Joy Break: A Singing Cop, a Giggling Toddler and Other Stories to Make You Smile

By Nancy Flory Published on July 11, 2017

Our television or smart phones bombard us with news that brings us down. Where has all the good news gone? Those stories are still there. Here are a few stories that we hope will brighten your day.

It isn’t often that police officers are asked to sing while on a call. But that’s just what happened to Officer Kristian Johnson when he was sent to help an elderly woman with a problem microwave in Logan, Utah.

Shirley Hardman is blind. She had heated some food in her microwave, but the device wouldn’t stop beeping. Shirley had extra reason for concern. A month earlier there had been in fire in her home and she was worried she’d have another. So she called for help.

“It’s not uncommon to get a call — well, it’s the first microwave I’ve ever fixed — but it’s not uncommon for the elderly to need some help. There is just no one to help them and they don’t know who else to call,” Officer Johnson said in an interview with HJ News. “And if they call us, we go — that’s just what we do.”

When Officer Johnson was confident the microwave wasn’t a problem, he asked Hardman if she needed anything else. She asked him if he sang. He said he didn’t, insisting he wasn’t a good singer. “You could start now,” she suggested. “I realized right then and there that she expects a song, and I can’t say no to this lady,” Officer Johnson explained.

Her request? You are My Sunshine.



The Little Things

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at the little things. On a trip to Winston Oregon Wildlife Safari, a little guy thought that feeding an ostrich was hilarious. The toddler just couldn’t hold the giggles inside.



An Act of Kindness

91-year-old Marie Morgan was shopping at the supermarket when a man distracted her so another man could steal her purse. When Officer Janelle Jumelles arrived, she paid for Morgan’s groceries. Morgan cried and thanked the officer.

Later that day, Officer Jumelles and Officer Evan Esteves stopped by Morgan’s house to drop off a $60 gift card to the supermarket, to replace food stamps that were stolen from her purse. The officers also helped Morgan cancel her credit cards.



Seeing Things Differently

A BBC television show, CBeebies, asked children what makes them different. The children were paired up with another child who looked very different, such as a child from another race. But these children didn’t seem to notice. They pointed out differences like “She’s good at counting, I’m good at hiding.” It’s refreshing to see how children don’t see the color of each other’s skin as a big enough difference to mention.


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