg white cross on it.

    It makes Kathy’s single photo look pretty tame by comparison.

    I’ll also point out that she quickly apologized for it. I’ve never seen anyone apologize for burning Obama’s likeness.

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