John Podesta’s Misogyny

By Jennifer Hartline Published on January 31, 2018

John Podesta recently wrote a nice feminist-friendly piece for The Washington Post all about women’s rights and the environment. At least that’s what he thinks he wrote.

It was the most misogynist thing I have ever read.

Podesta’s Misogynist Planet

For the sake of the planet, Podesta insists, “women’s rights issues are climate change issues.” They are inextricably linked, he says. Unless women have all the “reproductive rights” they need, they cannot control their own destiny. That will doom them to a life of unwanted reproduction.

The whole planet will suffer. Our planet “is bearing an environmental burden because of population growth.” Therefore, “giving women across the globe access to reproductive rights and health is a moral imperative.” 

If we would just stop having babies, great things would happen. Almost like magic, economies would grow as emissions reduced. “In Nigeria, researchers found that achieving low fertility by 2050 could increase per capita income by 10 percent.”

You know, in all the liberals’ pious talk about women’s bodies and “reproductive rights,” there is one thing I have never heard. I’ve never heard of “men’s reproductive responsibilities.” No whisper of “men’s sexual obligations.” No demand that men control the population by keeping their zippers up.

If that isn’t the definition of misogyny, I don’t know what is.

All These Women’s Rights are More Like Women’s Millstone

All the onus is on women.

Podesta and his fellow liberals put all the responsibility for saving the earth on women. The burden of sacrifice is on women only. It’s her body that is “flawed,” because that’s where all those dangerous human beings grow. So it’s her body that needs “fixing.” If the fixing fails, then baby should be killed in the womb.

It’s her life that needs more “control.” Somehow that concept doesn’t apply to male sexual activity. Podesta requires nothing of men. Nothing. Men, control their sexual impulses? Restrain their sexual desires for the sake of the planet? Are you mad?

Women now have a duty to the entire planet to see to it that their healthy reproductive systems are neutralized and damaged with devices and chemicals so that nary a babe is seen again. Women literally carry the weight of the world on our shoulders now, and the dues mandated are poisoned bodies, barren wombs, and dead babies.

What exactly is a man’s duty? Simply to support “women’s rights” in every possible way. Just learn to regurgitate the talking points with enough conviction, as Podesta does: “Access to reproductive health services can ensure women have more autonomy over their lives and bodies and ultimately help move the world toward greater gender parity.”

Exporting Ideology, Not Equality

He also makes a predictable swipe at President Trump’s reinstatement of the Mexico City policy, which the Left dishonestly calls the “global gag rule.” “These actions risk sacrificing American leadership and demand cooperation among other American actors and the rest of the world. This is where women’s rights activists and environmental activists have a powerful opportunity to push back and align their resources.”

American leadership? More like American ideological colonization. Ask Obianuju Ekeocha how the women of Africa feel about American “reproductive health services.”

Where’s the Gender Parity?

“Reproductive rights” as the gateway to equality is the biggest scam ever concocted. Notice I’m not asking for metal coils to be shoved into a man’s private parts to render him sterile. I’m not demanding that men swallow carcinogenic hormones and suffer the many unwanted and life-threatening side effects. I’m not selling child-killing as a “back-up” to failed contraception.

No, I don’t expect men to damage their health, risk their lives, or resort to killing their babies for the sake of managing their reproduction. I respect the male body as God designed it, and I respect men.

Forget the gender war. Let’s have some gender cooperation.

I’d like men to be expected to behave like men, not animals. I want men to respect a woman’s body as God lovingly designed it to function. I expect men (and women) to revere the life-giving power of the marital act.  Anyone so concerned about the number of people on the planet should start telling men it’s their duty to keep their pants on. 

Respecting a woman means respecting her natural fertility. It means not turning women into sterile holes for men’s gratification. Equality means men and women are equally obligated to the children they help create together.

It’s not reproductive rights the world needs. It’s reproductive respect. Reproductive reverence. Nothing less than that will ever bring about equality for women.

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