Joy Break: Hugs for Strays, the Best Wedding Gift Ever and Other Stories to Make You Smile

By Nancy Flory Published on July 19, 2017

Our televisions and smart phones bombard us with news that brings us down. Where has all the good news gone? Those stories are still there. Here are a few stories that we hope will brighten your day.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Eight-year-old Paige saw a group of officers eating at a restaurant recently in San Antonio, Texas. She approached their table and asked if she could pray that God would take care of them. They said yes, and Paige’s mother captured the moment on her camera. After the police officers were finished eating, one came over to Paige’s table to say “thank you.” Another went home and told his family Paige’s prayer really touched him.

“You should always pray for someone no matter what,” said Paige.  “Like even — don’t be afraid to talk about Jesus because it might just brighten someone’s day and someone might do it to you, too.”



Police at Play

On July 4th, Asheville, North Carolina police officers were called to the scene of a … large slip-n-slide party. A neighbor had complained that the slip-n-slide was blocking the road. However, when they arrived they didn’t see a problem. So they joined the fun.


Hugs for Strays

Ever wonder about homeless dogs and their need for love too? A man in Thailand did. And now he goes around giving hugs to stray dogs. Their reactions are priceless. Watch: 



The Best Wedding Present Ever

When Gina Patinella’s brother David was engaged to be married, she began looking for a special gift. Gina and David’s father had passed away over 20 years ago and his children didn’t have audio or video of him. Gina remembered that her father said he was in an Allstate commercial in 1971 so she decided to write the company a letter. 

After digging  a bit, Allstate found the nearly 50-year-old video, which was in good condition. Gina knew it would make the perfect gift. 

On the eve of the wedding, Gina showed the video to her brother and the wedding guests. Neither one could hold back tears. 

“I just couldn’t believe so many people went through all this to make this happen,” said David. “I’m gonna watch it a million times. I love it … it’s the best present ever.”


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